9 Best Home Remedies For Stretch Marks

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Stretch Marks are not only associated with pregnancy as it is commonly done. It can happen at any part of the body especially those areas where skin is stretched due to physical changes. It can happen on the outer thighs, lower abdomen, buttocks, calf, arms etc. If there has been some major gain or loss of weight, it is a common thing for stretch marks to appear. These have no side effects, but appear unattractive.

home remedies for stretch marks

There are several cosmetic cures for these marks, but these are usually associated with a lot of side effects making them a costly and risky affair. However, it is possible to remove the marks completely at home and without any medical interference. It is time taking, but the efforts are worth it and cause no side effects.

Natural Tips to Clear Stretch Marks:

Here are some best Home Remedies For Stretch Marks which will show positive results if applied sincerely and with a positive attitude. It can be done with simple things we usually find in our kitchen.

1. Aloe Vera Gel:


Aloe Vera is well known for clearing any kinds of marks and patches from the body and is a safe and natural way to cure the stretch marks. It also makes the skin soft and glow-y.

Aloe vera gel for Clear Stretch Marks

How to Use:

  • Take an Aloe Vera stem and cut into small cubes
  • Store in an air tight jar and put in the refrigerator
  • Take one cube and rub in circular motions from the gel portion on the stretch marks every day
  • Leave on for an hour before shower
  • Apply daily, and for those marks that have been there for a long time, twice a day.

Alternatively, several brands have launched Aloe Vera gels that can be used in case fresh Aloe Vera is not available. But fresh stem should always be the first choice for treatment. The refrigerated aloe cubes can be used up to one week making it a less tedious task.

2. Vitamin E Capsules:


Our skin texture is highly dependent on the Vitamin E level in our body. Sometimes, a few areas get patchy and dull due to several reasons, in that case application of Vitamin E Oil helps.

Vitamin E capsules for Clear Stretch Marks

How to Use:

  • Take one Vitamin E Oil capsule. Pierce and pour the contents on your palm
  • Massage the stretch marks with the oil for about 15- 20 minutes
  • When applying at night, it is suggested that the oil be left overnight
  • However, if there is a shortage of time, leave it on for at least 2-3 hours before thorough shower

There are several varieties of Vitamin E Capsules available in the market, so enquire thoroughly before buying. If there is any itchiness or burning sensation with its use, discontinue immediately.

3. Lemon Juice:


With high contents of Vitamin C, lemon is also used for its bleaching property. Application of lemon on skin reduces oiliness and brings inner glow.

lemon juice for Clear Stretch Marks

How to Use:

  • Cut the lemon into half and take a portion
  • Now in gentle circular motions, rub the juice on the stretch marks
  • Squeeze gradually and rub when the juice gets absorbed on the skin
  • Leave on for 45 minutes then wipe off with a moist towel or take shower

Initially, lemon juice might cause a little itching sensation which is a sign of effective reaction on the skin, however, if it goes beyond tolerance, rub off immediately. After washing, see how the skin appears, check for rashes or redness, in case of any such reaction try on some other method. Doo not apply on chipped or over dry skin.

4. Egg Whites:


Egg whites are an excellent source of proteins and amino acids which help in skin brightening and whitening. It is effective for removal of any kinds of marks from our skin when used regularly.

Egg whites for Clear Stretch Marks

How to Use:

  • Take the white portion of  eggs and mix thoroughly
  • Dampen the area which needs to be treated by cleaning with water
  • Apply a thick layer of the egg white
  • Leave it on till the whites dry
  • Clean with cold water and moisturize with olive oil or any oil that suits
  • Apply everyday for minimum 4 weeks for effective results.

Make sure to use only white portion of the eggs to treat the stretch marks of any kind. If the whites stick to the skin after drying, dab with water before removing. Do not pull from the skin.

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