How to Use Gym Ball

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Gym Balls are some of the common equipments people use to make their workouts effective. They surely give you good results but are not the easiest to use. You have to get used to it before you can perform core exercises. The following paragraphs will help you to understand how you can position yourself on the gym ball.

Select the Right Ball:

Exercises balls are sized in inches. They are available in five different sizes and are from about 45 to 85 cms. Your knees should be bent at a ninety degree angle and you must sit on the ball with your feet flat on the floor. Make sure you follow the first basic tip very carefully. This is your first step on using the gym ball like a professional.

Find a Suitable Place:

The second step is finding a suitable place. You should be in an open and comfortable area. Make sure there is enough space for you to move around. Remove all sharp objects which might increase the chances of injuries and dangerous accidents.

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Brace the Ball:

To brace the ball, place some towels around the base of the ball so that it doesn’t keep rolling too much. When you are good at balancing, you can remove the towels. If you like, you can also ask a friend to hold the exercise ball for you until you master your exercises with the help of this ball.

Pay Attention:

It is also very important for to pay attention to your breath. Breathe very normally and relax. Don’t let yourself feel pressure or tension while using the gym ball. There is a chance that you might naturally hold your breath while trying to balance. So make sure you avoid that.

Sit Ups:

To do sit ups on the gym ball, sit on it with your feet flat. Keep your abs tight and body firm. Now cross your arms at your chest. Lean backwards and walk your feet towards the front until you feel your lower back resting on the ball. Now lift your shoulders until you can see your knees. Return to the normal position. Do this about ten times.

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Leg Extensions:

For leg extensions, you have to sit on the ball your feet flat on the floor. Line one foot and keep your leg straight. Your calf should be parallel to the ground. Hold for about ten seconds and keep your body firm and tight. Now repeat with the other leg. Does this exercise about five times.

Ball Lifts:

To do ball lifts, lie on your back and put the gym ball between your feet. Engage your abs and start to squeeze the ball now. Keep your legs straight and now lift the ball up. Lower the ball back now. Keep it within one inch of the floor. Does this exercise about ten times to get good results.

Ball Squats:

Stand on the wall and keep the gym between the wall and your back. Now lean back and walk your feet forward a few times. Engage your abs and lower yourself into a squat. Your thighs should be parallel to the floor and your knees should be in line with your ankles.

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Ball Chest Fly:

Lie on the gym ball and keep your knees flat on the floor. Bend your elbows slightly and roll your dumbbells in and up and slowly lower them after a small pause. Breathe out while you pull the dumbbells in and breathe in to come back to the starting position.

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