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An act of showing love and universally accepted is the kiss. Everyone at some point and from someone close has been kissed, gently and soft, passionately or raw and maybe through affection too.

Kisses needn’t be only on the face, the hands or the neck, you can get adventurous and depending on the closeness and relationship with the recipient, one can plant a kiss anytime and on any part of their body. Now before you start blushing and feeling all “stop it you” and pink everywhere on the face, hold your horses and let’s read on together to know more about the KISS.

Tips on How to Kiss

Tips on How to Kiss:

We aren’t going to talk about this section in detail, because we know how to kiss. To add more spice into this, we would want to encourage you to check more and learn from reputed online blogs and forums too. Who knows, reading more about the various types, you’d send us a write up too on the varied kisses mentioned below, so let’s keep this discussion of interests an open one, shall we?

  • The right time to kiss should be when you are with him or her alone.
  • Clean breath at all times, you don’t want a fainting scene in the first few seconds
  • Let the lips do the initiation, and start with a peck on the lips not the whole mouth
  • Contrary to the popular belief, the tongue isn’t the showstopper
  • Yes, the hands need to be in action too
  • Please breathe when you kiss, or die kissing
  • Laugh and giggle now and then, they love it
  • Let it flow naturally
  • Look into each others eyes
  • The end will come when it has to, don’t abruptly end

Meanings of Every Kiss and Different Types:

Read More: 50 Different Types of Kisses and Their Meanings

How To Kiss(Boy / Girl):

Phew, that was a whole load of kisses mentioned there. Now you have to do your homework to learn more about them, while we further talk on how to kiss a boy or a man, a girl or a woman, or simply how to kiss someone you love.

I kissed a Girl and I Liked it ye!!…….

Remember the lyrics mentioned above by a famous pop singer? Well now’s your chance to sing this in your head, and here are a few steps on how to go ahead and plant that charming kiss on her lips.

Boys and men should know that just because a kiss is an appetizer to many things ahead, it doesn’t mean that the girl wants to hit the sack anytime soon. Hence, be a man and a charming chivalrous one when you plant a kiss your style on her. You need to be someone who she cannot resist, but that doesn’t mean you would ignore the NO from her end too. Before planting the act of a kiss, always remember to respect a woman’s wishes. This would lead to a bigger picture of the two making then best of many more moments to come, get the drift.

The Transitioning of The Kiss:

Most men find it tough to transit from the steps of a simple kiss to the romantic kiss, which leads to physical intimacy. Yes, for most boys and men or the boys to men syndrome affected males, it is a tough one. However, when you learn the art well and over time, you would be able to master it all, so here’s your chance boys, and men!!

The First Time it’s Tough:

Yes, we know and realise for you boys and men, the first kiss is not an easy one to plant. Maybe the two of you have had the best tete-a- tete moments, and possibly a great vibe happening too. There is something in the air which the two of you breathe and dwell in, the bells are ringing and the interests or fond for each other only growing, you want it and she too, it’s a kiss that’s the first step to start with.

So How do you Get Started?

It has to be perfect and not one which would make you both feel unnatural, weird or even awkward at the same time. Honestly, there is a little effort you need to put it, which would make her feel special at the end of the kiss. It “won’t just happen” honey, it just does not, no matter how much you think it would.

You need to make the moment of passion happen, and take charge too. Never would it be the girl who would take charge, not in the first stages at all. She would wait and when given an experience, with consent enjoy it. Now the ball is in you court to make the experience magical and passionate.  This is the moment of truth, where you would have to make things happen and at the drop of a heartbeat that too. She could play the critic and judge you on your performance, but that doesn’t mean you have to be nervous, just go with the flow, especially if the two are doing it for the first time.

In real life, women judge and men perform, but there are a lot of ways to be perfect. You need to work on the performance, and that’s how you would get the most desirable woman in your life, playing a role passive to the active role you give out. So what you need to work on is the transition of a touch to a kiss, and the kiss. When you get these two right, she is all yours for life!

The Transition:

This is a toughie and should be romantic, spontaneous and sexual at the same time. The three steps is what she wants and you’d have to work hard on fulfilling them well.

In the romantic transitioning, you could have a place and time with the right ambience, and some nice music to set the mood.  Here the kiss would be romantic, ling and your hands would keep the back of her back protected, making her feel like a princess and the moment magical. At all times while you court her, you should do this. This is least favourite amongst men but the most romantic for women. It’s more than just boyfriend-girlfriend, this is a message you send to her that you’d fight nail and tooth to be with her. Once this is done, she’d expect more of the romance to set in, so be ready with that.

