How To Maintain a Friendship After a Kiss?

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It was just a kiss, so why go all hyper about it? A kiss is just an act of affection, be it a peck on the cheeks or a planted smooch on the lips. The problem with us humans these days is that we read into everything and sometimes too much. For example, let’s say you were at a party last night. There was this tall, dark and very handsome man, dressed in his best and swept you off the floor. The night went fine and a lot of dancing happened. In the midst of it all, the two of you got too close for comfort with one another, and you KISSED. Now before you go OMG, this couldn’t have happened to me, accept it and move on. You don’t have to run away and feel shy, especially if there are no romantic feelings involved. The man was no stranger, he was your friend, and a friend you knew for a long time but maybe met for the first time. And a lot more could happen, but what happened here and with due consent from both ends, was a kiss, an innocent peck, that’s it. Here are the some tips for how to maintain a friendship after a kiss.

How To Maintain a Friendship After a Kiss

You Need to Be Cool:

Why act all nervous and jittery about a kiss? Did the friend make an awkward advance, one that you dint like? If that was the case, as an adult you should have stopped him. Now that the kiss has happened, has your world stopped? No it hasn’t, and neither has it for him as well, so move on, socialize and be happy. And for heaven’s sake, avoiding the friend who kissed you makes no sense. It creates a scene of awkwardness between the two when the next time fate makes you meet. Remember, it didn’t happen just like that, the kiss was something innocent and natural, so be normal and a matured adult that too.

Just because he kissed you and you kissed him back, doesn’t mean that the line of friendship has been crossed. Only you would be able to fathom the intentions with your own intuition. It would be wise to continue being in touch with the person, because a kiss wouldn’t kill or mar your and his reputation. You never know how this one kiss could actually be the path on which a relationship develops. And a relationship where many more passionate kiss would rule the realms of love.

Why Be Worried?

Keep calm it was just a kiss, and there isn’t anything to be worried about. Don’t talk about it if you don’t want to, and when others talk about it, the best thing is to laugh or avoid the conversation altogether. Remember, it was just a kiss and not something which you wouldn’t be able to handle. He hasn’t mentioned the kiss anytime, so why be bothered and why talk about something which makes no sense. This would only create tension and mar the reputation on individual shoulders. Is that what you want? Do you want to lose a friend just because you were kissed by him?

Kisses are innocent, and friends that are true wouldn’t break your trust when kissing you. It is an act of fondness and appreciation, hence look at the kiss in other ways. Put yourself in his shoes, if you felt awkward about it and have spoken to the world about the kiss, imagine how he feels? Don’t play the guilt game, because all is well between the two of you. The kiss has been planted and is now history, go ahead and be friends, for life has plenty of goodness to kiss again.

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