How to Reduce Tummy After Delivery

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The worst tummy fat is frustrating to everyone. This is stubborn to loose and is gained very easily.  Thus, today in these articles we are discussing few points about how to reduce tummy after delivery.  New mums are very much concerned about this topic, as the stomach fat is increased during the pregnancy.

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Excess weight on the tummy can be due to various reasons like sitting for more time, bad diet or health issue. But, during the pregnancy mums tend to gain more weight just around tummy that is also very hard to shift.

Some Interesting Facts about Stomach Fat:

  •  There are of 2 types visceral and subcutaneous.
  •  Visceral fat   lies just around the internal organs that can’t be seen, but can be very dangerous.
  •  Subcutaneous fat lies underneath surface of your skin that can be seen.  Visceral fat can make the stomach look bigger.
  •  Subcutaneous fat tend to make you very self-conscious about bad figure.

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Reasons for Stomach Fat:

1. Hormones:

Hormones often lead to stomach fat gain. estrogen is a female hormone that leads to weight gain during pregnancy. The estrogen levels during this time is reduced that stores fat all around the tummy and even thighs. This is a preparation process for breastfeeding.

2. Pregnancy:

Pregnancy leads to fat gain near tummy. The reason is to stretch the skin for new baby and also to provide cushion for the baby’s protection.

3. Genetics:

Genetics can also be a reason for a bigger tummy.

4. Stress:

This leads to weight gain, as when you get chronically stressed the body makes huge amount of cortisol that can combat stress. High cortisol can also cause the body to store any fat to stomach.

5. Bad Diet:

Having bad diet causes tummy fat gain – especially when you consume more processed foods and junk foods.

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How to Reduce Tummy After Delivery:

1.  Breast Feed:

It is often said that breastfeeding is useful method to help in losing weight after the pregnancy. Breastfeeding helps the uterus to get back to the normal size that helps the tummy look smaller.

2. Good and Balanced Diet:

You have to eat right foods when you want to lose some weight, especially the stomach fat. All Processed foods or junk foods leads to fat gain around the stomach. These foods are also bad for your health in many ways. You will surely lose stomach fat after you get just the right balanced diet.  Include loads of complex carbs, vegetables, wholegrain, fruits and lean protein. They help you get many nutrients and keep your healthy and happy by losing tummy fat.

3. Consume Less Alcohol:

Consume more amount of alcohol, or carbonated drinks leads to gain in stomach fat. While you consume reduces or shifting stomach fat after delivery becomes really difficult. All sugary beverages and even alcoholic drinks like can cause harm to your liver and cause difficulty in building muscle mass.  Muscle mass is can help your lose fat.

4. Exercise:

Many of us think that you only need to do exercise of the body part that needs fat reduction. But, that’s not the truth! T is essential that you do exercise for all the areas of body. Doing just for some can be harmful and make you be unbalanced. Do Exercise for the whole body after your delivery to lose some fat from all over the body with tummy.

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5. Stay Motivated:

Bring Motivation is the best way to lose tummy weight. You can have stubborn stomach fat after your delivery, but you have to be motivated.  Or else this can be a very tough task to maintain the weight loss regime, as  new mum also have to take care of their baby where large amount of energy is lost.

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