The romantic transitioning kiss can be done anywhere, where proximity allows for the same. Sometimes you may have to walk up to her and kiss, or maybe lean your body half way to plant one, if you feel it’s natural to do so, go right ahead and plant her a surprise. Ever wondered what type of romance is involved between couples at movies, its the romantic transitioning honey.

You may also do the transitioning at secluded spots, a deserted place or maybe the terrace where no one would disturb. Men also love bringing their girls back to their bachelors pad or the spinsters lobby, where they plant the transitioning kiss too. Maybe closeness on the sofa, on the bed, with both foreheads touching romantically, eye to eye connect and zap, the KISS begins.

There would be total silence, only the breath would be heard, and words would stop. The eyes could be open or closed, but the breath and the tongue would speak in unconscious ways. Even when you lean and plant a kiss on her, there would be a little tension but that’s okay. This becomes spontaneous and sexual at the same time. Just ensure that she is close enough and comfortable at such a surprise, or you may lose out on being with her for good.

Be Spontaneous:

The next part is to be spontaneous and that’s what most women love. However, keep in mind her emotional needs at the moment. If the two of you have transitioned from step one to this, it’s safe to be spontaneous, as and when you both want too. There could also be mood shifts in the spontaneity shown by her, because women love being different. As a man, you would have to learn how to read into those emotions planting a spontaneous kiss and controlling the act too. It takes time but don’t give up.

For a spontaneous kiss, you don’t need to be physically close, silence, touch, tension, eye contact etc, it is just on the spot and without a warning. This is provided she and you are in a courtship of sorts and are comfortable enough with one another. Remember, with this type, you need to be flexible and romantic. You have also got to know your girl, before you can go ahead with it. So how do you get spontaneous? Simple! Imagine her walking down the road or maybe talking to someone you don’t want her to, the act should be that of possessiveness and the hands also would do the talking. You go up to her, hold her hand and bring her closer to your lips, zap, plant the kiss.

The Sexual Kiss:

This type has a lot of fun involved and the woman wants it more. Such a kiss makes things very sexual and would lead to the bedroom in all cases. As a man, you are very intimate and close to her on a physical and mental level, and seduction here is at it’s peak where your lips would do all the talking.

The sexual transition is when the physical escalation is one notch or more, higher than what we have discussed already. Here a man kisses her so well, where the woman is mighty turned on and the fire is so ravenous where she wants more than just a touch and kiss. This is where as a man you watch her giving in to you, right from the kiss to something more.

In the sexual transitioning of the kiss, one needs to be close in proximity, have strong intimate and physical touching, and build in plenty on the sexual tension too. A little raw action, soft manhandling and more is what she wants and desires at this stage, so you would have to give it to her on an advanced level.

He Loves The way i Kiss Him:

Don’t we girls just love it when our men brag about how well we kissed them this morning, noon, evening or night? Yes we do, and that’s why learning to art of making things right, especially the kiss is so important.

Girls and women, this is what we want you to remember, and remember it well so etch it in your heads. Men are warriors by nature and kids at heart, what captures their fancy is what they want to have at all times, so if you can seduce his mind, body and soul with that kiss, you have your man in your clutches for life.

We would now like to teach you more on how to kiss him with intense passion and devotion. Remember, you are the Goddess he needs to worship, and for that, your offerings should be one of a kind. Our nine tried and tested tips would make him go crazy, and believe us it would. He would think of the next moment available, when he relishes those candy lips that can do more of the talking, much more than words or other actions that define romance.

So get ready girls, for we have secrets to share on how to make him fall for you and to get him as a puppy in no time, with the power of your KISS!!

Improving Your Kissing Style:

1. Preparation:

Before we tell you more about how to kiss him, let’s get prepped. No, we aren’t asking you to read manuals and ancient manuscripts, geez! What we want you is to be sure that you are the most kissable, or else everything would go down in vain. So get the following;

  • Nice lip gloss or balm
  • Keep the lips moist and soft
  • Nice lip colour lipstick
  • Smell nice
  • Smile
  • Tease
  • Be shy
  • Be coy
  • Be natural
  • Be you

2. Take the Initiative:

Most women these days love taking the bull by the horns, so why not you when it comes to kissing? If you want to be direct and ask him for a peck and more, go right ahead. Lunge him a little, tease him and watch if it works. If this doesn’t work, blush and keep blushing till it does. The latter would be a subtle way to tell him what you want, and if he is smart enough to get it right, you win the kiss.

Now while you talk to him, don’t look much into his eyes, but look at his lips. This would be by throwing a glance, now and then onto his lips while he talks to you, a few seconds and not more. In the beginning he may not seem to notice, but when he does, he would know what’s on your mind.

