Home Remedies For Warts – Our Best 25

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One of the most irritating skin problems that occurs more during the childhood days are warts. In simple words, it is a skin infection that is caused by a particular type of virus. Hands, face and feet are the most common places where warts can occur. It is one of the troublesome problems and one should start looking for the right treatment as soon as they gauze the crisis. Instead of medicines, it is best to adhere to some home remedies that are efficient in treatment process. To know more about the top notch home remedies for warts, this list is provided below.

home remedies for warts

It has the right ideas that need to be followed each day till the problem subsides. Check them out:

Best Home Remedies For Warts:

1. Lemon Use:


Lemon can help in the detoxification of the tissues and thus remove the virus that is causing the skin problem. Take some organic lemon juice and apply it on the affected areas to get the best outcomes and to treat the warts in a couple of days.

2. Garlic For Warts:

Mash some fresh garlic and extract the juice each day. This fresh liquid should be applied on the warts each day without fail. Make sure it is done twice everyday for maximum outcomes. It is the right direction to take for perfect results.

3. Baking Soda Wonders:

Make a paste from baking soda and vinegar and apply it on the warts two times in a day for best results in about a week’s time. This is one healthy, safe and effective idea for warts.

4. Aloe Vera:

Aloe Vera has soothing properties and helps in anti bacterial properties for the skin. For treating the warts take freshly extracted gel or the juice from the plant and freeze it for a while before applying it. This should be done 2-3 times in a day till the crisis subsides completely.

5. Tea Tree Oil:

The antiseptic benefits of tea tree oil are perfect for treating warts. It definitely fastens the process of treatment. Take some liquid on a clean cotton swab and apply it on the warts. The cure is slow but definitely works well. Tea tree oil is the best home remedy for warts in natural way without having side effects.

6. Orange Peel Can Remove Warts:

Orange Peel

An easy home remedy for wart treatment is to rub it with orange peel. It will slowly change the colour of the wart to orange and help it treat in about 2-3 weeks time. It is a good way to ensure the right cure.

7. Duct Tape:

Duct Tape

Apply some tea tree oil or toothpaste on the wart and cover it with duct tape. This should be done daily to get best outcomes on the problem of warts that is causing so much of discomfort. Make sure you keep it the entire night for the right direction of use.

8. Witch Hazel:

Witch Hazel

One of the most commonly used home remedial products for warts is witch hazel. Take some of the liquid on a clean cotton ball and then apply it directly on the warts. After a few minutes this should be washed with water. Follow it daily for best results.

9. Potatoes:

Take a freshly cut potato and rub the white part of the vegetable on the warts each day. This should be done 4-5 times in a day and followed for a couple of weeks for complete cure. It is one of the easiest and the most accessible ways of treating warts and in a 100 percent safe manner. Make sure you do not stop the cure in between for treating the warts from the roots. Try it out to see the benefits.

10. Apple Cider Vinegar:

apple cider vinegar with apples

This is one of the best home remedies for warts and also one of the easiest among all. What you will have to do here is just take a plain cotton ball and soak it with apple cider vinegar. Now you will have to gently apply the vinegar on the wart area with this cotton ball and then cover with a band aid. This you will have to do every night before going to bed.

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11. Apples:

apple 3

An apple a day also keeps warts away but the apple should not be eaten away in this case. Apple is a very good home remedy for warts and you can simply cut a slice from a fresh apple, first rub a little on the effective area very gently and then simply cover the wart with a slice. Now fix it like that with a duct tape.

12. Simple Band Aids:

Duct Tape Bandage

Band aids and other plasters and bandages are also warts removal house remedy measures. This is interesting because you can actually get rid of warts without any medicine at all though it may take a little more time comparatively. You will just have to wrap the area with a band aid very tightly and then keep it like that till the wart comes up and then remove the ban aid and apply some mark removal lotion.

