How to Remove Dandruff from Hair Permanently

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Nowadays millions of people suffer from dryness and dandruff. There are several factors which can be external and also internally causes these. However, sometimes, some remedies can be quite effective to treat these. There are various types of problems which can result from this. Many times people want to know techniques and procedure for how to prevent dandruff from hair permanently.

How to Remove Dandruff from Hair Permanently

How to Reduce Dandruff Permanently:

Below are the 24 methods by which a person can how to cure dandruff from hair permanently and other problems which occur in hairs due to this.

1. Tulsi:

Tulsi Paste

Tulsi paste is known to be very helpful if this is regularly used for preventing any forms of dandruff and also this gives a cooling essence which is quite soothing to the body and mind. This can be done with fresh leaves for effective results a few times a week for a beneficial effect. Making tulsi paste and apply on your hair this total process gives results for how to reduce dandruff.

2. Amla:


This is known to have good benefits when this is regularly used. This can be used by crushing the fresh fruits or this can also be used with the powdered variety that people can buy from good brands from the stores. These can be soaked like any powdered agent and then after about 6 hours these can be used. This is to be made sure that the water is boiling which is used for soaking and this usually should cover the amount of powder. This amla can solve your problem and give the answer to how to remove dandruff from hair permanently.

3. Tea Tree Oil:

Tea tree oil

This is very effective for fungal infections. This is  used widely for any irruptions and boils. A few drops of this can be mixed to any regular lotion or oil to increase the effectiveness. This is quite easily available from drug stores. This is also very useful for avoid dandruff.

4. Yogurt:


This has vitamin C and is known to prevent the dandruff and flakes. This can be beaten up about a cup and then this can be used by sectioning the scalp. A turban can be worn for about 20 minutes and then this can be rinsed.If you fallow the above home remedy to get explanation to how to reduce dandruff from hair.

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