In addition to this, slow down your rate of speech, and remember, whole doing so, lean slowly towards him. This would surely hit the nail on the head, and he should now know what’s on your mind. The moment his keenness arises, he will copy your moves. His leaning in would also show you that he is reciprocating the same, his rate of speech too would slow down to match yours and he would look at your lips too. When you notice this, means he too wants the kiss as much as you.

3. Be Slow and Soft:

Now that he is leaning towards you and wants to kiss, or you doing that for him, don’t be a fool to rush in. Start tender and slow, let the gentle movement of the lips do the talking, and be as soft as you can. You need to get your lips and his, massaging one another. Men love it when women bite their lower lips a little in the beginning, and then suck on the top lip in the advanced mode.

4. Squeeze Darling Squeeze:

While the massage of lips happens, and this would for a while, you now shouldn’t be stationery in the movements, so make a change of directions too. From slow and soft, tender and nice, show him how aggressive you could be, but start on the aggression slowly. Now use the squeeze of lips rather than the plain old massaging of lips. The aim is to make him feel romantic, so don’t crush his lips and don’t try too hard to make an impression in doing so. The force should be semi medium to say, and enough to bring in plenty of passion and romance for the moment too.

5. Nibble him well:

It’s not only the woman who loves being nibbled, men too love the act. The lips especially of a man is very sensitive and when nibbled well, he would go crazy for you in the first few seconds of the act.  Your lips would kiss him well by now, but don’t make him miss the most important action of the lips, the nibble. The sensations thus created would be over the top and mind blowing. While doing the nibbling, a very soft bite with passion now and then is okay, look into his eyes and let the tease begin, but don’t use too much of your teeth and don’t bite hard.

When we say to use your teeth, we mean no biting at all. Your aim is to have his emotions, passion and his romantic soul in you through the conversation of breath, not his lip meat. When you use too much of the teeth, he would be intimidated with your straightforwardness and that’s when he would want to stop, and never come back for round two.

The teeth therefore can be softly used for a nibble and teasing bite, not more and not hard!!

6. Turn and Tilt:

As mentioned, a change of directions now and then would do good for the two of you. We women get so involved in making the moment right that we forget that focussing just on one part of his face wouldn’t do justice. This is because you cannot be head on with a kiss on him, hence get the head tilted and focus on one side of the man’s face, one at a time that is. In doing so, you would be very comfy with him, and the two of you with loads of comfort and passion involved would be able to enjoy the act more. However, focus on one side at a time, and give enough time with tilting and turning on both sides. The head position should change now and then, and you both would then enjoy the kiss.

7. He Kissing you:

As a woman initiating the kiss, it doesn’t mean that you have to do all the work darling. Don’t fall into such a trap, because it has to be a fifty – fifty way through the act. Unless you want to show dominance in the act from the beginning to the end, don’t make the act a one way route. If he wants to kiss you, allow him to take charge, and subtly take over, giving him a teasing chance now and then to be the MAN.

8. His Lips and More:

The focus of a kiss is more than just his lips, and when you figure that out, you’d be better at making him your puppy. When you miss out on kissing the other erotic zones on his face and neck, the act would be boring. There are places on him other than his lips and neck which he wants some attention to. He needs pleasure and so do you, hence don’t make it a tiring chore for you both. Use his cheeks, neck, the earlobes, the forehead and more. Suck them, massage them, nibble them and go ahead giving him a whale of a kiss time too.

9. Practice Makes it Better:

Perfection is a myth, so practice to be better. Look online and learn more ideas, tips and techniques. We too have mentioned a great deal of tips at the beginning of this article on how to kiss your lover well. There are tactics which your friends can teach you too. However, be realistic and not forceful. Enjoy the moment and dwell in the romantic sentiments while the act is on. You don’t need to be a master or a princess at the art of kissing, you just need to do it well, as and when you can.  In the beginning it could be awkward and unnatural, maybe you or he didn’t expect certain things, it is okay!! Don’t dwell on what you couldn’t have more, instead cherish the act as it was and find ways on your own to be innovative and creative. Who knows, the next best kiss would be named after you for the world to follow.

10. Make it Sexual:

A little dirty talking makes the man a beast, and believe us when we say men love it when their female partners talk dirty. It turns them on more and gives them more sensations when the act has to be done with nasty talk. You have to know what he likes to be spoken off, maybe a little dirty talk is what he needs. The mind of a man has many chambers, and when it comes to seducing him with dirty talk, you can be as bashful as you want, while kissing him. Watch his expressions, especially his lips and eyes as you talk dirty. He would want to grab you hard and kiss you more, and while he does that, you can grab his hands and make them wander over the erogenous zones that you want attention on.

Men as we say are kids at heart, when you guide them the right way they would learn. Having that said, they also are so called warriors who want to conquer, and they love challenges. One of the most important challenges is to make a woman talk dirty, but if we women take the initiative and do that for them, the men would be slaves to our kisses.

