Improving Communication Between Family Members

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Five fingers on the same palm aren’t the same, so remember the same would be with family members living under one roof. Mom and dad could have been living together for twenty five years, but they still are individuals. You would be different in thoughts, actions and words from your siblings and their desires. Age gap, generation gap and individualism, every aspect needs to be respected and honored. Fights break out within family members time and again, but that doesn’t mean that the end of a lineage is in the making. Sometimes all you have to do is;

1. Sit
2. Talk
3. Observe
4. Rekindle
5. Respect
6. Honor
7. Trust
8. Love
9. Smile
10. Hug

Talk it out:

Instead of washing dirty linen out in public, it’s best to sit with the family and talk things out. Don’t lash, rant or whine, just talk your mind out with a peaceful demure and ensure that you allow others to express their opinions too, sans interruptions from both ends. When someone is talking, listen and allow them to complete. Don’t judge and don’t be harsh when solving matters or when you need to look for solutions. If there have been issues in the past to which no solutions ever came, let go of them. Maybe the learning for the whole family was done, and digging corpses from a grave wouldn’t be wise.Have a family get together and before the wine flows, sit and reminisce with each other the days of the past. The happy days gone by sure bring back smiles, and many smiles makes one forget and forgive the gravest of acts done back then.

Keep in touch with family members, no matter where in the world you are, especially with parents. They have stood the test of time, brought you up and made you an outstanding adult. You sure owe at least an hour each day to skype, whatsapp or text message them, find out about their health, what they did during the day or how they feel. It would show them that you still care.

Have a surprise lunch gathering or a dinner just for family. Make it special, have everyone’s favorite dish on the table, or maybe invite them all to potluck. While gorging on the best foods around, you would hear stories of the days gone by, laugh them out. Tease and pull each others legs without crossing limits, have fun and capture those moments on camera. Make a video blog; share it if permitted on social media and social networking sites.

You could also have a family vacation too. Ask your parents, uncles and aunts, cousins and siblings and take your pets too. Enjoy a beach vacation or a trip to the hills, go on a spiritual journey or just laze around at a farm house. The more you spend time with one another, the more would you be appreciated and you would do the same for the ones who take time out to come and be together.

Family comes first:

In the days of storm, if the family stands by one another, they would stand by every need faced. Family is important to honor and respect, money can be made any time. Honor the close ones, who love you and care for you, they are your real diamonds, your assets. Indulge in small talk now and then; give someone at home a shoulder to cry on. Let them know that you are there, for time once gone wouldn’t come back.

They say blood is thicker than water, go ahead and prove that right!!

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