20 Best Home Remedies To Reduce White Hair Treatment

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Home Remedies To Reduce White Hair

The growth of white hair due to age is pretty natural. But the tendency to grow white hair while you are still in your teenage years means that your body is not functioning properly. There are several causes for this. To name some, we can speak of stress, serious diseases such as thyroid, excessive amounts of deep fried and spicy food, lack of Vitamin B and C in your diet or even adding items to your diet that are essentially acidic. As we all know, hair decline is caused because of the molecules that separate from each other but that doesn’t mean that your hair has come to an end.

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You can definitely take certain positive steps in order to get out of this dilemma. The article here will give you the basic idea and understanding and also provide all the home made tips, general tips and suggestions you need in order to get yourself out of this white hair condition. So follow below home remedies for white hair treatment very carefully.

Best Home Remedies For How to Get Rid Of  White Hair:

1. Dye Your Hair:

To reduce white hair, the first thing you will need to do is dye it. Buy a good quality dying product from the market and dye your hair. You can use a variety of colors but it is best to use black since it looks natural and simple. Make sure the product you buy doesn’t have any ammonia. This will cause great damage to your hair in the long run.

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2. Drink A Lot of  Water :

If your endocrine system doesn’t function properly, there are great chances that the results will start showing on your hair. Therefore to allow the system to function properly, you must drink twelve to fourteen glasses of water every day. This will prevent the coming of white hair and promote better stimulation of hair within a few weeks time. However, you will have to eat better and use effective hair packs as well to get the best results.

3. Adopt A Healthy Lifestyle To Get Rid Of  White Hair :

Home Remedies To Reduce White Hair Treatment-Healthy Diet

You will have to adopt a healthy lifestyle to bid farewell to your white hair problems. By this we mean eating healthier meals. Add fruits, green leafy vegetables, nuts, milk, eggs and meat in order to get yourself gorgeous and black hair again. Reduce the intake of salt and sodium as excess of these elements always lead to hair fall. Having some walnuts and cashew nuts shall also be beneficial. You can also exercise thirty times a day to get healthier hair.

4. Coconut And Curry Leaves :

The combination of coconut and curry leaves shall be absolutely perfect for hair strengthening and also to retain its colour and beauty. All you need to do is take some coconut and mix it with curry leaves. After that, you have to apply it on every section of your hair. Massage it on your hair for the next fifteen to twenty minutes. Proper application shall reduce dandruff, hair loss and help in the thickening of hair. Do this twice a week to see results.

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5. Amla Pack :

Another great pack you can use for blackening the hair is amla pack. Take some amla powder and add curd and lemon juice to it. Mix it well and apply from the scalp to the tips. Let it stay for the next forty to forty five minutes. Wash it off with lukewarm water. To get great results, you need to use this pack every two days. It will limit grey hair and bring drastic changes only within a period of 90 days. So use this, be patient and watch your hair transform.

6. Almond And Amla :

Boil a mixture of almond and amla oil. After it has come to room temperature, massage it on your scalp for the next fifteen minutes. Now your hair has to stay still for the next twenty minutes. Now rinse with water and then wash off with a good herbal shampoo. This pack has been tried and tested several times and is quite effective and beneficial for those who would like to get rid of grey and white hair.

7. Buttermilk :

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Prepare a fresh and natural juice of curry leaves. Now add some buttermilk to it. Boil it mildly. After that you may apply this mixture all over your scalp. Let it stay on your hair for the next 30 minutes. Wash off with lukewarm water. This remedy is quite effective and has been used mostly in the villages of Kerala for reducing white hair. People of all ages have used it and have appreciated it as well.

8. Sesame Oil And Carrot Juice:

In South India, sesame oil and carrot juice along with methi seed powder is left for drying under the sun. After around 21 days, the mixture is considered to be ready for application. All you need to gently massage this all over your scalp for a period of 15 to 30 minutes. Wash it off with cold water after that. Do it every alternate to get the best results. This one is natural and beneficial.

9. Onion Juice For White Hair Treatment :

Another effective remedy for grey or white hair is onion juice. You will need to take some onion pieces and rub it all over your scalp. Even though the smell is bad, you will have to deal with it in order to get the best results. This process shall definitely reverse the process of greying and give you good quality hair only within a month if you continue to do this regularly.

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10. Black Tea :

Grey and white hair can be treated with the help of black tea. Just boil two tablespoons of tea leaves first. Don’t add any sugar or milk to it. Now wait for it to come to room temperature. Apply the water all over your hair and then use some cold water to rinse thoroughly. You need not use any shampoo for this procedure. Doing this three times a week will give you good results.

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