24 Best Natural Home Remedies For Headache

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Headache is quite a common phenomenon among the population and a health condition that every person experiences at least once in some point of their lives. Being such a prevalent issue, it is very important for each one of us to keep some treatments handy. It will help in easy and faster treatment of the crisis. However, it is advisable that one does not adhere to pain killers and medications. Home remedies are safer substitutes for curing headaches and are effective and affordable too.

home remedies for headache

This health guide is a perfect one to rely on when it comes to treatment of the discomforting headaches. This article contains simple and best natural home remedies for headache problem and which are available in our kitchen and no side effects and finally cheaper than other medicines.Check them out and make your pick.

Simple Natural Home Remedies For Headache:

1. Chopped Apples:

Home Remedies for Headache - Chopped Apples

A simple and interesting cure for frequent headaches is to eat a chopped apple every morning on an empty stomach with some salt. This should be done for at least a week to get visible outcomes on the problem. Apple has added benefits for the body as well.

2. Rosemary Oil Massage:

A good old home remedy for headaches is to take head massage using rosemary oil. Menthol based balms can also be used. These will help in relieving the headaches usually associated with migraine pains. Make sure you use good quality rosemary oil and ask a professional to massage the head properly for best outcomes.

3. Ginger For Headache:

Ginger is known to be an anti inflammatory natural product that helps in reducing the inflammation in the blood vessels and thus reduces the headaches considerably. Ginger can be taken in any form for benefits. Ginger tea can be made at home or else a piece of ginger can be chewed. Ginger juice can also be taken with a hint of salt or lemon juice. One can also make use of ginger powder in this case.

4. Peppermint Oil Helps To Control Headache:

Home Remedies For Headache Peppermint Oil

Mint extracts add a zing to your palate every time you add mint leaves to your special dish. The same way peppermint oil invigorates your senses and washes out the clogging pores and cavities. You can either use the peppermint oil to massage the head or else mix in some peppermint oil in a tub of hot water and take steam for aroma therapy. It helps in improving the blood flow and thus reduces the pain in the head in an effective manner.Peppermint also plays a great role in soothing inflammation and swelling and is an instant headache home remedy.

5. Basil:

Stiff muscles are usually the cause of headaches. Basil on the other hand is a muscles relaxant and therefore one of the best cures for the crisis. You can either chew on some basil leaves or else prepare a cup of basil tea by adding some leaves to hot boiling water. Basil oil can be massaged on the head as well.

6. Ice Pack :

Home Remedies for Headache - Ice Pack

The coldness of the ice helps in reduction of inflammation and thus treats headaches. An ice pack can be applied at the back of the neck for sometime or a washcloth dipped in ice water can be applied on the head. Another way to sort the issue is to use a bag of frozen vegetables instead of ice cube bag.

7. Cinnamon For Headache:

The headaches that are directly associated with common cold can be treated by this home remedy of cinnamon. Cinnamon can be grinded into a thick paste and applied on the head. Cinnamon powder mixed with milk and honey is another way to extract the advantage for headaches. This should be taken twice a day for visible results.

8. Take Proper Sleep:

sleep proper

A simple form of home remedy for helping the headache to subside is to take proper sleep. Regular naps might also helps in this case.

9. Have Plenty Of Water:

A simple natural home remedy for headache is drinking 10-12 glasses of water. This helps in keeping the body hydrated since dehydration is a major cause of the problem.

10. Do Some Activity:

side view of a couple walking on the beach

Even though headache is a real let down, during this time we understand how much laziness plays an important part of the cure process. However, too much of a cooped up or stressed environment can be the cause for headaches and therefore a nice long walk in the park or some cycling amongst the woods can help relief.

11. Apple Cider Vinegar:

apple cider vinegar 123

We have already spoken about the benefits of apple in reducing headaches and coming from the same product this time try apple cider vinegar as home remedies for severe headache also. Mix apple cider vinegar in equal amounts with water. Once you sear the pan with the broth take in the steam.

12. Lavender Oil:

Lavender oil

Lavender oil is a proven essential oil that can help you release stubborn headaches and migraine pains. Not only does it have a soothing effect on your scalp when applied, it can also act as a strong vaporizer when inhaled which will immediately unclog the nasal cavity and re-energize the brain cells.

