How to Spank your Husband?

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The word ‘spank’ usually has a very kinky and sexual connotation and is used by a lot of couples to enhance the experience of sex. However, just like there is a way one should be kissing or hugging, the same is applied for spanking. There is a very thin line between spankings and hitting someone therefore it becomes all the more important for someone to know how to exactly do it.

This can be done both by the husband as well as the wife for that hint of excitement in the relationship and sexual performance. For all you wives out there who want to learn the art of spanking, this guide is a perfect for some effective tips and suggestions. Check them out and follow them for the most interesting outcomes:

The Right Situation:

During a sex escapade, you need to look for the right moment when you can actually spank your husband. All you need to do is slap at his bottom area. Men love women who approach with such ideas and it really turns them on. If he is the vanilla sex kind of a guy then its best to get him in the mood by making him drink and starting a dirty conversation before spanking him.

Help Him De-stress:

Before spanking him, give him a nice massage at the bum. It is a perfect pre-spank idea that you can follow which will help him de-stress the area. Start caressing and then follow it with kneading. This can be followed by a pinch that will start the intense feelings and then a spank. It will surely give excellent outcomes.

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Rub Against His Bum:

Once you have spanked him, it is time to give him some relief. This can be done by rubbing your naked body over his bums. Stroking the skin with your breasts will give him the comfort from the burning sensation. This can be followed by a massage from the wet V zone on his butts. This is definitely going to drive him insane for you.

Know the Techniques:

There are a few different ways in which you can spank your husband. You should know these to try different things each time. One of the techniques calls for a series of small slaps on the butt along with a big spank at the end. The next one calls for smacks on the bum alternatively with a cupped hand and an open hand or else spanking at the fatty area of the butt.

Use DIY Floggers:

Floggers are the tools that can be used for spanking the butt for different feel. You can always choose different products from home like a paperback book, spatula or more. The game can also include a guessing from his end of what exactly you are using.

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Build Up the Anticipation:

Before you actually spank move the hands or the flogger back and forth to build in the anticipation and to make it unpredictable on when you are going to spank. It will surely turn him on since he doesn’t know when you will give in the blow. It is a good suggestion to follow when it comes to spanking your husband.

Be Soft as Well as Tough:

Give him the feeling of soft spanks as well as tough ones. You can always alternate between the two to raise the anticipation. For a much better result here, you can wear a cashmere glove in one hand for soft spanks and a leather one in the other for tough ones.

Pay Attention to the Sensitive Areas:

The butt crack is one of the sensitive areas that can be really erotic and sensuous. The best thing to do is move the flogger up and down on the butt crack in between the spanks. It is really going to make the spank interesting.

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