How to Get Fat in 10 Days?

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Getting fat in ten days doesn’t sound working for some, some might think its next to impossible or some might think it’s a easy thing to do, but it does sound easy though when working on it we realize it is not that easy as it sound If you want to put on weight, you should work out, to insure that you put on fat.

For most people, gaining weight quickly requires a dramatic change in lifestyle and it will be an around-the-clock effort, but for those who enjoy food and relaxation, the experience can be an enjoyable one. the amount of fat that one can gain in the course of a week varies dramatically based on factors like the individual’s metabolic rate at the beginning of the week (the faster the person’s metabolic rate, the longer it will take to slow it) and how much food the individual can consume getting fat needs some basic calculations and lifestyle changes can garner impressive results.To gain two pounds in a week or about three pounds in 10 days — a woman has to increase her daily calorie intake by about 1,000 calories beyond what she burns

How to Get Fat in 10 Days

Steps to Remember:

  •  Eating right thing
  •  Increase your calories and protein consumptions
  •  Drink lot of water
  •  Take your naps proper
  •  Simple exercises
  •  Eat every 3 to 4 hours.

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Eat a Lot: This sounds much easier than it really is.  Whatever you’re eating now, you should probably double it.  If you eat three meals a day, instead eat six.  You need to be eating every 2-3 hours, and each meal needs to be the size of a normal meal.  This is going to be difficult for a few weeks, because you’ll often have to force yourself to eat even when you’re not hungry.

Sleep: you need to be getting 8-9 hours of sleep every night for maximum gains.  Your body is doing nothing but lying there and building muscle while you’re sleeping.  If you are only getting 6 hours or less, you’re not going to get all the benefits of your exercising and diet.

Eating it Right: eating the right thing is very important factor, food with high protein and calories are the food that makes you fat sooner consuming of lot of cheese, sugar, and soft drinks leaves a huge affect on our body making us fat

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These Lists of Food Items That a Person Should Eat to Become Fat in 10 Days:

  •  The basic step is to increase the intake of protein in your daily diet.
  •  Start practicing a couple of simple warm-up exercises daily.
  •  Add up the intake of healthy fats and more calories.
  •  Protein, fat, carbohydrates, fiber contents, vitamins and minerals intake can only increase your weight.
  •  Instead of following your regular schedule of 2 to 3 meals a day, divide it into 5 small meals at frequent intervals every day.
  •  The diet always differs depending on the physical work done by you. However, this diet plan is different to both men and women if your
  •  aim is just to increase the weight but not bothered about the structure or looks just have to eat and sleep adequately.
  •  Good intake of ghee, rice, and calorie-contained food will increase the weight in women.
  •  Potato chips, cheese items, boiled items, oil content foods, pizzas, and burgers will play a major role in increasing the weight in greater extent.

There are several ill effects of it too which can harm us health wise so weight should be balanced to maintain a healthy life. These tips will help you in some ways.

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