How To Wear A Bra?

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Do you know how to wear a bra correctly?. Bra, the basic most lingerie women wear every day comes in a variety of styles, shapes, colors and cuts nowadays. Apart from the conventional style, you may opt for halter neck, crisscross back, one shoulder bras or even go strapless. There are also different cuts suited to various kinds of dresses and blouse that women wear such as deep plunge, sweetheart neckline, padded, push up, demi cup and so many more. Now you must be thinking that this isn’t any new piece of information.

How To Wear A Bra

It sure isn’t but did you know majority of the women in the world wear the wrong size bra and that there’s a certain way in which you should be wearing your bra for the perfect fit and comfort? It is simply because they are ignorant of their size and how to get it measured. When you buy a bra, it is equally important to keep check of your cup and band size along with your chest size. Ask yourself if you feel hundred percent comfortable and confident with your bra on. If you don’t, then read further to know the tips that will help you to achieve that ultimate comfort and confidence. In this article we explain how to wear a bra properly by step by step procedure.

How To Wear A Bra:

Do you know how to wear a bra perfectly?. Here are our bra wearing tips as follows us.

Select The Right Bra:

Make sure to select the right kind of bra to suit the dress you would be wearing apart from your chest size and cup size. Remember, comfort and support are the most important criteria. Before buying a bra, measure out your chest and cup size to ensure it fits you well. Your breasts should not spill from the top of a bra, the straps should not cut into you, and the bra shouldn’t feel too tight or hang loose. Also, look into your band size. The band should fit snugly under your breasts. Also keep in mind that your breasts may change size. They may grow or even shrink so do not be stubborn over your size. To make sure that you wear the right size bra, measure your chest and cup size along with band size once in a year. This is the basics to feel comfortable and confident in your bra.

Placing your Arms Through the Armholes and Clasping at the Back:

Place your arms through the armholes of the straps and drag them up on your shoulders. You will find that most bras have clasps at the back which connects the left side with the right. Next, put the hooks into the loops. To make the bra fit tightly around you, hook the bra on the eyes which are further in. If you are pregnant, wear your bras on the loosest hooks. If your bra has a clasp in the front instead of the back, it’ll be easier for you to clasp it. If you face troubles clasping your bra at the back, then do it in the front and then move it to its proper position in the back.

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Adjusting The Straps:

Bra straps can be a real hassle if not adjusted correctly. You’ll see that most bra straps have sliders provided. Pull the sliders up or down to adjust the position of the straps. Make sure that they are the correct fit which means the straps should neither be too tight nor too loose. The sliders on the straps should be at a consistent level.

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Feel Your Bra To Ensure Correct Position:

Gently pull at the straps, the sides and back of the bra to ensure it fits you comfortably well. Then make sure that your breasts fill the cups of the bra and check the straps to ensure they aren’t twisted.

Bend Down And Adjust The Position Of The Cups:

Lower your back down a little by bending your back. This will help in adjusting and checking the movement of your breasts. It will also help to move your breasts in the right direction.

Check Your Breasts Into The Cups:

Feel the side of your breasts to make sure to additional tissue is hanging off the sides of both breasts and below your armpit. If you find any extra tissue hanging off, feel for the tissue with your opposite hand from each your breasts and move it in. That will fill your cups. Use the same hand to lift your breast and repeat the process with your other hand. Once you’re done adjusting your breasts, straighten up. Your underwire band should be positioned right at the bottom of your breasts and should not suffocate you.

In Case Of Spillage From The Top Of The Bra:

In case there’s any tissue poking over the top of your bra, you should know that the bra does not fit you and you would need a larger cup size bra.

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In Case Of Halter Neck Bra:

Halter neck bras can simply be as the name suggests or may come in a convertible or multi-way bra.If the straps are detachable, attach the straps on the loops provided on the cups. Wear the bra and clasp the hooks at the end with your hands. Bend down to check the movement of your breasts, then hole the straps and tie them in a knot or clasp them up if hook and loops are provided.

Bandeau Bra:

Bandeau bra are made of stretchable fabric and are also strapless. Thus, to wear a bandeau bra, you simply have to slip your head and arms over it and place the bra right under your bust. Tug at the bra and adjust the position to ensure proper coverage and comfort.

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Adhesive Bras:

Adhesive bras come with an expiry date which means that this kind of bras can generally be worn upto 25 times. To wear the bra, hold one of the cups and stick it to your bust. Repeat the same with the other breast. The adhesive will hold th bra in place as it sticks on to the skin. Women with small or moderate breasts can comfortably carry off adhesive bras.

Read the above guide and find out our simple tips for how to wear bra properly according to your comfort.

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