How To Remove Makeup?

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The layers keep on adding as the day goes by, every time a little touch up in the office washroom or a complete new makeover for the after hour parties. Either way, from the first final glance in the hallway mirror of your house to ending the day standing in front of the same mirror, makeup for us ladies comes in different patterns and packages. For some it is the reapplying of mascara every where she goes and for some else, the compact is not optional anymore, it is a necessity.


However, one common mistake that we deliberately choose to ignore is to remove the makeup completely before we retire for the night allowing the face to collect all the makeup, roughening up the skin over the years causing skin issues like acne and premature ageing. This is why it is of utter importance that you learn the perfect way to rid your face of existing makeup every night before you go off to dreamland.

The Different Equipments To Work With:

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Makeup removal is not an extensive process but requires a lot of care and a little bit of your everyday time. To start of here are some of the things that might come handy when you are removing your makeup.

These include hot towels, clean tissues or medicated wipes, in case you have sensitive skin, cleansers or makeup removers of your choice. Usually, you can avail different personalized sets of makeup removers of different categories, one for the eyes and one for the lips and the other one for the for simply the face.

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The Steps To Be Followed:

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  • Usually we would prefer if you remove the other obstacles from your face before working on the skin and therefore we firstly start with the eyes. Usually eyes at the end of the day are caked with mascara and eyeliners and even eye shadows.
  • You can simply use your medicated wet wipe or eye makeup remover on a soft cotton pad to get this process done. Hold your eyes from one side and pull the outwards to create the grip as you swipe and wipe the pads on your eyes cleaning them.
  • Now we move on to the lips, where you get proper lip removers that erases all traces of gloss or lipstick to give your lips its natural glow. You can either use a personalized makeup remover or simply water or essential oils to get the job done.
  • Now that the two outer layers are done with, let’s start with the facial skin, the most important area of the lot. To start off, people with sensitive skin should stick to medicated or extra gentle irritation relief wipes as they slowly swipe and swab their wipes across their skin, forehead first as they move down to the cheeks, covering the nose bridge and the crooks near the nostrils for residual collective pockets. Next finish the process by clearing out the chin and the possible adjacent neck area.
  • Right after you are done clearing your face of makeup, use a cleanser to clean out the final residues before using a toner or moisturizer of your choice to lock in the moisture and softness of your now stripped skin.

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Before you opt for a makeup remover, make sure you keep your skin type in mind. If you are acne prone, make sure you use acne medicated or sensitive skin equipments.

If you are prone to skin drying make sure you put ample moisturizer or night cream to reimburse the skin for the night. If you are oily skin prone, make sure the oil pockets are clear enough before applying makeup, since oily skin retains a lot of stubborn dirt particles.

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