How To Remove Wrinkles Under Eyes?

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Ageing is unavoidable & an inevitable part of life. Fine lines, wrinkles & dry skin are all a part of ageing. We can’t avoid them all together but if we follow a good skin care regimen and adopt healthy lifestyle and diet, it is possible to delay these signs and also to minimize their deleterious effects and prominence on skin.

The area around our eyes in particularly prone to the appearance of fine lines, creases, crow’s feet and wrinkles. This is because the skin in this region is thin. Under eye region needs that extra love and attention. Markets are flooded with lots and lots of products that claim to work on the under eye region and tackle problems such as fine lines, dark circles and puffy eyes. If the problem is too obvious, it is imperative to consult your dermatologist regarding it and follow your doctors prescription. However, if the problem is still at it’s initial stages, it can very much be tackled by natural alternatives and home remedies that provide a safe, side effect free and economical, long term solution.

It is often the eyes that are the windows to a soul and it is these eyes that make us fall in love over and over again. However, our eyes do go through a lot on a daily basis, the long stares at the computer screen and burning the midnight lamp to go through the last pages before the exam. The tired eyes often therefore reveal the experience through physical show which comes out in the form of wrinkles. Here we tackle that problem by keeping the wrinkles from repeatedly arriving.

Below, I have compiled a list of home remedies that you can take up to combat the problem of under eye wrinkles. Before you use any remedy, I would strongly advise you to perform a patch test to find out if you are allergic to any of the ingredients. This is important as under eye area is sensitive. Natural alternatives need regular usage to show results, usually over a a period of months so, do not expect overnight results. Let us read more about these natural skin care recipes.

First and foremost requirement for a healthy looking skin is a healthy, well balanced diet that is especially rich in essential skin care vitamins like vitamin C, E & A. vitamin A is important for maintaining the texture of all epithelial surfaces in body including skin. Vitamin C is responsible for conversion of procollagen into collagen and formation of hydroxyproline & hydroxylysine. If there is ample amount of collagen in your body, the reparative and regenerative activity of the skin increases as it is. The skin appears plump and elastic and appearance of wrinkles is reduced considerably. You must consume lots of fresh fruits and veggies that are rich sources of Vitamin C / ascorbic acid. To list a few of vitamin C rich foods: amla, strawberries, cranberries, oranges and lemons, can be consumed. You may also start on vitamin C supplements after consulting your doctor.

How To Remove Wrinkles Around Eyes:

Below we mention some home remedies and exercises to reduce wrinkles under eyes.

1. Balanced Diet Can Remove Wrinkles Under Eyes:

The first and the foremost requirement for healthy eyes would be a consistent stream of balanced diet. Diet here means healthy nutritional food intake that would include ample amounts of greeneries along with fruits, especially anti oxidants or citruses. Green vegetables in the form of salads are encouraged. For fruits you can go for strawberries, oranges, cranberries, lemons and even pomegranates too.

2. Vitamin Inculcation:

All the epithelial surfaces needs to have a softened texture and this is where vitamin A adds to the glory. Vitamin E too is needed for skin tightening where vitamin E keeps skin firm and toned. Vitamin C is responsible for collagen production not only exfoliates skin around the eyes but also plumps and tightens skin. vitamin intake has a whole lot  to do with skin care and wrinkle treatment for your eyes.

3. Stress Release:

Stress plays a dominant part in dulling of the once sparkling eyes or simply responsible for the crinkles by your eyes. You must be wondering how to get rid of under eye wrinkles using stress as a weapon. Try to reduce stress as much as possible as it not only affects your skin texture but also the sparkle of your eye. Leave your professional work pressure at bay when spending a lazy day in your home and keep stress from building up.

4. Yoga To The Rescue:

Yoga is a good way to get rid of eye wrinkles and dulling. Yoga perfects the routine checkup of your skin as you practice some late night yoga before hitting the bed for the night. Yoga relaxes and calms the skin while firming and toning it so that you can get rid of your eye wrinkles at the fastest and safest way.

5. Healthy Sleep Helps To Removing Under Eye Wrinkles:

How to reduce wrinkles under eyes is a secret only reserved for healthy sleepers. Often insomnia may be a heavy result of stress build up. Heavy work schedules and busy days will keep you occupied the whole day and to get rid of the stubborn eye crinkles, it is of paramount importance that you empty your mind at the end of the night and get yourself a handsome amount of sleep.

