How to Spank Your Wife?

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Just like there is an art of kissing the same is valid for spanking. When we talk about spanks, in simple terms it only means hitting the butt but with a sensual connotation. With lot of people opening up to kinky ways of having stimulating, spanking is becoming more and more common. However, it is something that needs to be done in the ideal way to get sensuous and seductive results.

There is a thin line between hitting and spanking and therefore it is a must to learn how to do it so that it doesn’t backfire. This is valid for both husbands and wives. For men who want to know how to perfectly spank their wives, this list is a perfect one to use.

It has some of the tips and suggestions for spanking the wife in the right way.

Learn the Different Techniques:

There are a lot of different ways in which the spanking can be done. You can either give your wife some small smacks followed by a big one at last or else use open a d cupped hand alternatively for the spanks. Another way is to spank and then caress and then spank again. Follow different techniques each time to make things unpredictable for her.

Prepare the Ambience:

It is very important to create the ambience of sensuality if you want to spank your wife successfully. Try and have a romantic setting with scented candles and try to excite her with your talks before adhering to something as kinky as spanking. It is important to make her feel romantic and a little aroused before you spank.

Do Not Ignore the Butt Cracks:

The butt cracks is one of the most sensitive and sensuous areas that you should never ignore. While hitting her on the butt, make sure you do not forget to caress the butt crack either with your fingers or with a flogger. This will surely turn her on.

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Do not wear Accessories:

Wearing bracelets and rings will hurt her really hard. It is important to remove all the accessories that you wear in hand before you start the process of spanking her. The idea is to turn her on and not hurt her.

Give Her a Massage:

A bum massage is again of the ideal ways to learn the art of spanking. Start massaging her bums with your hand and using some lubricant oil before you spank her. This will ensure that she feels good and relaxed. It will also warm up things perfectly.

Caress, Spank, Caress:

Alternate well between spanking and caressing her butt! This will ensure that she does not only experience pain but also some pleasure. It will also help in spreading out the pain and keep the spanking warm and nice and also tolerable.

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Spank on the Fatty Areas:

The attention should be given to spanks on the fleshy and fatty areas of the butt and not the thinner ones. That can hurt her and won’t feel at all sensuous. Tailbone and lower back should be avoided for spanks.

Use a Prop:

For different feel and also to keep your hand free from the burning sensation, you can always use different spanking props. One can either invest in a flogger or else use home products like a scale, spatula or even a paperback book. Paddles used for foreplay is also a good option to be considered here.

Do Not Overdo:

The essence of spanking is only when you follow the idea in a limited way and in rare occasions. Overdoing spanking will make it boring and highly monotonous.

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