How to Make Aloe Vera Juice

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Since ancient times people has found their cure to all in plants. People have put their faith in plants and have trusted them blindly. These plants in return have faithfully served and have been serving people till now. One such plant is the aloe vera which is your homely backyard plant but is a gem when it comes to miracle remedies.

How to Make Aloe Vera Juice

What is Aloe-Vera?

To begin with, the very first definition of aloe vera would be a plant variety of the cactus family with awesome adaptability abilities. It was originally an African-climate based plant which due to its adaptation methods can now thrive even in the polar conditions. Closely related to plants like cactus, onion or asparagus these plants contain fleshy leaves which forms the main stem. Even though small and compact in size, this plant is known worldwide for its magical remedial ability. After all, all good things come in small packages.

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What is There in It?

Like every other plant aloe vera has its own range of functional elements that facilitate the healing process. When it comes to vitamins, it contains vitamin A,B,C and E and then there are elements like sodium, magnesium, potassium, calcium, zing, manganese and many more.

What is Aloe Vera Juice?

From the name it is pretty clear how aloe vera when turned into a liquid form is called aloe vera juice.

How to obtain it?

Aloe vera is a homely plant and can be grown anywhere and everywhere. With its special adaptability, it is a boon, the icing on the cake. The entire plant consists of the leaves which are the most important part of the plant. This leaves can be easily cut from its roots and used without any hassle. So the very first step to an aloe vera juice making procedure is:

To cut the leaves. The leaf or the leaves which are singular fleshy in body can be segregated from the plant with a help of a razor or knife.

Once the leaves are separated a clear transparent sap starts oozing out. This needs to be collected at once since this is core ingredient on this plant. The “miracle healer sap”. Although the main ingredient, this sap however is just the liquid seeping out of the plant with the more solidified fleshy part still enclosed within the leaves.

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Once the leaves are taken out, the smooth green layer from the top is slowly peeled off with the help of a sharp knife. That is the starting of it.

Beneath the rind, is yet another layer yellow in color which needs to be removed as well. this may be a little hard to peel so a solution of 1 table spoon of vinegar and a cup of clear water can be put together in a solution and then the top layer needs a good rinse before the yellow peel comes off.

Now when you’re rid of the green and yellow outer covers, only the clean transparent gelatinous aloe-vera gel is remained with. This is what forms the base to out juice.

This can be continued with every other leaf until we reach a satisfied amount of clear aloe vera gel. Once this is ready, a mixer blender is brought and the gel contents are emptied inside. For the taste buds, a little creativity can be applied so ant citrus fruit such as orange, grapes or grapefruits are added onto the blender and the start button is pushed. If this is not desirable, a simple cup of water would suffice.

As the blender starts blending in the ingredients, the gel now mixed in with the fruit becomes a liquefied or thick paste consistency. Until the desired consistency arrives, the blender needs to go on and on.

Finally when it is melted down to liquids, it can be poured in to a glass.

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Some Usefulness:

  •  Weight loss could never be easier than this. Aloe vera juice is very effective in losing weight.
  •  Being rich in magnesium lactate, this juice is also helpful in curing sinuses.
  •  It also clears out the digestive problems.
  •  This juice gets rid of wrinkles and dark spots and pushes back premature ageing.
  •  This is also an effective solution for all the people who are suffering from acne.
  •  When produced in excess aloe vera juice can be preserved and kept for later use.

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