How To Dress To Impress A Girl?

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When talking about the personality, what makes it flawless is the way you dress yourself. ‘Dress to impress’ is the new mantra that boys should follow when it comes to girls in whom they have romantic interests. However, this is not as easy as it sounds. A boy has to work really hard in dressing themselves in a way that girls like.

With the tips and ideas given below, you can definitely find the right route on How To Dress To Impress A Girl?  Check them out and follow each one on a regular basis for perfect results:

How To Dress To Impress A Girl

The 4 Important Factors:

There are four main factors that are important when you are planning to dress in a flawless and impressive manner. The colour, the cut, the context and the cleanliness is very important to look into. In simple words, these four aspects create the base for fashion in men. Herein, it is important to note that the cost of the clothing will never affect the dressing. There are many inexpensive pieces of clothes that look fantabulous when there is someone to carry it off!

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The Psychology Of Colour:

It is quite a surprising factor that each colour has a subsequent message for a woman. In some cases, it might be conscious and in the others the women might not realize it. Each colour says something about your personality and your nature. This means that a man should pick his colours wisely especially when he is out to impress a girl. For example, red shows sexuality whereas blue is the colour of trust. Wear colours according to the signs you want to give.

The Significance Of Cut:

Cut affects the dressing the most and is totally responsible for making a man look attractive or unattractive. For men who love showing off boxers by wearing the jeans lower than usual should know that it is not going to work when it comes to impressing girls. Only jeans that are tight fitting will leave a good reputation on girls. However, do ensure that the jeans are not skin fit as it looks unattractive. Dress pants on the other hand should have a straight cut. Dress shirts should be loose only at the shoulders, collar and cuffs. However, make sure they are not baggy. T-shirts should at least cover 3 inches of the jeans but make sure it’s not longer than that.

Make Sure it’s Ironed:

Creases on the outfit are quite lame and it does not matter how expensive the clothes are. Make sure that whatever you wear is well ironed and crisp. This will definitely catch the attention of the girl you are interested in and take you a way forward in impressing her.

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The Appropriate Dressing:

It is very important to dress according to what the occasion demands. One should be wearing just the appropriate clothes to impress a girl. Wear formal coats and jackets for black tie events and casual clothes in informal settings. Occasions where you don’t know what to wear, try and talk to the host and understand what will be the perfect outfit for the situation. This point will surely help you reach your goals of impressing someone.

The Effect Of Cleanliness:

This might be mentioned last in this guide but is equally important when it comes to men’s fashion and dressing. It is important to wear clean clothes and stay hygienic for a perfect dressing. Those who wear good clothes but do not shave or bath before going will definitely have to go through negative impressions from a girl. Try and shave, take a shower, wear clean clothes and add a little perfume and after shave lotion for the ideal dressing.

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