Increasing Your Breast Size By Pressing: How To Do It?

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A man and a woman can be recognized visually by seeing many features. These features could be hair, height, body built and many other! The most important trait that can be seen without being naked it breast! Yes, it is that part of woman body which actually distinguishes man and woman at a sight. For a woman, breast is not just an organ to differentiate between the genders it is the root of her beauty.

Breast plays a key role in attracting man towards them. Therefore, not only women but men also love big breast of their female pair.

How To Increase Breast Size By Pressing

We will tell you how you breast pressing increases size.

Does pressing increase breast size? Yes, it is possible increasing breast size by pressing, but have to know how to press breast to increase the size? Pressing the breast doesn’t actually mean to press it like a toy. Pressing is directly related to massaging your breasts regularly.

As massaging is considered one of the best home remedies that you can opt so as to naturally increase your breast size. If you do a regular breast massage, say for about 30 minutes a day this can prove really effectively and help you to increase the breast and that to by one cup. The results will come out in just one month. Massaging your breasts would yield increased blood flow in the veins as well as the flow of phytoestrogens which is been found in the bloodstream of the breast will increase.

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How To Increase Breast Size By Pressing:

Now we come to the main part by determining that best tips for how to increase breast size by pressing?

1. Firstly calm your mind before starting up the massage and lie down on a comfortable bed. This helps your body prepare itself for the coming change. It also makes sure all your energy goes into bringing your hormones at par with the plan you wish to take ahead, that is, increasing breast size by pressing with your without help.

2. Put a pillow or towel under your head to keep yourself relaxed.

3. You must perform this massaging exercise two times a day; that is in the morning and night. As it is, there is no direct study that has established does pressing increase breast size or not. But, if there is one, you’d want to make the most of it. In any case, deep massaging twice a day will enhance the blood flow and circulation into your breast and allow them to look fuller. If you are planning to wear a dress for the day and want to make your breasts pass off as bigger, then, try the massaging trick a few minutes before you leave.

4. You need to rub the palms of your hand together. Rub them as fast as you can. Let the heat come out like fire. This heat will expand the size of your breasts by expanding the surface area slow and steady. The whole exercise of rubbing your hands also use up a little energy, thus increasing your heart rate and improving blood flow. This is the main reason why your body when heat is produced tends to swell up a little. Your breasts are no different and thus you have your answer on how to increase breast size by pressing them whenever you have time.

5. This heat is actually the energy. Once this heat is produced, you can use it on your breasts to massage them for a better shape and firmer look.

6. Now, after rubbing your hands together for about 6-10 seconds you need to place the heated hand on your breasts.

7. Now slowly rub your breasts inwards in a clockwise direction on the right breast and anticlockwise on the left breast so that both of them turn inwards towards the cleavage.

8. Continue this rubbing pattern of the breasts for about 2 seconds and make this as one count.

9. You need to follow this pattern of massage with at least 300-350 counts each time in the morning and night before sleeping every day and for a month so as to effectively increase the breast size.

10. This exercise may take you about 15 minutes. You would have to rub your hands together at regular intervals in between whenever you feel that the heat is getting low so as to keep the heat energy flowing into the breasts.

Pressing Exercises To Increase Breast Size:

If you have really small breasts that are equal to nothing and you want to increase the size as soon as possible then you must also do some more efforts such as breast increasing exercises. Recommended exercises are wall press, chest press, swinging arms.

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Wall Press:

This is one of the classic variation of push up, with your upper body trying to make the most of itself. It has all the benefits of a toned usual floor push up with added benefits to your upper body. When you need to work on pressing your breast to increase their cup size, all you have to do is rely on wall press. To begin,

  • Start by stretching your arms to a parallel level from your body as you face a wall straight.
  • Next, push the wall with all your strength focused on your arms and shoulder.

This exercise is equivalent to increase breast size by pressing method.

Chest Press:

This pressing breast exercise helps build a toned upper body structure, thus bringing out the shape of your breasts even better owing to your sleek arms.

  • Sit and line up your chest with the handlebars of the chair you have placed yourself straight into.
  • Keep your back aligned and bring in the handles to your chest area. Allow your elbows to be behind your chest and keep bringing the handles closer as you inhale the air.
  • Hold your breath for 5 seconds, and then slowly exhale as you bring back your elbows to the normal position.

Practice this regularly to see results.

Swinging Arms:

For swinging arms, the exercise is very basic, but it will work best if you decide to combine with frequent breast massages every now and then when you get time. Also, working your way with the help of arm weights is equally great a move and will help in the overall strength management for you, thus bringing your breasts to a better shape and prevent sagging. Swinging arms revitalizes your mind and body, thus allowing your hormones to work without any stress factor.

Combine these exercises with the pressing of your breast occasionally to increase their size, in case massage alone isn’t taking you anywhere. Do remember though, it is a slow process and takes time to increase the size of your body muscles on a whole using just the natural tactics. But, if you are patient enough, the massage and pressing of your breasts to increase the cup size will work like a charm.

Breast Pressing Side Effects:

There are usually no side effects related to pressing the breasts. They usually only ensure growth. However, what you may experience is some pain while doing so. If in case you experience any, it is at best to stop doing it.

Excessive pressing will or sometimes loosen the muscles thereby making it sag. Be sure to know how to do it, before you attempt to.

Some of the answers to how to increase breast size by pressing is really there. You only need to know how to press breast to achieve the right results. These exercises are intended to be performed daily and have to be followed rigorously. They may sure take some time. But with time will come the desired results. Massaging your breasts on a regular basis would also help your body to stimulate the increased production of prolactin. This is a breast enlarging hormone that would be the most important instrument in increasing the breast size.

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