Home Remedies For Constipation – Our Best 25

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Constipation might not be a serious health hazard but it is definitely one of the health ailments that occur more than often and is something that needs to be treated immediately to get over the discomfort. There can be ample reasons that lead to the condition but this lack of excreting bowel leads to serious hindrance to the day to day activities. Home remedies for constipation, which will show you the right path. This list of constipation home remedies below has some of the safest and most effective natural remedies for constipation at home.

home remedies for constipation

Best And Natural Home Remedies For Constipation:

1. Milk And Honey Combo:

A simple natural remedy for constipation and that too in a home remedial manner is to combine some raw and organic honey with warm milk and have it at night before going to sleep. This helps in cleansing the system from the bowels and keep your away from constipation. These two are the effective constipation home remedies and keeps you away from that type of constipation and digestion problems.

2. Have Raisins:

The high levels of fiber in raisins are what will work in your favour when it comes to the best home remedy for constipation. To take it in the ideal manner, take a handful of raisins and soak them in plain water for an entire night. This should be consumed first thing early in the morning after getting up. It is one of the best home remedies for constipation, which never disappoint you.

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3. Olive Oil And Lemon Juice:

Have a teaspoon of olive oil with a little lemon juice early in the morning for the best home remedy for constipation. This should be taken when you are on empty stomach for maximum outcomes. Olive oil can be taken individually as well. However, a little lemon juice is mixed to lighten up the flavour of the oil. Olive oil is one the best natural remedies for constipation and prevent constipation clearly.

4. Honey Helps:

Honey is a natural laxative and one that has innumerable benefits for the body including the constipation home remedy. Taking about one tablespoon of raw honey three times in a day will help in bringing back the movements in the bowel and relieving the discomfort. Honey is one of the best constipation remedies. It is also useful like a home remedy for constipation problem in infants.

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5. Aloe Vera Benefits:

Aloe Vera has ample number of advantages attached including soothing properties for the tummy. In this case, you can either adhere to fresh Aloe Vera gel or else some Aloe Vera juice. For the former, 2 tablespoons and for the latter a cup of measurement is advisable. This can be mixed with some fresh fruit juice or taken individually in the morning to relieve the problems and signs of constipation. There is a list of home remedies of constipation in that aloe Vera is best remedy for constipation.

6. Castor Oil:

A completely efficient constipation remedy that gives 100 percent results for constipation is castor oil. It also has a dual benefit of killing the worms in the intestines if you have such problems. There are two ways in which you can consume this liquid. You can both have a tablespoon directly to regulate the bowels or else mix the same with a cup of warm milk and have it.

This should be done at night for proper bowels early in the morning. We have so many home remedies to cure constipation in that castor oil will surely solve the problem fastly.Castor oil is also called as constipation relief  home remedy.

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7. Prune Juice For Constipation:

Take out some fresh prune juice and have it two times in a day. About 8 oz of this liquid is recommended for perfect results. You can consume it early in the morning and late at night for regulating the bowels and treating the constipation. Do not go overboard with drinking this as it can lead to issues of diarrhea. It is one of the perfect homemade remedies for constipation and keeps you away from daily trouble.

8. Flax Seeds:

Flax seeds have high levels of fiber as well as laxative qualities that can help in excretion of bowels that are difficult otherwise because of constipation. This can be grinded in the mixer and then used to top various dishes and cereals in the entire day. The same can be sprinkled on salads as well. Flax seeds is most effective and fast constipation home remedy.

9. Have Plenty Of Water:

A simple home remedy to constipation that will start working on the problem almost instantly and there is no other home remedy in its comparison in drinking plain and filtered water. A lot of time, lack of water in the body is the reason why people experience constipation. For this, you ensure drinking about 10-12 glasses of water. Water is also an essential home remedies for a problem a constipation.

10. Fresh Lemon:


There’s nothing like the juice of fresh lemons to get your bowels working first thing in the morning. The citric acidic content in lemons is a great natural stimulant which helps in flushing out toxins and other buildup in the digestive tract. Squeezing the juice of half a lemon in a glass of warm water is sufficient enough to do the trick.

11. Papaya:

Papaya for dry hair

The natural healing properties in papaya go a long way in treating various kinds of digestive disorders. Extremely high in vitamins A and C, beta carotene and other minerals like calcium, potassium, iron and phosphorus, papaya works wonders when it comes to treating constipation. Papaya juice has widely been used as a laxative for ages however, it is best when eaten whole.

12. Ginger Tea:

Ginger tea

Ginger is another one of those great home remedies for constipation which acts as a mild laxative. Freshly grated ginger works best when added to a cup of boiling water in the preparation of ginger tea. Having two to three cups of ginger tea in a day is effective in stimulating bowel activity. Add a spoonful of honey to it to double the action.

