Top 9 Home Remedies for Ear Infection

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Ear infections mainly happen because of the ear wax catching some fungi or bacteria. An infection can happen in any three parts of the ear. The most troublesome and serious are the infections that happen in the inner part of the ear. It is very important to stop an infection from spreading into the inner ear as it can lead to complications, and also include dangers like rupturing the ear drum or deafness. Sometimes it happens that you cannot make to the doctor when you want but the ear infection is troubling you a lot. So here are some ways how you can relieve yourself from the discomfort,

home remedies for ear infection

Natural Remedies for Ear Infection:


Salt is something that is cheap, easily available and is a very good antiseptic.

black salt 4

Heat a cup of salt for five minutes in the microwave. Put this heated salt in a sock or cloth and lock it using a rubber band. Lie down and put the sock on the affected ear for 6-10 minutes at a stretch. The heated cloth or sock that contains salt, will help draw the fluid out which in turn will help reduce pain and swelling.

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Garlic, which has anti-microbial properties and pain relieving qualities, makes it an ideal home remedy for your ear infection and the associated pain.

Garlic 5

Prepare garlic oil by cooking two-three cloves of garlic in a tablespoon of sesame oil, till it turn blackish. After straining and when the heat is bearable, put two or three drops of this oil in your infected ear. Consuming raw garlic will also speed up the healing process.

Olive Oil:

The infection in your ear usually causes a blockage in the Eustachian tubes. Olive oil helps to clear this blockage out.

olive oil

Put a few drops of warm olive oil in the affected ear. The oil will soften the hardened wax. Remove this wax using cotton or buds. Be careful that you do not dig in too far, otherwise might hurt your ear drum.

Warm Water:

As soon as you feel some pain in your ear the quickest way to relieve yourself from the pain is to apply heat on it. This will also prevent micro-organism infestation

Use a bottle or a gel-hot bag or a normal hot bag and compress the affected ear. But do not apply the heat for a very long time. Remove it for a while and apply again.

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Breast Milk:

Breasts Make Milk in Pregnancy

This is very helpful for young children and babies. Breast milk contains natural antibodies and can help speed up the healing process for any kind of ear problem, especially ear infections. It decreases swelling and discomfort within 48 hours. Put a few drops into the affected ear every few hours.


Onion is a common ingredient found in every household. Treating ear infections is one of its medicinal properties. Microwave an onion for 4-5 minutes and wait for it to cool down. Then strain out the juice. Put a few drops of the juice in your ear and wait for a while. Then turn around and drain the juice out.

Tea-Tree Oil:

It has anti-bacterial properties and can give instant relief from earache.

Apple-Cider Vinegar:

This is very effective in getting rid of the fungus that mild be the cause of the discomfort.

AppleCider Vinegar

Mix one part of the apple-cider vinegar with the equal amount of water. Soak a cotton ball in this solution. Put the cotton ball in your ear like a plug. Remove the cotton ball and drain the remaining liquid out of your ears and dry it up as soon as you can.

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No Water:

Make sure that water does not enter your ear. Water can make the condition worse. Keep it as dry as possible and only apply the medicinal fluid.