50 Best Natural Home Remedies For Dandruff

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There are various types of home remedies for dandruff which a person can use to prevent and also solve the problem of flakes on the scalp. Before going for solving this with chemical formulation, a person should try out some natural dandruff home remedies that suits him or her for at least 2 or more months regularly to note any noticeable difference. But with these home remedies for dandruff, a follow up and also a regular maintenance is essential to see an improvement of the condition. And this article can give answers to your question that is how to reduce dandruff with help of natural and best home remedies at home with spending low time on it.

home remedies for dandruff

Best An Natural Home Remedies For Dandruff Removing:

Below are 50 beat and natural homemade remedies for dandruff removing along with images at home and without any extensive chemical treatments.

1. Lemon Peels:

Lemon peels

This can be any lemon. It can also be an orange peel or normal lemon’s zest. You can grind the peels with some water, make a paste out of it and apply on the scalp to treat the flakes. It will get you rid of dandruff or any form of bumps. If this reacts and you get irritations or small rashes, then you should avoid this. You can try mixing neem paste along with it to have better effect on the bumps or any boils on head.This is one of the best home remedies for dandruff.

2. Lemon Juice:

This contains acidic properties which can be used for treating the flakes of your head. You can use this for washing the scalp regularly by squeezing out some juice and mixing it with 1 portion of water. Wash head with shampoo then use this. Do not rinse off immediately but keep it for about 10 more minutes as you can do you’re soaping up by that time.

Lemon Juice

Then wash off the head with normal water. Conditioning if you needed, can be done but making sure it is not a leave on conditioner. Lemon juice is one of the most regular and available easily at market natural remedies for dandruff problem.

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3. Vinegar For Removing Dandruff:


This has been a proven remedy when it comes to dry scalp or dandruff. You can wash your head regularly with 1:1 ratio of vinegar mixed in plain water. This can be done after you have shampooed your hair. Use plain water first then follow with the vinegar wash so that it stays on the head. Do not wash off any more. Plain towel dry head and repeat this regularly to get effective results.One of the best dandruff home remedies is vinegar and it gives results fastly.

4. Sour Curd For Dandruff Problem:

This is one of the wonderful dandruff home remedies to fight any form of bacterial infection or flakes on the scalp. You can also use this for the entire length of your locks to cure any form of hanging flakes on the strands. You can beat sour curd with an electric beater and additionally you can use some tea spoons of lemon juice into this. You can  apply this properly till the surface and the length of strands are fully coated. Keep this on for about 20 minutes. You can wear a plastic cap to prevent dripping of it all over. Wash off using a mild shampoo and generally you will not need a conditioner because curd already has properties of conditioning.


If you have extremely dry strands then you may use a conditioner which is mild and do not have any extreme chemicals in it. We have so many homemade remedies for dandruff,in that list curd has a higher preference to prevent hair fall and cleans dandruff.

5. Leave On Oil Massage:

hot oil massage

This is best home remedy for dandruff to get free from problem of dandruff. Unlike hot oil massage which you wash off, this is a leave on massage which can prevent further attack of flakes. If the cause behind dandruff is because of extremely dry scalp and frizzy dry strands, then you can use this method.

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