How to Act Around Guys?

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Believe it or not, it is completely a different aspect to hang around with guys as compared to hanging around with your girl pals. There are many girls who do not know the art of how to act around guys. This leaves a bad impression on the group that you might not like. If you are a girl who wants the interaction to be much more natural when guys are around, check this guide below. It has some of the best tips and suggestions on how you should act around guys.

Be what you are:

If you want things to work out in your favour when hanging around with a group of guys, the best thing that can be done is to stay calm as well as be yourself. Never try to be something you are not. Being over friendly or chatty won’t work out either when it comes to such a situation.

Mould Yourself:

Where on one hand it is suggested that a girl should be herself around guys, this rule can be bent to a certain level that is acceptable. There are some specific activities that guys like to do. This includes playing video games, listening to certain kind of music and more. You can be a little flexible in your approach and try and enjoy these activities. However, this should be done within the comfort zone. Also, there is no harm in liking different stuff, just try to find something to do that both of you likes.

Give Attention:

Try to talk, joke and flirt with the guy but do not overdo it. Do not be hovering around him a lot or initiate all the contact with him. Give him the space to start a conversation too. If he doesn’t, then its better you put your attention somewhere else.

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Maintain the Smile and be Friendly:

Be just like you are with your girl pals. Smile a lot and be friendly with him and his friends. Being like a typical girl with a guy and clinging too much might make him lose interest in you. Being nice and natural is what a guy wants his girl to do.

Give Positive Vibes:

You don’t have to be negative about yourself or other things around you. Do not crave for sympathy or fish for compliment by showing off your negative ends. Girls try to get guys attention by telling them their bad sides. Do not make this mistake. Give out positive vibes and guys would want to hang around with you more and more.

Do not Look Desperate:

Wearing revealing clothes is completely different but going overboard with it and your body language might give a wrong impression that you are desperate. Clothes that look good on you and reveals the best features should be worn and with some style. This is a good tip to follow to catch their attention.

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Do not play with hair:

Playing with hair is one of the common habits among girls. Make sure you do not follow this while hanging around with guys. This might either make you look low in confidence and insecure or else will give wrong signals that you are trying to flirt.

Do not get Physical:

Even if you like someone among the group of guys, make sure you don’t get physically close to him in that situation. This will make you look more matured in your approach.

Stay Cute and Coy and Witty and Intelligent:

Not only should you not lose your feminine side and stay cute and coy but should always have a witty and intelligent edge so that you can retreat back to the guys in a way that does not make them feel offended and creates a funny situation. This is one tip that should be followed around guys.

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