The Kiss Does The Trick:

Be a serpent when you indulge in kissing her or him, and it goes for both sexes and across all orientations too. For long it has been noticed that the kiss more than any other sexual act can make or break the beginning of a relationship. If you are in a rocky relationship, and you feel there is no way out to reconcile, compassion and affection can come back with a kiss. This has been proved over centuries, so why not try. No wonder they say KISS AND MAKE UP, seems legit!

The kiss is an act which expresses a whole plethora of emotions. Right from compassion to love, adoration to affection, sensuality to sexuality too, it does it all. This is one of the best ways to make the next know your feelings, and you don’t have to utter a word as well in doing so. When in a relationship, the kiss does most of the talking.

Numerous passionate romances of the whirlwind kinds have begun with a kiss. Such kisses have made the relationship strong and smooth too, with abundant love making sessions to follow.

This is an act which most men and women agree as the most romantic and erotic. Every one across the globe agrees on the same, and they say the right kiss when planted is like a romantic time bomb that explodes. It is the first steps towards sex and romance, a passionate planting of lip to lip makes all the difference. The right kiss would also make the relationship stronger and emotionally the best too. Check with the lovers and married couples around, they would agree with the same!!

It is the Secret to Being Happy:

Most men would feel that their concern, care and love for their mate would be enough, but actually women want more and that’s why there are so many failed relationships and marriages. Counsellors and experts too think of the same when guiding troubled relationships. When a man respects a woman’s needs and feelings, she would reciprocate with the same. The reciprocation will come through good amounts of love, passionate kisses, romance and more, which makes the two build on a lovely romantic endeavour for life.

From a woman’s point of view, a kiss would be as good as a strong commitment made and given. When she is kissed, the woman would feel the promise time and again, which her man would commit to her or has committed.

Case Study:

A husband says his wife and he have been married for more than a decade, and says that his wife is still not happy with the way he kisses her. What she demands from him is passionate kissing at all times, almost every single day. When the two of them make love, he says she isn’t happy because the turning on factor or the X FACTOR she looks for from him isn’t given. He feels he cannot give in more, not more than what he can give especially when he kisses her. The husband also feels that the act of kissing now has become more of a chore and routine to his needs than what it used to be. He doesn’t disagree that kissing is an important act and he loves his wife immensely, however, he feels that her demands are more than what he can provide her with, and this is what is making their marriage rocky. The man here feels the act of kissing is tedious, and he feels awful for putting it that way, selfish so as to seem he feels bored kissing her on the whole? So what does he do?

Our Thoughts:

For a long time now and across various cultures across the globe, the act of kissing has been the base for all romantic and sexual relationships, and across time. As mentioned before, the act of kissing is an expression which is fundamental and a base to express. Their is a lot of desire and adoration involved, plenty of passion and romance for both as well. Having said that, not all are the same when it comes to the act of kissing, some like it more and some like it less.

In this case, the man and his wife aren’t unusual subjects, in the sense they both have varied thoughts, notions, demands etc on the act of kissing and how it should be done or delivered. The act of smooching to kissing one another would thus be different doer one another, and it is a fact that women love kissing more than what men do.

Studies and research across the globe has shown that kissing as an act for women, is much more on priority than the vice-versa. Most women date men who are good kissers and thereby decide who they should keep in their life too. It is actually on the basis of a kiss that most women look for their mates, potential lovers and husbands in the long run as well. Snogging doesn’t matter to the men folk as much as it does for the women. Yes, both genders agree that kissing makes a relationship better and stronger, it blossoms more sex and romance too, increases intimacy and makes the advances better, but again, there is a difference and it will always be when it comes to the demands of the man and the woman.

Oxytocin is a brain chemical which is released when kissing happen, and this is what is responsible for the bonding of the two, say experts. When the chemical from the brain is released while the act is on for both sexes, women tend to become extra sensitive and hence would want to be rough, raw and want more of it. This is what gives them a high and it’s only natural for them to make more demands of being passionately kissed, which is okay. Passionate kissing tends to make them happy, connected and pleased at the same time.

In the case of the man and his wife here, both of them have to make adjustments and compromises. They both have to understand that to maintain this marriage, they have to balance each others needs with love, and not because they have to do it. A man needs to keep reminding himself on how important it is to have a kiss done well for his wife, because that is what turns her on and makes her happy. The woman would be longing for that passionate kiss, because of the powerful experiences she gains from it. The man has to also remind himself once more that when the woman is kept happy through unconditional passionate love kisses being given, he would derive more sensual and sexual satisfaction from his wife, hence the kisses and the act of it has to be adjusted accordingly.

There would be differences yes, but it has to be understood and respected

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