23 Best Home Remedies For Cold Treatment

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Are you one of the thousands of people who are suffering from colds? To you have a nasal congestion that is causing discomfort? Whether you know this or not, but colds is one among the most common health ailments that occur every year. This has been proved by researchers. Also, starting from children to young adults and old age people, everyone experiences cold from time to time and this makes it all the more significant for you to keep some home treatments handy.

home remedies for cold

Rather than using the medicinal way that has its own side effects, try to use the below mentioned top 23 home remedies for cold that can sort the problem in a couple of days. Use them regularly to get the outcomes.

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Common Home Remedies For Cold Treatment

1. Proper Rest:

sleep proper

One of the proper and effective treatments for colds is to take proper sleep and rest. There is nothing better than a lot of rest when you are sick. Rest can cure all diseases and along with that some healthy food too.Undisturbed sleep for 8-9 hours and routine naps during the day is one of the right things to do for the body to develop the strength to fight off the colds. This is especially for the children so that they do not feel the discomfort. Let them sleep for long hours and then see how they cure very fast

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2. Have Chicken Soup:

Chicken soup1

Chicken soup has wonderful results on cough and colds. Try and include chicken soup once every day in the diet. This is a good home remedy for treatment. It is also safe and easy to follow.

3. Neti Pot:

Home Remedies For Cold neti pot

A neti pot is equipment that can be filled with saline water and then the nostrils can be cleaned with the water by passing it in an elevated way. However, do not elevate back as the water enters the nostrils. Try and elevate sideways so that the water falls in the basin. This should be repeated with the other nostril by filling the neti pot again.

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4. Salt Water Gargle:


Prepare some lukewarm water and add a hint of salt in it. This should be used to gargle the throat that will ensure the thinning down of the mucus and thus give you a treatment for cold as well as cough. This is an old remedy and one of the most effective ones to use.

5. Take Steam:

Taking steam is an easy and efficient idea for treatment. Take hot water in a tub or a big bowl and inhale the steam from it by covering the head with a towel. It will help in opening up the blocked nose that is usually caused due to colds.

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