13. Nail Polish For Warts:

Nail Polish Colorful

Well yes nail polish can also cure warts because it is a very effective warts home remedy. You will have to take some amount of good nail polish and apply it on the wart area and cover the wart nicely. Let the nail color dry there and then apply again as and when needed till the wart is completely cured.

14. Toothpaste:


Toothpaste is anyway known to have anti- inflammatory contents and thus is one of the very effective home remedies for warts on face or neck or hand. There is nothing difficult in using this also because toothpaste is something which we all have as a necessity in our lives and you will just have to apply it on the wart area thickly and then cover the part with a band aid.

15. Aspirin:


For this home remedy for warts you will need some olive oil and aspirin tablets. You have to first rub the area with olive oil and then place an aspirin tablet on the top and cover with a band aid or simply crush aspirin tablets and then make a paste of it and then apply on the area.

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16. Banana:

banana fruit

Various parts of the banana are useful as remedial measures for warts and we are here to discuss two of the most important today. We are talking about the banana skin and a simple banana slice. For burning warts you can cut a piece from a banana peel and then place it on the wart with the white side down and then cover with a band aid. Next you can take a slice of a banana and just rub it on the wart.

17. Eggplant:


Also known as brinjal and baby aubergines, eggplants are great natural home remedies for warts and also very useful and effective on people with sensitive skin especially children. Just cut a slice of an eggplant with a size of a little more than the wart and now place it on the area. Cover with a tape or band aid and keep it like that till the eggplant slice is changed.

18. Onion:


Onions are very effective when you are irritated with a wart on your body. You can just take a slice of an onion and keep rubbing very gently on the area. You can also sprinkle some salt on the slice a little before applying. Another way to apply onion is by first drizzling lemon juice on the wart area and then fixing the onion slice over the affected part and covering with a ban aid plaster for a day and repeat again the next day.

19. Carrots Can Help To Control Warts:


The combination and carrots and olive oil works as wonder for warts and also for any other kind of boils. What you will have to do is just take a carrot and grate it nicely and finely till it is converted into a semi- paste consistency. Now just mix it with some olive oil till thick and now apply on the affected area at least twice a day.

20. Pineapple For Warts Removing:


It is assumed that the bromelain content in a pine apple is what helps in curing warts and it is extremely effective too. You have to again take a slice of a pine apply just a little bigger than the wart area itself and then cover with a duct tape to secure the position of the pineapple slice and do this every day thrice.

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21. Castor Oil:

Castor Oil image

Warts can be perfectly cured with the regular use of castor oil on the affected area. You can either take just some amount of castor oil and apply it on the affected area or maybe mix baking soda or baking powder and thicken the oil consistency and apply like an oily lotion on the warts area to get relief from it.

22. Vegetable Oil:

Vegetable Oil

This is one ingredient that you can easily find in any kitchen because there is not a single family in the world which does not use some kind of vegetable oil in the kitchen so you do not have to spend anything extra to obtain the oils. Now to cure the warts you just have to take a little white oil and then dab it on the affected area a little bit and kept it resting.

23. Dandelions:


Dandelions are very pretty flowers which have cotton and soft thorn like petals and they will simply fly away just as you give them a blow. The stem just remains in your hand. Now there is an amount of natural milk in the stem of each dandelion and you can take out this milk and simply do it on the warts area to get very quick relief. The only thing is that you just have to repeat this method twice or thrice every day.

24. Hot Water:

Drinking hot water

Yes here we are talking about absolutely hot water which you cannot drink at all. Take a bowl of such water and you can also add a little vinegar to this. Now soak your finger directly or a cotton ball if the warts area cannot be soaked directly and then let the water turn lukewarm just like that.

25. Scrubbing:

Scrubbing Hands

Though heavy scrubbing is not at all recommended on warts area we are talking about gentle scrubbing when you feel the warts is becoming a little hard. It is more like exfoliating the area rather than harsh rubbing. Get a mild and frothy soap and then scrub the area nicely just once a day and just for a few seconds that too.

Warts can be really painful at times and just as said earlier more than medicines these home remedy for warts are more effective and easier to follow as well.