7 Best Homeopathic Medicines for Hair Loss

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Hair growth occurs either naturally or after a specific treatment for hair loss, hair thinning or even baldness. There are several treatments and solutions in the offering. Some of them are genuine and effective while many others are fads or ways to dupe harried people looking for solutions. Homeopathy is one field of alternative medicines that is highly effective in promoting hair regrowth and reducing or curing baldness in the process.

It is a stream of medicine that is ancient wherein the doses are prepared by natural and sometimes herbal and mineral sources. Alcoholic extracts and tinctures are also liberally used in the preparation of these doses. People with a penchant for having thick dense hair or if they are suffering from baldness can turn to homeopathy for relief. Many practitioners prescribe the homeopathy medicines bearing the basic nature of a patient. A few specific medicines that are known to promote the hair growth are discussed below.

Best Homeopathic Medicines for Hair Loss:

1. Silicea:

One of the most popularly prescribed medicines in homeopathy is Silicea. It is derived from human tissues and sandstones. This medicine is excellent for strengthening the hair, eliminates the dryness by providing complete nourishment to the hair and is famous as a growth enhancer. It is one of the 12 tissue cell salts in homeopathy.

2. Kalium Carbonicum:

Kalium Carbonicum is another homeopathy medicine that is derived from compounds that Egyptians used to prepare glass. It is prescribed by a lot of homeopathy practitioners for essentially stopping hair thinning and brittle hair thus automatically promoting hair growth. This medicine is excellent for those people who are orthodox and reserved in nature.

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3. Lycopodium:

Homeopaths also prescribe lycopodium liberally for premature balding. Pregnant women and post- delivery, women who suffer a lot from hair loss have been using this medicine successfully. This medicine is equally effective for men also. Low esteemed people who desire a good hair growth benefit a lot from this medicine. It is prepared by distilling the spores of evergreen pants like club moss, more popularly known as staghorn moss.

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