How to Kiss – A Complete Guide

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An act of showing love and universally accepted is the kiss. Everyone at some point and from someone close has been kissed, gently and soft, passionately or raw and maybe through affection too.

Kisses needn’t be only on the face, the hands or the neck, you can get adventurous and depending on the closeness and relationship with the recipient, one can plant a kiss anytime and on any part of their body. Now before you start blushing and feeling all “stop it you” and pink everywhere on the face, hold your horses and let’s read on together to know more about the KISS.

Tips on How to Kiss

Tips on How to Kiss:

We aren’t going to talk about this section in detail, because we know how to kiss. To add more spice into this, we would want to encourage you to check more and learn from reputed online blogs and forums too. Who knows, reading more about the various types, you’d send us a write up too on the varied kisses mentioned below, so let’s keep this discussion of interests an open one, shall we?

  • The right time to kiss should be when you are with him or her alone.
  • Clean breath at all times, you don’t want a fainting scene in the first few seconds
  • Let the lips do the initiation, and start with a peck on the lips not the whole mouth
  • Contrary to the popular belief, the tongue isn’t the showstopper
  • Yes, the hands need to be in action too
  • Please breathe when you kiss, or die kissing
  • Laugh and giggle now and then, they love it
  • Let it flow naturally
  • Look into each others eyes
  • The end will come when it has to, don’t abruptly end

Meanings of Every Kiss and Different Types:

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How To Kiss(Boy / Girl):

Phew, that was a whole load of kisses mentioned there. Now you have to do your homework to learn more about them, while we further talk on how to kiss a boy or a man, a girl or a woman, or simply how to kiss someone you love.

I kissed a Girl and I Liked it ye!!…….

Remember the lyrics mentioned above by a famous pop singer? Well now’s your chance to sing this in your head, and here are a few steps on how to go ahead and plant that charming kiss on her lips.

Boys and men should know that just because a kiss is an appetizer to many things ahead, it doesn’t mean that the girl wants to hit the sack anytime soon. Hence, be a man and a charming chivalrous one when you plant a kiss your style on her. You need to be someone who she cannot resist, but that doesn’t mean you would ignore the NO from her end too. Before planting the act of a kiss, always remember to respect a woman’s wishes. This would lead to a bigger picture of the two making then best of many more moments to come, get the drift.

The Transitioning of The Kiss:

Most men find it tough to transit from the steps of a simple kiss to the romantic kiss, which leads to physical intimacy. Yes, for most boys and men or the boys to men syndrome affected males, it is a tough one. However, when you learn the art well and over time, you would be able to master it all, so here’s your chance boys, and men!!

The First Time it’s Tough:

Yes, we know and realise for you boys and men, the first kiss is not an easy one to plant. Maybe the two of you have had the best tete-a- tete moments, and possibly a great vibe happening too. There is something in the air which the two of you breathe and dwell in, the bells are ringing and the interests or fond for each other only growing, you want it and she too, it’s a kiss that’s the first step to start with.

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