23 Best Home Remedies For Cold Treatment

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Are you one of the thousands of people who are suffering from colds? To you have a nasal congestion that is causing discomfort? Whether you know this or not, but colds is one among the most common health ailments that occur every year. This has been proved by researchers. Also, starting from children to young adults and old age people, everyone experiences cold from time to time and this makes it all the more significant for you to keep some home treatments handy.

home remedies for cold

Rather than using the medicinal way that has its own side effects, try to use the below mentioned top 23 home remedies for cold that can sort the problem in a couple of days. Use them regularly to get the outcomes.

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Common Home Remedies For Cold Treatment

1. Proper Rest:

sleep proper

One of the proper and effective treatments for colds is to take proper sleep and rest. There is nothing better than a lot of rest when you are sick. Rest can cure all diseases and along with that some healthy food too.Undisturbed sleep for 8-9 hours and routine naps during the day is one of the right things to do for the body to develop the strength to fight off the colds. This is especially for the children so that they do not feel the discomfort. Let them sleep for long hours and then see how they cure very fast

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2. Have Chicken Soup:

Chicken soup1

Chicken soup has wonderful results on cough and colds. Try and include chicken soup once every day in the diet. This is a good home remedy for treatment. It is also safe and easy to follow.

3. Neti Pot:

Home Remedies For Cold neti pot

A neti pot is equipment that can be filled with saline water and then the nostrils can be cleaned with the water by passing it in an elevated way. However, do not elevate back as the water enters the nostrils. Try and elevate sideways so that the water falls in the basin. This should be repeated with the other nostril by filling the neti pot again.

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4. Salt Water Gargle:


Prepare some lukewarm water and add a hint of salt in it. This should be used to gargle the throat that will ensure the thinning down of the mucus and thus give you a treatment for cold as well as cough. This is an old remedy and one of the most effective ones to use.

5. Take Steam:

Taking steam is an easy and efficient idea for treatment. Take hot water in a tub or a big bowl and inhale the steam from it by covering the head with a towel. It will help in opening up the blocked nose that is usually caused due to colds.

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6. Honey For Cold:

To relieve the irritation caused in the throat by cold, honey can be really helpful. The anti bacterial properties also helps fight the bacteria and virus in the throat and enhance treatment. 1-2 teaspoons of honey can be used each day in teas and directly to get the outcomes.

7. Have Fluids:

Along with 10-12 glasses of water, chamomile and green tea and other herbal teas can be consumed each day to thin down the mucus and get the outcomes. This should be done till the time the problem subsides completely.

8. Humidifier:

Use a Humidifier

Dry air can cause colds as well and to treat this problem, one can place a humidifier in the room to ensure moisture in the air. This should be done in the area where you spend most of the time during the day.

9. Have Garlic To Over Come Cold:

The anti viral properties make garlic a perfect remedy for a lot of health problems including colds. Include garlic in the food and soups as well as consume it raw if possible. It will surely help in giving the right treatment outcomes on the cold. One can also use cinnamon and cardamoms that have the same qualities like garlic.

10. Peppermint Tea:

Peppermint tea

This is not only helpful as one of the home remedies for cold but also for stomach upsets which usually occur when you are too sick. A handful of fresh peppermint leaves are enough to make this tea. Take the leaves and roughly dice them. Now boil water and add the leaves to this and keep boiling for a few more minutes. Switch off the flame and cover the water. Strain and consume after some time.

11. Ginger:

ginger 1

This is like an age old home remedy for cold and never fails to give you all the relief. Firstly, ginger helps in fixing the bad taste in your mouth if you simply chew a small slice of the ginger with some salt. On the other hand some ginger tea goes a long way in relieving you of the headache. For this you will have to take small pieces of the ginger, crush it a little and then add to water and boil. This will act as an awesome remedy.

12. Lemons:


Lemons are natural antioxidants and also contain a lot of Vitamin C. This is why it is one of the biggest cold home remedies. It is very easy to follow this remedy because you just need to make a simple lemonade at home and sweeten it with some fresh honey. Also add some lemon slices to this almost done concoction and shake well to dilute all the ingredients.

13. Blow The Nose:

Cold and Fever

Often during common cold, the worst irritation is a nose blockage and this should be cleared very soon. One of the most common cold home remedies is to blow the nose as many times as you want to. Just make sure you do not blow too hard because this might harm the sensitive tendons and veins of the nose tract. After the nose gets cleared you will be able to inhale better and your head will also feel much lighter.

14. Peppers Cures Cold:

black pepper

This is a very interesting way to clean blocked noses when the cough becomes too stubborn and you simply do not know how to cure cold at home in this situation. Peppers have contents which help in clearing mucous and thinning them. When you eat something spicy, the smell and flavor itself thins the mucous and it becomes watery and thus easier for you to blow the nose.

15. Soft Food:

Eat healthy food

The throat is usually sore when you have caught cold and it is very difficult for people of any age to consume hard foods in this condition. This may also cause a loss in the appetite of a person. As a solution to this it is always better to consume soft consistency foods and also which are hot enough to soothe the throat. Hot beverages, soups and fluids are always welcome.

16. Aspirin:

Aspirin for acne

The pain caused in various body parts is pathetic and irritating when we have caught a cold and have flu. An aspirin always does the magic because it calms all tendons and tissues at least for some time and this is one of the home remedies for cold and the pain caused due to it.

17. Basil Treatment For Cold:

Holy basil

This is not the normal type of basil which you have seen more while cooking Italian cuisines. This is the holy basil or the tulasi in common terms. You can have it in two different ways and both of these are equally helpful. First one is that you can just take a few basil leaves and simply chew them as a home remedy for cold. On the other hand you can also take a little honey and mix with the whole leaves and then chew them.

18. Mulethi:


Mulethi is an Ayurvedic ingredient which is also an age old remedy to cure common cold and flu. The best is when mulethi is mixed with ginger powder and honey. This mixture can be simply made into a paste and then consumed slowly from a spoon early in the morning before consuming anything else or any other medicines.

19. Passive Smoking:

No Smoking

It is extremely important that you check smoking in front of a person who is suffering from cold, cough and flu. The smoke of the cigarettes are extremely harmful for the already weak lungs in that condition. Even more you should not even touch cigarettes if you are suffering from cold. This may act as poison in the long run.

20. Germ Free Surroundings:

Home Remedies For Cold germ free

This is a case especially of you have children in the house who are suffering from common cold symptoms. Just make sure that there is no dirt on the floors because children tend to enjoy more on the floors and they also have a habit of putting whatever they feel like in their mouths. Make sure that you clean the floors and mop the furniture with an antiseptic solution daily.

21. Communicable:

If someone is suffering from cold and flu in the house, it is better that we do not ease their daily use articles such as towels, Napkins and the like before washing them properly. This is simply because common cold is extremely communicable and we definitely do not want everybody in the house coughing continuously.

22. Going Out:

Going out should be restricted till whatever limit possible to prevent yourself from the cold air. The air if finds base on your head will make you more sick and you will find it even more difficult to breathe. Headaches are a common symptom in this case too.

23. Dust Allergies:

Dust Allergy

Dust is an enemy when you are suffering from cold and flu syndromes. Dust is anyway a reason for flu even otherwise and dust allergies are common with a lot of people. Now it is important to keep the windows on the outer sides closed to stop road pollution from entering the room where the person with cold is resting.

One of the most common ailments in people of all ages is the common cold and flu and each person we meet suggests at least one home remedy for cold during this time and we get more confused. You can however refer to this list now.