How to Kiss a Boy on the Lips

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Kissing a boy in itself is all about knowing his interest, anxiety and mood. Kissing is more tempting when it has to be planted on the lips to reach out his heart. You should therefore know when to kiss and how to kiss. Here are some simple steps which you can follow for your partner while preparing for the kiss!

Be Alone:

The first move is to go to a place where only both of you can set the mood right. It may not be possible when you are amongst friends so go to a lonely and silent place which would be appealing to take the move and also provide comfort and confidence.

How to Kiss a Boy on the Lips

Even if you are in a crowd try simple tricks to move him away:

a. Put your hand in his and stare at him.
b. Pull him away softly to indicate your intention to move out of the crowd

The moment has to be intimate and special only for you both, and he should feel this.

Look Good and Make the Mood:

Once you are out you need to try to build up the mood. Since you can’t plan what moment you may kiss him, ensure that you are prepared to set the mood. Always dress well and look pretty so that you are comfortable. If you are comfortable, then you are more confident. Whatever you talk to him at this moment, will make him come close to you.

Smell Good:

Since you don’t know when will the moment be so ensure you smell good and also have fresh breath. Just keep some mints handy. You could even carry your favourite talc or your favourite perfume. Once you smell good, it will make him want to come near you.

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Talk About Him:

Try and make him feel important and that you love his company and you would want to enjoy with him. You can make him feel that you would want to make good moments with him. This will give him a hint that you like him and probably are ready to take a step forward. While doing so, you may hold his hand lightly. If he responses by holding it tight, you can surely take your next move.

Flirt a Little and Break the Jitters:

Try and lean a bit towards him while you still have your hand in his and your eyes blocked on him. It’s time to break the jitters so since you have already held his hand, you may now wrap your hands around his shoulders and then try for a hug. If he equally hugs you back and does not let you go, means he is liking it. You can even be spontaneous and plant a kiss on the cheek to start off.

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Eye Contact:

You need to now look at his eyes while slowly whispering in his ears to create that thrill. This is a clear signal that you intend to kiss him! If he also holds you still, keep moving.

Kiss Softly:

Be gentle and soft by kissing his upper or lower lip and stay there for few seconds till it burns into a fire. Repeat the softness till it grows into a passion. You may then kiss each other passionately. Use your hands to hold him from his waist. He will surely hold your waist too.

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A Nice Touch:

While ending the kiss it should be done with gentle care especially if it was your first time. You may hold him and plant a kiss on his forehead to show the caring gesture. This is sure to end on a positive note.

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