13. All Kinds Of Nuts:

nuts and seeds

Nuts especially almonds, pistachios, cashews and many more are not only beneficial for your health but also a very good stress and headache reliever. You can either make a paste of different assortments of nuts and have a good drink with warm milk or simply pop in a few every now and then. Reducing the toxins from your body it releases stress and brings in good vibe.

14. Acupressure:

Acupressure Points for Weight Loss

An age old Chinese home remedy, acupressure believes in chi or body energy that is ever flowing and free. However due to certain body knots the free flowing chi might be restricted. Through application of pressure in certain body points, this pressure can actually help you cure small time problems like stomach pain, back muscle strain and even headaches.

15. Fish Oil Supplements:

fish oil supplement

Not only does fish oil contain a rich source of omega 3 fatty acids, but many believe this is also a good way of reducing inflammation, swelling and migraine pains. Headache home remedies can always be linked to stress or clogged cavities and this is why you can either have the capsules or supplements containing fish oil or simply mix one table spoon of it in some juice.

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16. Cloves To Get Rid Of Headache:


Apart from filling your lungs with a cool soothing sensation, clove is also a great pain reliever which is why we suggest clove as yet another headache reliever. One can avail clove oil from the nearby drug stores or simply crush them into a paste to get the best effects.  Inhale the crushed paste adding essential oils to it or simply  make a mix with coconut or almond oil and rub the paste gently on the forehead.

17. Watermelon:

watermelon for gs

The sultry summers have taken a lot of body water and has warmed up your body to the max. The warm environment has trapped in the body heat and this can be one of the emerging reasons for your headache. Right at this time a cooling watermelon juice or watermelon sliced up can help you tone down the body heat thereby  cool you from the inside, reducing the inflammation and head ache.

18. Yoga Breathing:

Yoga breathing exercises 3

When you have a stuffed nose and a throbbing head, a natural remedy for headache would be some good breathing exercises. Find a tranquil place within the comforts of your patio or home and then indulge in some breathing which might calm your senses and tone down the headache while opening the inner clogging.

19. Steam:


A stubborn cold can be the reason for a blocked head that aches and throbs. The stuffed up nose along with it is causing the heights of difficulty and this is why at this time a good steam inhale would really help you with your headache. Drop in a few essential oils in the boiling pot and watch your headache fly away.

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20. Chamomile:

Chamomile Tea

A quick way to get rid of headache, the fastest way is to boil a steaming cup of chamomile tea. Chamomile holds within itself the power to sooth inflammation and calm down your pains by working on the stress factors and reducing them. Chamomile is often regarded as a good stress reliever and might help you get rid of your headache.

21. Honey And Lemon:

Honey and Lemon

This is particularly helpful for hangovers or early morning headaches when you have just woken up from sleep and your head pain is preventing you from experiencing the sunny side of the morning. This is when luke warm water can be mixed in with a table spoon of honey and a squeeze of half a lemon, the drink when consumed might energize your cells and jolt you back to fitness.

22. Wet Wipe:

fever Wet wipe

This is applicable for the feverish days when your body heats up especially due to the fever. This is common for the feverish days and can usually be sorted out by applying wet wipes to the forehead which cools the inflamed area and acts as a perfect alternative to ice pack.

23. Coffee:


Often at times, caffeine might be the only missing clue that your body desperately needs to get rid of the thudding headache. The coffee immediately invigorates and re-energizes the body cells and is actually a good remedy to cure inflammation and pain.

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24. Massage:

Head Massage

Sometimes all you need is a good massage possibly with the help of some essential oils which would immediately open the pressure knots in your head and once again the clogged pores would open up letting your headache vanish just like that.

Headaches usually do not have a limited reason as to why they arrive. Sometimes it’s just the stress and tension of a busy bustling life while the other times it can be claustrophobia or even being cooped up in a place that lacks sunshine and might be dusty. If it’s not geographical area limited it can always be blamed on cold and fever. This is why the perfect way to cure a headache without popping in chemical medications every now and then might be of great help.

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