How To Make Almond Milk At Home And Its Benefits

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Almonds are low in carbohydrate and also provide cholesterol balance. If you are really bored with the conventional dairy and have not found any alternative to I or you are scared of trying something new, then all your worries come to an end here. With all the nuts milk in common such as cashew and almond milk, you do have alternative choices. Some people do prefer cashew or almond milk instead of the usual morning tea made with the conventional dairy.

How To Make Almond Milk At Home And Its Benefits

How To Make Almond Milk At Home:

Want almond milk for drinking or as an ingredient in recipes? Why buy from market? Just try the below mentioned methods, and make home made almond milk. So if you are someone who just hates milk and really look to alternatives then this write up is for you. In this article we discuss how to make almond milk at home and what are the benefits of almond milk.

Almond Milk Making Methods:

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Method 1:

  • To start with we need at least 200 grams almonds which is near about one and half cups almond. Almonds should be raw.
  • Now soak the almonds overnight for ten to twelve hours so that they become soft before in use.
  • Once soaked, drain the water and wash almonds well and now peel off the skin. You may alternatively also boil the almonds for thirty to forty five minutes and then peel off than soaking overnight. However, soaking is better option than boiling.
  • Now put the peeled off almonds in a mixer along with nearly 950 milli liters of water.
  • Ensure than the mixer is not full till the rim and after blending the mix will expand. To this you may add few drops of vanilla essence. Now run the blender 3-4 times till the mix becomes a fine paste.
  • Now strain off this pulp as this is important. Else, you will consume both the pulp and the milk.
  • Keep a large bowl or a jug beneath for straining. Strain with a muslin cloth or cheesecloth or a juice strainer of fine sieve.
  • Now strain well with a spoon which is non-metallic.
  • You will see that the pulp remains and the milk is accumulated in the jar below.
  • Now you may want to again repeat the blend part with another three to four cups of water and again blend and strain with a fine strainer and spoon.
  • You may do this process maximum twice as otherwise the milk may also become sour.
  • So now your almond milk is there. Store it in a vessel and refrigerate and you can use it for at least a week. Do cover it.

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Almond Milk Benefits:

  • Use almond milk with adding it to your regular milk or just as it is or by making a shake. Do remember to shake it a little before use as the thick particles will settle down and you may lose on the taste and health both.
  • Now, do you throw away the pulp? No way! Collect the leftover almond pulp is a bowl and refrigerate it. Now you may use this pulp in your dough for making rotis or chapattis. Alternatively you can also roast it or put it in microwave so that it is dehydrated and completely dry.
  • Now you can also run this through a mixture so that you get your ready home-made almond flour! You can use this to make almond milk recipes like cookies, cakes or breads and also make your food gluten free.
  • Almond milk can also be used to make healthy smoothies, shakes, custard, halwa (like gajarkahalwa!!), kheer etc.So for children who are allergic to lactose you may use almond milk as an alternative and healthy drink and you bet they will be hooked to it.
  • Almond milk is lactose free and it is a good alternative for the lactose intolerant.

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Method 2:

There is another method which can be used to make almond milk. You need to gather the following ingredients.

1. 1 cup almonds.
2. 3 cups of water.
3. ½ teaspoon of vanilla extract or vanilla essence.
4. Coconut milk or dry coconut.
5. A sharp knife.
6. A clean cutting board.

  • First wash the almonds, and chop them finally on a chopping board.
  • Mix the chopped almonds with the water in a blender and blend it for about 2-3 minutes.
  • Place this mixture for a whole day in the refrigerator.
  • Remember to take it out a few times to shake it and keep it back.
  • After a day the almond milk is ready to be used. Pour it in a jar and keep it refrigerated.
  • The milk stays without going sour for about 5-6 days.

You can use this mixture of almond milk in various ways as described below.

  • Use it as it is by pouring over cereals and have a delightful breakfast.
  • Sweeten and flavor it with vanilla extract and coconut milk and sieve it through a muslin cloth or cheese cloth.
  • You can also buy a nut milk strainer available in market. You can have it in place of normal milk.
  • Make an even more nutritious and tastier almond milk smoothie by adding a few pitted dates and churning it into a mixer. Dates will naturally sweeten the milk and increase its nutritional value.
  • For richer and creamier almond milk, add coconut oil, olive oil or almond butter.
  • You can make various kinds of shakes for children. Just add chocolate, strawberries or pineapples and churn it in a mixer.
  • The milk can also be used in cooking. We can make sweets and other savories using it. It can be used in curries, stews and other baked goods, instead of normal milk.
  • To make a home-made anti-inflammatory sleep tonic, just add some turmeric to it and drink it. It relieves pain and assures a good night sleep.
  • Make green almond milk, by mixing the unsweetened milk with a juice of pureed and strained spinach, cucumber and celery. This mix is a fabulous alkaline tonic.

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The milk made with the first method can be stored for about two days in the refrigerator; whereas the second method increases its longevity to about five days. But the first method is the best, as it assures the usage of almonds in best way.

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We can always buy packaged almond milk available in market. But homemade almond milk is not only pure, healthier, and tastier but also economical. Once you have the recipe and time in your hand, it is very easy and fun to make your own almond milk and use it as and when required. It does not contain any additives and preservatives which usually alters the beneficial values of the packaged goods. By making almond milk at home you can make sure that all the nutritional values are packed in the milk that you consume.

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