How to Build a Good Relationship With Your Husband

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Building a relationship takes no genius to be involved, however maintaining one takes due diligence. For example, there are many husbands who don’t want to even venture close to their wives, for the fear of being judged, attacked or ridiculed by them. This is because the love, trust and romance in their lives have fizzled over time. How did this come about? Especially when the two of them decided to stick with one another through sickness and through health? The main reason is that LOVE, the only source and sustenance to say so, has long been gone. However, there is still a ray of light at the end of the dark tunnel. You still can bring back the romance and build a solid foundation once again with the man you married and now live with. Please read on and be well-informed for the same, it’s time to understand him better.

Men Are In Need Of Love Too:

It is a wrong patriarchal notion that men don’t need to show their emotions or express it. In fact, if you talk to most men, they are waiting for a chance to be heard, to be spoken to with love, to have that shoulder to cry on and to find someone who can understand them. This is why he married you, and he somehow expects you to understand his needs, much more than what you did back then when the two of you first met.

A man looks for succor and comfort in his home, in his wife’s arms and in his own private Idaho at the end of the day. If that isn’t available, he would look for it elsewhere and in ways more than one. As a wife, you sure wouldn’t want to face this situation and that’s why, it is now on you to make things right. Sometimes, even if it is not your fault, be the matured one to set the line straight, for you and your family.

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Pamper Him:

Does he like music? Get him secretly a collection of his favorite songs. While he showers, play the music so he can embed himself into the waters while the music soothes his soul. Catch him playing around as a child would with a ball, take a couple of pictures of him doing that, maybe him and the dog or your kids, just goofing around and being silly. Make an album of these photos and quietly put it up in the bedroom. When he comes back from work he would see it and smile. This would up his energy levels and who know, he may present himself romantically to you for the rest of the evening too.

While he showers, get his night clothes laid neatly on the bed. Also get his favorite cup of tea with herbs ready, and wait for him to come down. Lovingly take the cup to him, sit with him, and give him the day’s paper to read while he sips his cup. Talk to him gently about the day. Be proactive and ask him if he needs help with his office work, should he bring some back home.

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We All Need Love:

Men too need their daily dose of love and care, which is what, makes a marriage stronger. He doesn’t expect you to stay up all night for him to arrive. However, what he does appreciate is that you do stay up all night, even without him asking for it. If he comes back too tired, don’t nag or whine about the day, let him rest and talk to him about your issues the next day.

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