25 Natural Home Remedies For Bad Breath

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Bad breath is not only a sign of unhealthy oral practices but is also a problem that brings you embarrassment in public and low levels of confidence. Bad breath might not be a serious health condition but is one of the signs that the mouth is not clean as it should be. It also makes one realize the importance of having a fresh breath while taking to people and staying in public. Once you understand the significance, the next is to work towards methods that can actually help you in treatment of bad breath.

home remedies for bad breath

It is best to adhere to some simple home remedy treatments for bad breath. This guide will tell you how to get rid of bad breath by using home remedies and all you need to do is follow them with due diligence.

Best Natural Home Remedies For Bad Breath Problem:

1. Have Green Tea:

The anti bacterial properties in green tea and the high levels of antioxidants helps in flushing out the toxins and bacteria in the mouth that usually accumulates and causes bad breath. A cup or two of green tea after meals is recommended as a simple home remedy for bad breath.

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2. Drink Lots Of Water:

Water again is one of the liquids that helps in cleansing away the bacteria and accumulated food residues in the mouth that forms plaque and cause bad breath. Having good amounts of water thus helps in treatment of bad breath. It is suggested to drink 10-12 glasses of plain and filtered water each day. It is one of the simplest and most affordable ways to reach the goals.

3. Fennel Seeds For Bad Breath:

Chewing on some fennel seeds is a good and easy home remedy to treat bad breath instantly. Having these after each meal also helps in preventing the problems that one usually faces after having foods with strong smell. Fennel seeds also aids in digestion as added benefit.

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4. Apple Cider Vinegar:

Mix some apple cider vinegar in warm water and cool it down a little. This should be used to rinse the mouth and is a perfect home remedial mouth wash to treat bad breath. It also helps in killing the germs in the mouth.

5. Tea Tree Oil Use:

Tea tree oil

The anti bacterial properties of tea tree oil helps in treating bad breath in a number of ways. Toothpaste with tea tree oil can be used or a few drops of tea tree oil can be added on the toothbrush with the paste. One can also take some tea tree oil, lemon and peppermint oil in a glass of warm water and rinse the mouth to cure bad breath.

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6. Gargle With Salt Water:

Salt water helps in killing the bacteria in the mouth as well as treating infection. A glass of warm water with a little salt is perfect when it comes to treatment of bad breath. Use it two times in a day to rinse the mouth well. It will definitely give desired outcomes.

7. Fenugreek:

A cup of herbal tea made from fenugreek seeds is perfect home treatment of bad breath. It is also known to be good for the respiratory tract and body odour. Add a handful of fenugreek seeds in water and bring it to a boil. Now cool it down a little and sip it for keeping bad breath away.

8. Parsley Leaves For Bad Breath:

Parsley Leaves

Chewing on some parsley leaves is one of the simplest ways and quite a natural one too where treatment of bad breath is concerned. Try it out to see the effectiveness of the tip. parsley is one of the simplest and best home remedies for bad breath and which is very easy to follow also.

9. Chew A Cardamom For Bad Breath:

The strong flavour and aroma of cardamom is a perfect match where bad breath treatment home remedies are concerned. Chewing on a piece of cardamom is all you need to do for the purpose.

10. Citrus Fruits:

Citrus fruits

Citrus fruits are acidic in nature and is a straight source of Vitamin C. this is primarily the reason why the citrus fruits can work as an excellent mouth wash. The acids and the antioxidants present in the body immediately flushes out the bacteria and prevents more from building. Plague and other dental problems are kept at bay too and so does bad breath.

11. Floss:

Floss Teeth

One of the potent home remedies for bad breath includes thorough flossing every morning or night that would work on the inner gaps between the teeth and would force out the accumulating food that sticks in between and causes bacteria production. Flossing would eliminate the chances of food accumulation and would help you keep a fresh breath and healthy mouth. This simple remedy to get rid of bad breath.

12. Baking Soda:

Baking soda

Here is yet another handsome bad breath home remedy where baking powder acts as a good mouthwash when appropriately mixed in with equal amounts of water. Make a solution of this and gargle your mouth with this. The baking soda contains within itself bacteria killing properties that keep the sources of bad breath at bay.

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