23 Best Natural Home Remedies For Mouth Ulcers

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Among the painful problems related to oral health, one of the most common issues is that of mouth ulcers. Not only does it bring along discomfort for the person but also interferes with daily activities like speaking and eating. These boils like structures in the mouth are significantly important to be treated if you want to live a hassle free life once again. According to professionals, it is because of nutrient deficiencies in the body because of which mouth ulcers are formed. However, the important part is treatment and that too in a safe and sound manner.

home remedies for mouth ulcers

Home remedies are one of the best ways to get cures that can give effective outcomes. This below list has best natural home remedies for mouth ulcers which are top ones in the market that can be picked and used on a regular basis:

Best Natural Home Remedies For Mouth Ulcers:

1. Honey Application:

The anti microbial properties and healing agents in honey makes it a perfect home product to treat the ulcers in the mouth. You can either apply the honey directly on the ulcers or else mix it with a little turmeric and use. This is going to treat the mouth ulcers in 3-4 days time.

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2. Fresh Coconut Milk:

Grate some coconut and extract the milk from it. This liquid should be used to swish the mouth 3-4 times in a day and till the time the ulcers subside completely. It is one of the effective home remedies for mouth ulcers to use without much effort.

3. Poppy Seeds For Mouth Ulcers:

Poppy Seeds

Have poppy seeds if you have mouth ulcers. Heating up of the body is one of the reasons for mouth ulcers and poppy seeds help the body cool down and soothe. This should be included in the meals or sprinkled on the salads to get maximum benefits. This is the best home remedies for mouth ulcers.

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4. Alternate Hot/Cold Treatment:

Drinking hot water

Keep a glass of cold water and a glass of warm water and alternatively use it to gargle the mouth. This alternate hot/cold treatment will help in reduction of the ulcers and finally the treatment. Make sure the water is lukewarm and you don’t end up worsening the ulcers with hot water. It is the best home made tip for free from ulcers.

5. Fenugreek Leaves:

  1. Take about 2 cups of water and to this add a cup of fenugreek leaves.
  2. This should be kept covered for sometime before you strain it and use for swishing the mouth.
  3. It will definitely help in curing the issues of ulcers in the mouth.
  4. This is one of the best home natural remedies for mouth ulcers.

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6. Orange Juice:

Orange juice

This is one liquid highly rich in Vitamin C. There are a lot of times when the deficiency of this vitamin leads to ulcers in the mouth. Take fresh orange juice each day until you are assured of proper treatment of the ulcers. This orange juice surely cures your mouth ulcers

7. Peppermint Oil:

Peppermint Oil

Take some drops of peppermint oil on a clean cotton ball and dab it on the mouth ulcers 1-2 times in a day. You will start getting visible results in a couple of days and complete treatment in about a week’s time. This will be useful to get rid from mouth ulcers.

8. Mulberry Juice For Mouth Ulcers:

A good and delicious way in which you can follow a home remedy for mouth ulcers is to have fresh mulberry juice. It will surely help you in getting the right outcomes on the discomforting boils. Make sure you follow it till the time the problem is totally cured.

9. Chew Basil Leaves:

Chew on about 5-6 basil leaves each day followed by a sip of water. This is one of the easy and the right ways in which you can treat the mouth ulcers. Basil leaves have a lot of other benefits for the body if chewed. Gastric issues and bloating can also be treated with this aspect.It is one of the easiest natural herbal remedies for mouth ulcers.

10. Avoiding Acidic Foods And Drinks:

acidic foods & Drinks

Acidic foods and drinks can enhance the ulcer and make it worse. Carbohydrate drinks, spicy foods and citrus drinks will come in handy while you’re fighting against mouth ulcer. These foods will also reduce the effects of mouth ulcer and eliminate the inflammation feeling within the mouth. Chewing anti-acid tablets will also help in reducing the mouth ulcer.

11. Licorice Root:

Licorice root

Licorice root, when soaked, forms an effective home remedy for treating mouth ulcer issues. It can be used by soaking a tablespoon of the crushed licorice root in two to three cups of water. It works great when you apply it in the mouth and rinse it afterward. One can use this before going to sleep. It is a really primitive technique for treating mouth ulcer but is still used by people.

12. Sea Salt And Hydrogen Peroxide:

Sea salt and Hydrogen peroxide

Are you looking for home remedies for treating mouth ulcer? Sea salt and hydrogen peroxide both have anti-inflammatory properties which will help in fixing mouth ulcer problems. It can cure mouth ulcers instantly. All you have to do is add two tablespoons of sea salt along with not less than 4% of hydrogen peroxide to a glass of moderately heated water. Continuing this remedy will fix the mouth ulcer within one or two days but it can offer instant relieve from the pain you’re going through.

