How to Use Listerine for Dandruff Control?

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Ever you used Listerine for curing dandruff? Are you irritated from dandruff? Because of dandruff you can feel guilty at your special event. There are many individuals who spend lot of money on anti-dandruff shampoos and other products to treat dandruff. But they don’t know that Listerine is there to treat dandruff. Use of Listerine to cure dandruff is processing from early 1900 so you can call this an ancient process. Many people also try far remedied but in this article I have given some important information to cure dandruff with the help of Listerine.


Listerine plays an effective role to cure fungal infections and dandruff because it involves such elements that possess antifungal properties. Listerine possibly assist for kind cases of dandruff, other than moderate dandruff can usually be treating by means of over-the-counter shampoos.

Listerine’s Property:

Listerine possess antifungal properties that avoid the yeast guilty from being equal to grow quite than just treat the symptom of dried up, peeling skin. Listerine encloses eucalyptol also identified as 1.8-cineole, methyl salicylate, thymol, menthol. These components contain antiseptic as well as anti-fungal properties, together of that are superior for maintaining the scalp in big situation. Methyl salicylate too has a cooling and anti-inflammatory action anywhere its useful moreover wonderful for calming a prickly scalp.

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How to Apply Listerine for Dandruff:

  • Take a bottle of Listerine, a bottle of shampoo and a mirror. Mirror is useful to ensure your scalp earlier than you relate the Listerine.
  • Take care you do not have any broken otherwise susceptible skin on the apex of your head. The alcohol in Listerine will sting as well as could very well make worse it.
  • Buy a bottle of the old shaped, yellow Listerine. It is the unique formula, plus the single which allegedly workings top as a dandruff cure.
  • Empty out a good assess of the Listerine keen on the bottle cap earlier than your shower. Go on to shampoo your hair like you normally do and rinse completely.
  • Put the capful of Listerine on top of your scalp. Tilt your head back to remain it from receiving into your eyes. Gently scrub it with the help of your fingers and allow it to sit in attendance for concerning 5 minutes.
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  • Wash out the Listerine as of your hair. Do again this action each day for the week otherwise subsequently. You ought to distinguish a number of kinds of progress.
  • Before using you have to mix 1/4 cup of Listerine by 1 cup of water plus empty over the hair. To get more benefits, eliminate any residual shampoo otherwise increase of products as of the hair.
  • Other than to deal with your itchy scalp or dandruff troubles a small amount more straight, attempt a stronger solution.

Tips to Remember:

  • If obtainable, make use of the customary, orange tinted Listerine in your locks for top outcome.
  • You can steep your hairbrush, other tools and comb which you use to approach your hair in Listerine to slay rotten any bacteria or yeast which might be cause dandruff.
  • In condition, you think by means of just Listerine can be else harsh on your scalp; then you can put in a quantity of baby oil plus water. Otherwise combine equal size of tree or else lavender oil in the Listerine previous to you tip it above your head.
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  • Be careful in condition, your hair is dry, since Listerine itself might have a drying outcome. If your hair is fragile as well as liable to break. Cover the tops of your hair in conditioner to defend them; consequently the Listerine merely reach the scalp.
  • On the other hand, employ cotton wool pads to relate the Listerine in a straight line to the difficulty areas on the scalp, to a certain extent than wet it all above the hair.