6. Staying Hydrated:

Water always flushes the toxins out of your system and makes sure your system stays cleansed and healthy. Water in your system would allow you to keep your skin well nourished and plump thereby reducing chances or premature aging around the eyes.

7. Moisturisation:

Dry skin is prone to wrinkling more than ever. The lack of moisture in your skin takes away all the plumpness making skin dry and cracking. This is why often dry skin or sensitive skin is more prone to wrinkling due to which moisturizing is an important part of your skin care routine.

8. Sun Protection:

The area around your eye is the one of the softest spots in your face allowing sun and UV rays to react the most in those areas. This is why we have put in a beauty tip along with the skin care requirements for you to keep your pretty peepers safe and away from the sun. Always carry shades on yourself.

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9. Facial Exercises:

While any form of light exercise for 30 minutes per day are important for overall health. The importance of facial muscles exercises and eye exercises to get a young, wrinkle free face cannot be denied. Eye exercises increase the blood flow in the under eye area. When fresh blood rich in nutrients reaches the under eye area, it also flushes out the toxins from that region and makes your eyes look less puffy.

Eye exercises are very simple to perform. Rotate your eye ball clockwise and then anti clockwise for 5 to 10 counts each. Follow this relaxing your eyes for 2 minutes by cupping them with your hands.

Massage the under eye area using almond oil, castor oil, rosemary oil or vitamin E oil. Both of these are packed with lots of antioxidants. Antioxidants have free radical fighting properties. These counter the damage caused at cellular level and DNA level.

10. Eye Exercises:

• Eye Ball Rotate:

Start exercising your eyes by rolling them, once clockwise and once anti clockwise. To start this widen your eyes and start rotating your eyeball, 5 times according to the clock and the next 5 times against the clock. This will rest your tired eyes and instantly relax it too.

•  Eye Massages:

Often on a lazy weekend you can take care of your tired peepers by massaging them thoroughly with essential oils. Often essential oils tighten and firm up skin whilst the massage rejuvenates and revitalizes the skin around your eyes.

•  The Big V:

This is a form of face yoga. Start by pressing the middle finger of both hands to inner eyebrows as the index finger rests on the eyebrow ends. Now press lightly as you squint upwards and hold the position there. Your fingers should strictly resemble a big V on either hands.

•  Eye Tip Squint:

This too can be recognized as a form of yoga. Here we use the index fingers only as we place them on either side of our eyes, the outer corners and slightly press them inwards without applying too much force. Now we squint our eyes and hold on the gaze before letting the stance go.

All these exercises perfect your eyes letting you get rid of unnecessary wrinkling and crinkling. This also prevents under eye sagging, hollow sunken eyes, deep dark circles and droopy eye problems. This is an natural way to treat your eye wrinkles.

eye wrinkles

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Another reason behind tired eyes that are very prone to wrinkles and dark circles is working for long hours in front of computer screen. Take breaks after every 20 minutes and blink your eyes for 20 counts. This restores the moisture of your cornea.

Put cotton pads moistened with Rose water or raw milk over your eyes to relax your eyes.

Apply juice of a pineapple in your under eye area. Pineapple juice contains natural alpha hydroxy acids and an enzyme called bromelain. Due to presence of these substances, it acts as a topical astringent as well as antioxidant.

You can also go for a paste of ginger honey, cucumber juice or egg white over the under eye area.

Homemade Remedies For Removing Wrinkles Around Eyes:

Given here are some of the home made remedies to curing under eye wrinkles.

•  Pineapple Juice:

Pineapple juice is a rich source of alpha hydroxy acid. There is also the presence of bromelain which is an enzyme in nature. These components add maturity to the skin as the rich antioxidant source keeps eye wrinkles at bay.

•  Raw Milk:

Soak a cotton pad in raw chilled milk and put it over your eyes as you rest for the evening.

•  Cucumber Juice:

Cucumber not only lightens and illuminates skin around eyes but also tightens the skin. use the same cotton dab method for this.

•  Essential Oil:

Peppermint or rosemary oil massage routines for the weekends can release the accumulated toxin while nourishing and nurturing the skin around your eyes thereby eliminating wrinkles.

Hope, you liked the article & found it useful and get free from wrinkles under eyes.

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