How To Express Your Feelings To The One You Love

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That awesome feeling when you want to express your love for the next and yet have butterflies in the stomach, we’ve all been through that isn’t it? Well, here are a few tips for you to learn from on how to go ahead and express your love. Hence, please read on How To Express Your Feelings To The One You Love.

Express Your Feelings To The One You Love

Great Moments:

Remember, the reason why you are in love with this person is because of their personal and the way they have inspired you. So think about such positive aspects of him or her, and go for it.

The Right Choice Of Words:

Ensure that you use the simplest of words to describe what you feel for them. Tell them how complete and happy you feel having them around, don’t make it feel that they are your necessity because that would be negative as an expression

Be Comfortable:

Choose a venue to meet which is public or private, your choice here to think of. This would help stir up the moment and romance too

Mean What You Say:

The three golden words “I LOVE YOU” aren’t just words, it should be meant from within. Maintain eye contact if one on one, or use the simplest of honest feelings from within to tell them you love them.

Quality Time:

Before you pop the question, ensure that you have spent enough time with him or her. This would allow you to understand them better, but don’t be obsessive and don’t give all your time to them. The time you spend should have enough of quality over quantity.

Be Honest:

If there is something you would like them to know about you, your friends circle or your past, open your mind and speak it out. They too are human and compassion is what would make them feel wanted, because you are sharing a deep part of your life with them.

Say it:

Should you or shouldn’t you? There isn’t a time known as perfect for them to know and for you to tell, since perfection is a myth. You don’t have to prepare a speech, just let the heart talk and wonders would happen

Be Lovable:

Don’t express in a way that if they don’t feel the same for you, they would think they’d lose you for good.


KEEP IT SIMPLE AND SWEET, a text message in the morning or before you sleep at night would say it all.


If you stress too much about him or her accepting you as you are or loving you, your plan to woo them wouldn’t work. Make the moment special without going overboard, meet at a place where the two of you first crossed path. Be random and lovingly unpredictable with the way you express your love for them.

Do a little homework to know what makes them feel special, speak to his or her best friend and learn more. There are varied ways to make him or her bring out a positive response in your favor, learn from their best friends this time.

Most importantly, love should be unconditional and not because you want a trophy lover, or someone for company in this world. There are no right and wrong ways to woo the one you love, not when it is unconditional and pure. This is why the intent on attracting a lover to your arms should be clear and transparent.

The best of lovers have been through the worst, so don’t expect a fairy tale romance round the clock. There would be moments when the two shall not agree, so be ready for the ups and downs too, and with love!

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