Top 20 Natural Home Remedies To Remove Tan

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Early morning at around 6, 6.30, you decide to go out on a healthy jog but by the time you are done, the sun is shining bright on top of you. While in the western regions the sun is looked upon as bliss on a happy beach vacation day, that is not the case in tropical countries sweltering underneath the equator. The earth being round in shape of course misses out on the polar or upper regions but the equator, the imaginary line dividing the earth in two hemispheres knows best the wrath of the sun. Shining directly with its great balls of fire burning on us, tropical countries are therefore born with a sun kissed healthy glow skin.

That rich caramel brown texture of the skin is something we inherit proudly, but what happens as we grow up and get more exposed to sun. With time, a surface exposed to the harsh warmth of the sun after years and years is bound to leave a mark of the sun on it. The same thing happens with our skin where due to excessive warmth and sun exposure, a part of the place experiences excess melanin production causing the area to darken amongst the other. This we in beauty terms look down at and call a ‘tan’. Being born with rich brown skin textures, a tan worsens the condition blackening it.home remedies to remove tan

The mighty sun produces a total of three types of ultraviolet rays the most of which is absorbed by the atmosphere and the ozone layer above. There is always a loop hole which sneaks in the rest percent of UV rays into the earth which is where it mixes in with the vitamin D and shines down on our skin. This UV ray especially A and B are responsible for tanning of the skin. This rays tamper with the melanin in our body chemically reacting with it. This is one way of tanning the other includes boosting the melanin production.

Avoiding tan with a scorching sun ray falling directly on you is implausible, the reason why us tropical girls desperately look for a pocket friendly solution to tan cure. This is not only for the beauty purposes that we are concerned but for the hefty consequences a tan might leave. Too much tanning might burn the skin at places causing redness and blister or first degree burn discomforts. But on a higher note a very little people know that one of the main causes of skin cancer is an excess of vitamin D falling directly on your skin. While sunscreens are always a big spot cure for further damage, here is a bunch of simple and natural home remedies to remove tan and those darkened spots and patches.

 Best And Natural Home Remedies To Remove Tanning :

1. Aloe vera :

Diff aloevera gels

Whenever we mention skin problems and its cure, the top priority on the list is always the natural methods that can be made in home and has the intact natural properties in it for better result. Pre made aloe vera gels and packs are always available but the raw transparent sap and clear fleshy inner parts of the leaf of the actual aloe plant can work wonders. It not only evens out the skin tone it significantly reduces redness. Slice and splice a raw leaf from the aloe plant and apply the sap directly on area.

2. Turmeric For Remove Tan :

mm and turmeric for dry skn

Extensively used in the Indian tradition for its beautifying purposes, turmeric can be applied directly to the affected area. However turmeric is either in solid form or grounded form therefore a pack or mixture is made. It can be mixed with simple water or milk and applied. Leave it for the night and see the results in the morning.

3. Lemon :


Probably the shining star of the lot, lemon or its sister lime is a power packed anti tan removal element with skin lightening properties. Lemons or limes are rich in vitamin C that takes due care of the skin while the citric acid enriched in them fights the dark spots and bold patches on your skin.

4. Oatmeal :

oatmeal paste

Often after a long day out in the field when you come back and wash your face, you are bound to feel a discomforting irritating redness on your skin which burns and produces discomfort. That is the tan setting in and therefore the quickest way is to use oats or oatmeal cooked or mixed in your face for best results. It’s cooling sensation deals with the heavy sensations on your skin instantly cooling it. It comes with a bonus skin lightening property.

5. Honey And Milk :

hny and milk

One of the sweetest ways to deal with the bitter tan is to apply a mixture of honey and milk on your face. Milk has always been used to smoothen skin discomforts and texture and with its lactic properties that lighten skin tone this becomes a perfect product. Honey on the other hand dates back to the olden day home remedies to cure certain skin ailments. Combine these two and see the results yourself.


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