13. An Apple A Day Keeps Doctor Away:

apple 3

An apple a day helps keep constipation at bay. Apples are known to be a great reliever of that problem. The high fibre content, namely pectin, found in apples effectively aids in digestion. Having a glass of apple juice everyday promotes regular bowel movement although, eating the fruit with its skin works best to alleviate constipation as the skin contains all the essential fibers.

14. Bael Fruit:

Bael Fruit

Bael is considered one of the best natural home made remedies for constipation. Consuming the pulp on a regular basis helps clear toxins from the intestines, keeping the digestive tract free from buildup. The fruit can be made more appetizing by adding a bit of salt and pepper to it. It can also be consumed in the form of juice to help cure your constipation disorder.

15. Baking Soda:

Baking soda

Baking soda is the ideal constipation home remedy when nothing else seems to be working. Mixing a spoonful in a glass of warm water and ingesting it on an empty stomach helps it work faster. Once it enters the digestive system, it reacts with stomach acids to neutralize it thereby creating a smooth passage in the intestines for waste to pass through.

16. Coffee:


Caffeine is known to have a loosening effect on the bowels. A hot cup of coffee in the morning can help kick start your bowels. Too much of it however will have the reverse effect for coffee being a diuretic can cause dehydration leading to constipation. If you are constipated, stick to a cup in the morning to relieve you of it.

17. Coconut Fibre:


Coconut comes with its many health benefits and alleviating constipation is one of them. Coconut being essentially rich in natural fibre helps in promoting overall intestinal health. Coconut water is by far a great reliever of constipation. High amount of coconut fibre can also be obtained through coconut milk. If included in your everyday diet, constipation will soon be far from a bother.

18. Beans:


Fresh green beans may not be your favourite among veggies but consider it your best friend when overcome with constipation. Beans contain plenty of fibre which helps to keep your digestive system up and about. The high fibre contained in them helps improve digestive function. Try incorporating them into your staple diet if you wish to stay on top of your tract.

19. Spinach:


Spinach as we all know is a storehouse of essential vitamins, minerals and fibre. It’s no wonder then that a daily dose of spinach can cure even the most severe case of constipation. You can cook it and eat it or reap its benefits from the juice of raw spinach. Consuming the juice on an everyday basis makes for a healthy constitution.

20. Epsom Salt:

epsom salt

Epsom salt which is essentially a pure mineral compound of magnesium and sulfate is very effective in treating constipation. This remedy works by drawing water into the intestines which helps to soften the stool thereby making way for a clear motion. The magnesium present in the salt further helps in promoting contraction of bowel muscles allowing for easy excretion. Mix a teaspoon of salt to a glass of water for best results.

21. Season With Sesame:

Sesame Seeds

Sesame seeds have long since been a natural home remedy for constipation. Made up of an oily composition, when ingested they work to lubricate the intestines. If you’re suffering from constipation, there’s nothing quite like sesame seeds to soften dry stool and relieve you of your predicament. You can either snack on them or sprinkle them on your cereals or salads for added flavour.

22. Figs:

Fig Fruit

Also extremely high in fibre are figs which work as a natural laxative for constipation. Those suffering from chronic constipation can benefit from including figs in their daily diet. Figs are best consumed fresh with the skin as the skin contains most part of the fibre. Dried figs can also be used by soaking them in water and grinding them to a paste.

23. Molasses:


Molasses, in particular black strap molasses is another natural remedy to rid you of your constipation woes. A tea spoon full of this black treacle before bedtime can get your bowels up and working quite naturally. You can even add it to your milk or fresh juices in the morning however, since molasses is high in calories, it should not be consumed on an everyday basis.

24. Guavas:


Though often overlooked, this tropical fruit ranks among the best constipation home remedies. Guavas consist of soluble fibre present in the pulp and insoluble fibre that’s present in the seeds which together helps in clearing the digestive passage in the stomach. A guava a day is just as good as an apple a day. Have the fruit whole to reap the most of its benefits.

25. Exercise:


Of all the home remedies known to cure constipation exercise is by far the most natural way to keep your bowels functioning daily. Exercise which helps to stimulate the natural contraction of intestinal muscles, efficiently aids in faster digestion and removal of stool. If you’re lost for time, even a regular 15 minute brisk walk can maximize the function of the digestive system.

Constipation is not a simple problem. However, there are easy and effective ways to get rid of it.Before running to the doctor for a remedy, depend on easy, home remedies to treat the problem. When you find the right remedy, you will never have to deal with the problem again.