Top 9 Indian Hairstyles For Round Faces

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Here are the 9 best Indian Hairstyles for Round Faces that a person should definitely try out.

1. Sleek And Straight:

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Whether round or long face the sleek look on straight hair never goes out of fashion for anyone and any face cut. Since there is no dimension to a round face trying this sleek look is a perfect choice if you have medium to long hair as it will make you look longer. If you do not have natural straight hair, you may consider using a hair straightener for a party wear.

2. Layers Long hair:

Indian hairstyle for round face2

If you have long hair try going for long layers as it gives face an oval shape. If you have layers till your chin that will distract and draw attention to the round face. So whether you have straight or curly hair, go for layers till atleast below chin level so that the roundness of the face goes unnoticed.

3. Curls:

Indian hairstyle for round face3

If you have medium length hair then let it grow long and if your hair is curly then you must not compromise on its length and let it grow and leave loose hanging. Curls can give you both cute and sexy look. They are always in fashion.

4. Sea Wave Curls And Long Layers:

Indian hairstyle for round face4

Long layers and curls at times do wonders as they accentuate the round face so to avoid roundness you need to ensure that you have heavy bangs at one end. The bangs can come on one side by way of side parting. If your hair is wavy then it is a perfect look for round face as it accentuates the whole look. You may either let it hang loose or tie half pony. This look good for hair of all colors.

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