Top 9 Huma Qureshi Without Makeup

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The two times Filmfare award winner Huma Qureshi is an Indian actress who has starred in a number of popular Hindi films and has received widespread recognition for her astonishing performance and jaw-dropping looks. Her divine and adorable face is one of the prime reasons behind her onset fame. Huma is so beautiful, that she barely requires any makeup to make herself look alluring.

She is the rising star of Indian films and is being admired by all the other co-actors and big screen stars because of her naturally beautiful face and humble attitude. Below are the top9 makeup-free pictures of Huma Qureshi which will make you like her instantly.

1. The Makeup-Free Beauty:

Huma Qureshi hot

Huma Qureshi is the actual makeup-free beauty in Bollywood at this moment. Her adorable face angles and angelic eyes are the perfect combination required for a super-hit movie. Along with that, she brings so much intensity to her characters that her fans heart her. This flawless beauty often faces complications while putting on makeup, but she looks damn good without putting on makeup as well.

2. Stress Is Not An Issue:

Huma Qureshi Without Makeup 2

For Huma Qureshi, stress is definitely not a factor to look bad or to not be in herself. This picture was clicked while she was departing from an airport in Delhi. Though after a tiresome and exhausting flight, she managed to look attractive enough to focus the camera lenses towards her.

3. In A Movie:

Huma Qureshi Without Makeup 3

This picture of Huma Qureshi is a still from one of her many successful movies. Without wearing any makeup, she manages to look very attractive and steal the looks of the viewers. Huma’s performance and looks in her movies go hand in hand and this fact is the reason behind her successful career.

4. Who Needs Mascara?

Huma Qureshi Without Makeup 4

Really! Who requires mascara when you got Huma Qureshi on the set. Her glamorous natural beauty and cute face lines are enough to impress the audience. In this picture, as per her character, she sports her natural face and no makeup at all. Her magnificent looks are just God-gifted and cannot be measured by the yardstick of even the world’s best beauty products.

5. An Old Picture:

Huma Qureshi Without Makeup 5

This is an old picture of Huma Qureshi. Here, she looks so casual and still beautiful enough to influence us all. Her smile depicts her huge heart and her bright eyes bring out her inner beauty. This woman makes all the top-class beauty products look puny in front of her.

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6. The Shopping Peepers:

Huma Qureshi Without Makeup 6

Huma always brings her best self in front of the screen and carries that character to the street as well. She is bold, smart and gorgeous. What else can the demanding world require from a woman to be successful? This picture was taken while she was walking the streets of Bombay and shopping.

7. The Flawless Beauty:

Huma Qureshi Without Makeup 7

Huma Qureshi is the all-time beautiful natural beauty who likes to keep it simple. Here, we see the flawless beauty in her best self by sporting a light green top over a white one and a pair of ripped jeans.

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8. The Lady In White:

Huma Qureshi Without Makeup 8

Here, Huma Qureshi is wearing a casual white salwar kameez and sporting a makeup-free look. In spite of carrying the simple look, Huma looked very pretty and her presence influenced the people to gaze at her.

9. Launching Products:

Huma Qureshi Without Makeup 9

Huma Qureshi was spotted in a Woodland store, assisting the company launches their winter collection products. Here, she displayed a no-makeup face but still looked very alluring.

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