How To Hug A Boy?

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Hug- one size fits all. It’s an emotional lift. Hugs are great and often create magical moments. They reduce stress, rejuvenate us from within. Yes, you read it right; a simple hug lasting for around 5-10 seconds can do wonders psychologically. It is often rightly quoted as ‘jadu ki jhappi’/ magical hug

Hugging a family relative or cousin is quite different from hugging a boy/friend with affection and care. So here is a small tutorial which will teach you how to hug a guy ideally or platonically.

How To Hug A Boy

1)  Know The Person You Are Hugging:

In order to get into the comfort zone you must know the person well. The hug should be more casual.

2) Avoid Creating Odd Moments Or Tension:

The hug should be platonic and casual. It should not give the other person being hugged some wrong idea or intention. Hugging for too long, brushing arms or staring into the eye should be avoided. It should be prompt, swift. It should not arouse or ignite any form of spark in the gut.

Even while you hug a family member one should keep it in mind not to stretch the hug for too long as it may give a wrong signal to the person being hugged like a cousin or brother.

Keep the feeling very natural.

3) Introduce A casual Gesture Before Hugging:

Using a gesture and then hugging is a safe, easy going option. For example, giving a high five to a friend and then hugging is a better option than just going and hugging a particular friend. There should be a sense of ease between both. Romantic gestures should be avoided.

4)  The Arms Should Be Wrapped Just Below The Shoulders:

The positioning or the gesture is very important. To hug a casual friend arms should be wrapped below the shoulders and not around the neck. Wrapping around the neck demonstrates a more personal and intimate relationship between the two involved.

Another alternative is a side hug or a half hug. The positioning is side by side or shoulder to shoulder with one arm around the boy’s shoulder. It gives a comfortable vibe and easier for girls with shorter heights.

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5) It should Be Quick, Short And Brief:

It should be short to keep up its causality. If it lasts longer, it might give a wrong idea to the other one involved. The shorter the hug, the more platonic it becomes.

6) Body Language Should Be Taken Care Of:

One should not lean too much on the other person while hugging. Don’t rub hands around the arms. The contact between the two should be light. Don’t brush or grind your body with his as it might give a wrong idea. Do not twirl your leg with his. It is a big no gesture.

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7) Clean Break:

When the hug is complete and it’s time to separate, keep it tidy. Do not mess it up by staring into his eyes or linger over his shoulders.

8) Make The Other Half feel Comfortable:

There should be a friendlier vibe when you hug and then separate. It should not look arrogant while separating. Friendliness and warmth should be maintained throughout.

There are always exceptions to rules. There is no hard and fast rule on how to hug a guy. The gestures and the body language can be changed as per the intensity of a particular relationship, be it a casual friend or a close male friend. A tighter hug is acceptable in order to express gratitude to a close friend, or maybe if you ascertain a really close friend after a long time.

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