How To Measure Bra Size

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A woman’s everyday friend and a sound assistance in her flaunting of her sensual curves, a feel good factor on a boring office day or a special surprise for the other half on the special day, a bra can come in different colors, ranges, sizes, types, occasions and moods. But to every bra there is always a size issue that many women always falter with.

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The incorrect size of your intimate apparel forever is a storm inside your closet where some bras fit just fine and the other days you wish you knew why the strap is always cutting into your shoulder pads. Next and foremost, even though size is a given thing, it is the cup size that for many others is a botheration where the perfect size bra still doesn’t feel quite much closer to the soul.

This is why in this article we shall talk about how to measure bra size so that you can perfectly flaunt your curves without having to go through the prior hassles.

How To Measure Bra Size?

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Wearing a comforter shouldn’t make you so uncomfortable. A bra is a friendly assistance for the physical necessity and it should be as easy as a walk in the park during a breezy summer evening. This is why before we start indulging on the favorite kinds let’s take a look at the measuring steps to a proper bra size.

Prior to staring, just know technology these days allows you to determine your bra size along with the cups through a simple online bra size calculator. Many sites such as the esteemed Victoria’s secret or even the online lingerie destination, Zivame offers you this benefit. But then again, before we choose the sneaky path, the still need a correct about number for your size.

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  • To start off with the process, we would need a proper measuring tape, the flexible ones and a non padded fitted bra. Ruffle through your closet and look for the bra you feel is closest to your perfect fit. A slight cup on the bra will do no harm.
  • Now take the measuring tape while standing in front of a mirror and bring it all way from under your pits and through your back to the front where the end corners should meet. The measuring tape line should be just above the strap attachment to your cup which would give you the upper band size.
  • Now we move to the under band which is just underneath your curve, the diaphragm area if we may. Taking the same plunge, use the tape from your back and under your arms and make them meet on the under band.
  • Each time you will get a separate number which you can now note down and then enroll in the size calculator which would give you your perfect size.
  • Now for the cups of your bra, try by loosely taking the entire bust area. Once again make the tape go through your back and joint them in the front. Make sure the tape is right across the peak of the bust taking in the full width. Now to calculate the cup size use some simple math and derive the number. If suppose your upper band was 38 in inch and the lower was 36, all you need to do is deduct the two bands and the remaining number becomes the cup size in the alphabetical order. So right now with 38 and 36, the difference will be 2 and the cup size will be B.

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Points To Remember:

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  • It is always preferable that you ask assistance from a separate person to read the numbers since you bending down and reading them might change the coordinates.
  • If we get an odd number, the right thing to do it round it up to the next even number.
  • Cup sizes and even bra sizes change according to the patterns, kinds and types. So every bra type may not yield the same result.
  • You have a chance of changing physically every now and then so a fitted bra last year may not be a favorite for this year and the same goes on. Keep on checking your size whenever you feel uncomfortable.

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I hope the above article will help you to how to measure bra size. Read This article thoroughly to find your correct bra size.

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