13. Baking Soda For Mouth Ulcers:

Baking soda

Yes! Baking soda can treat mouth ulcer. It contains sodium bicarbonate which is helpful to treat the damage caused by acidic foods to the ulcer. It will neutralize the acid content which caused the ulcer and also eliminate all type f germs and bacteria present in the mouth. The burning sensation that you’re going to experience will be a sigh that it is working.

14. Aloe Vera:

aloevera 2

Aloe vera has tons of internal and external benefits for the human body. Aloe vera can fix a number of side effects caused due to mouth ulcer. It will take some time to cure the ulcer problem but the effect will last longer compared to all other remedies. All you have to do is take two tablespoons of aloe vera and use it on the affected area. You can also eat raw aloe vera after soaking it in water for a while.

15. Applying Sugar Candy On The Blister:

sugar candy

Here is an effective natural remedy for treating mouth ulcer. A mixture of camphor and sugar candy will work great on the blister and reduce the ulcer. Sugar candy is also known as mishri which can be found in almost all departmental and daily need stores. If you can’t look in the food stores. This remedy has been in practice for a long time and is considered to be one of the simplest and inexpensive mouth ulcer home remedies.

16. Turmeric Powder Along With Glycerin:

turmeric spice on a wooden spoon, isolated on white background

We all are aware of the benefits and different uses of turmeric. When used with glycerin, turmeric powder can work great and give out an effective solution which can further be applied on the ulcer. For making the best mixture you will have to take one teaspoon of glycerin along with a small pinch of turmeric powder.

17. Celery For Mouth Ulcers:

celery leafs

This is one of the most important and easiest home remedies for mouth ulcer. One can simply chew celery and cure the ulcer problem. This is probably one of the best home remedies for treating mouth ulcer which can done by anyone. The vegetable comes with is loaded with vitamin B1, B2, C, etc. Chewing this vegetable for quite some time such as for 10minutes will cure the mouth ulcer.

18. Salad:

Fresh salad on plate

Intaking salad is one of the simple home remedies for mouth ulcer. Raw salad with tons of onions will help in reducing mouth ulcer. This will not have an instant effect but will surely reduce the mouth ulcer issue within a few days.

19. Yogurt:


Plain yogurt can cure the mouth ulcer. Consuming plain yogurt will make the ulcers disappear. However, this is not the only remedy that you should look forward to. Intaking pain yogurt will only enhance the curing procedure. You cannot cure ulcer just by consuming yogurt.

20. Ice Cube Tricks:

Ice Cube

Application of ice is surely and an effective home remedy for the ulcer. Applying ice on the affected area will make the mouth ulcer go away and also clean your mouth. Applying ice on the affected area will, however, give you a burning and tingling sensation which is natural but a bit disturbing for a few people. It is recommended that you use a soft toothbrush while you’re experiencing the ulcer problems. A hard toothbrush and a harsh way of brushing can make the condition of the ulcer a lot worse than it is for now.

21. Cranberry Juice For Mouth Ulcers:

Cranberry Juice

When will the berries come in handy? This is a tasty and easy way to treat mouth ulcer. If you’re looking for an easy natural remedy for treating mouth ulcer then this might be the perfect one for you. Consuming cranberry juice will reduce the redness within the mouth and eliminate the inflammation effect. Another quick and easy way of treating the ulcer with this juice is to hold the juice for a while over the ulcer. At first, you will experience a bit burning sensation but later on, you’ll feel really great.

22. Cold And Chilled Water Tricks:

cold water

Gargling with cold and chilled water will definitely reduce the ulcer. Gargling with medium heated water can reduce the redness and remove the inflammation as well. This is one the best ways to treat the mouth ulcer and keep the mouth clean as well. Cold and chilled water is one of the best natural remedies for mouth ulcer.

23. Raw Tomatoes:

Raw tomato

Raw tomatoes can also reduce mouth ulcer. Raw tomatoes are obviously more beneficial than the cooked form of tomato. Another effective way of using raw tomato is to gargle the mouth with tomato juice. You can get rid of mouth ulcers by using raw tomatoes.

These were some of the best remedies that one can exercise when he’s home alone or he/she doesn’t want to visit the doctor for such a mere issue. Proper application of such remedies will surely cure the mouth ulcer.

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