How To Improve Your Kissing?

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Kissing is one of the important parts of dating. In simple words, a good kiss can make two people more attracted to each other and a bad one can end the relation then and there. People usually measure the level of spark between each other through a kiss. This makes it important for a person to know the right ways and the dos and don’ts of kissing.

There is no need to worry about anything. There are many people who are not perfect where tje art of kissing is concerned. This guide will help you with improvement skills to work well on the How To Improve Your Kissing?

Have a Fresh Breath:

Many a time, even if the technique of kissing is right, most people get low marks is because of the bad breath. Having a fresh breath will surely help you in improving the experience of a kiss. It can also be sweet or minty depending on what you or your partner likes. Bad odour like of garlic, onion, meat or any strong food will only turn off the situation.

Soft and Smooth Lips:

Another of the factors that affect kissing in a negative way and we tend to ignore it most of the times is dry and cracked lips. Try and keep the lips soft so that they are more attractive and kissable. Moisturize them often and especially with a good lip balm just before the kiss. Tantalizing lips will surely improve the kissing to a good extent and will make your partner kiss you again and again as an extra benefit.

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Be Slow:

A slow kiss is always better than a kiss in a rush. Savour the moment and enjoy the kiss if you really want to improve on the technique. Approach your partner slowly and keep the kiss a little unpredictable and your partner anticipating. Make sure you take your own sweet time in approaching for the kiss as well as while kissing.

Part The Lips Slightly:

At the starting of the kiss make sure you part your lips only slightly. This is a very important step. The kiss is not about drenching your partner’s face in saliva. Give only a small opening in the mouth so that you guys can enjoy the kiss rather than making it dirty and gross.

Do Not Approach The Tongue Immediately:

There will be a time when the tongues will meet while kissing. However, it is not at all suggested that you grab the lips of your partner. This might make them choke and kill the essence and magic of kiss. Keep it natural and do not bite or suck on the tongue. This will make the kiss more memorable and sensual.

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Plant Small Kisses and Pecks:

In between the kiss, plant small kisses on the corners of the mouth, the lower lips, and the top lip and then move on with the kiss again. This is one of the tricks that will definitely flatter your partner and help you improve on the kiss. Also, draw back a little in between the kiss before continuing this sweet torture. It is one of the best tricks for a good kiss.

Relax while Kissing:

It is very important to maintain a relaxed approach while kissing. Getting nervous will only end things on a bad note. It is natural to feel how the kiss is going to be or whether your partner is going to like it or not but then this stress might make your stiff and uptight. Try and relax and enjoy the kiss without thinking about the consequences.

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