15 Best Ooty Honeymoon Places With Pictures

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Honeymoon is the most important and valuable time of one’s married life. It is indeed a difficult job to scrutinize each place and decide on where to go. For all you nature lovers, you can try the Honeymoon places in Ooty, ‘Queen of Hills’. It provides one of the most enthralling scenic views accompanied by the best tourist spots. They are not only beautiful in their view but also very romantic, thus serving one of the popular honeymoon spots since ages. It is always the best time to visit Ooty for honeymoon. The place will never let you down. Here is a list of 15 best honeymoon places in Ooty with images.

Best Honeymoon Places In Ooty With Pictures:

1. Avalanche:

Ooty Honeymoon Places

One of the Ooty honeymoon spots, it is a forest area which is about 30 km from this town. It is mainly popular for avalanche sanctuary and its lake. It is a tourist spot which is highly preferred among tourists. Once you enter the lake you would see thousands of blooming flowers around it. These flowers are a treat to eyes.

It is known for its supply of water to Kundah Hydro Power stations. You can enjoy fishing in this lake after availing fishing accessories. You can avail these accessories from trout hatchery situated nearby. This area offers enchanting scenic beauty which you can enjoy fairy tale honeymoon by having your partner beside.

2. Rose Garden:

Rose Garden

It is centrally located in Ooty and is one of the liveliest tourist spots. It covers an area of 10 acres. It has a huge collection of roses of varied colors. You will not only get red roses here but also roses of green, black and many other colors. It is filled with roses of unusual and unique colors which you would not get anywhere else. There are around 36oo variety of roses. They are brought about from different places around the world for display. Tourists get enthralled by the magnificent collection of roses in this garden. There are countless numbers of roses to be found here.

3. Elk Hill Temple View:

Honeymoon Places in Ooty-Elk Hill Temple

Apart from the gardens and lakes, this town is also famous for its renowned temples. Elk hill is one of them where Lord Murugan is worshiped. Thaipusam is celebrated every year around January-February in honor of the God. The hill consists of a big statue of Lord Murugan. Elk Hill is surrounded by thick green forests. It provides an appealing scenic view which takes your breath away. You get a full panoramic view of the entire city of Ooty from this hill. It is widely popular among the newlyweds who come here to seek blessings from Lord Murugan. Do not miss to seek blessings from the deity here. It is one of the most beautiful spot in Ooty for honeymoon.

4. Kamaraj Sagar Dam Of Ooty:

KamarajSagar Dam

It is situated in the town of Ooty and is a popular honeymoon spot. This is also a great spot for shooting as well as for picnic. This dam is also known by the name of Sandynalla reservoir. It is situated at a distance of about 10 kilometers from Ooty. It offers great scenic view and is surrounded by green forests. This place is also a very popular spot for fishing. The lake is an artificial reservoir which has been formed nearby. It provides a very peaceful and serene ambience where you can enjoy the company of your partner in tranquillity honeymoon.

5. Glenmorgan:


It is a village which is popular among the tourists for its tea estates. It is one of the oldest tea estates and is also a famous spot for honeymoon. Apart from the tea estate, there is a rope way connecting a powerhouse of Singara and Glenmorgan. On your ride on the rope way you can enjoy enchanting view of the tea estate which is a treat to your eyes. You can also view the famous Mudumalai National Park from here along with the Moyar valley and Singara’s power house. The green color reflection of the trees on the water body is mesmerizing to watch.

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