20 Unique Italian Baby Names With Meanings

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Italians have an air of elegance and romance which is carried forward in the names they choose for their babies. Here is a list of most popular names for Italian babies.

Italian Baby Names

20 Unique Italian Baby Names Along with Meanings:

Here is a list of some of the best Italian baby names for both boys and girls.

1. Sofia:

A melodious, sounding name, Sophia rolls musically off the tongue. A popular name, Sofia’s origins are in Greece and Spain. Meaning wisdom, who wouldn’t want their cute bundle of joy to be a wise one.

2. Isabella:

Derived from Hebrew, Isabella means devoted to God. A name associated with Medieval princesses, queens, and Shakespearean plays. A name such as Isabella can fill your princess with a sense of pride and self confidence combined with sincerity and devotion to her loved ones.

3. Aria:

Bring the magic of music into your child’s life with this melodious name. From Italy comes Aria meaning melody. Let your little one’s heart beat with love and harmony each time you sing out their name.

4. Ariana:

This name has found fame because of pop star Ariana Grande, but it traces its origins back to both Greek and Italian roots meaning “utterly pure” and “very holy one”. In both cases, any italian baby girl given this beautiful name will be a heavenly angel sent from the Gods.

5. Beatrice:

Beatrice, a name from literature has now gained a fresh, lease of life. Following Princess Beatrice, the name is once again in the limelight. With a glorious meaning “she who brings happiness”, this is a perfect name for a baby who is sure to bring profound happiness to anyone whose heart she touches.

6. Aurora:

From the Latin meaning Dawn, in Roman mythology, the Goddess of sunrise was Aurora whose teardrop was the morning dewdrop. A name your baby will cherish as she brings a ray of sunshine to your lives each day and delight in playing the fairy tale princess Aurora in Sleeping Beauty.

7. Francesca:

From the male Frances, this female version comes from Italy, means “The free one”. A wonderful gesture behind the name suggesting a baby girl grow to become independent and self confident, to grow wings and soar above the rest. The name would be appreciated by anyone who has it.

8. Alessia:

With its Italian and Greek origins, the name Alessia evokes images of Greek Goddesses. The name whilst very feminine and pretty, means defending warrior. Be proud to name your baby girl Alessia as it suggests the woman in her will be strong, supportive and dedicated.

9. Bianca:

A beautiful name and a variant on the French version, Blanche. Bianca means white, shining. Bring light into your life with an adorable baby girl and name her Bianca. Her future should shine bright and her soul as pure as white.

10. Gia:

Gia is a shorter variant of Gianna. A lovely, melodious sound to it when you say it in an Italian accent. The name itself means gracious gift from God. The child would always feel loved and be gracious knowing that she was a loving gift to her parents from the Almighty.

11. Leonardo:

A name which resonates through the world of art and entertainment. Leonardo Da Vinci gave the name depth and character. The name found additional fame with actor and heartthrob, Leonardo DiCaprio. Shortened to Leo, it means lion. Let your baby boy be strong and a master of arts by giving him this classic, Italian name.

12. Luca:

Such a cute sounding name. Perfect for a bouncing, baby boy. Luca is another form of the name Lucas. The name means “bringer of light”. A child with this name radiates and brings light into the life of those who love him.

13. Dante:

A strong sounding, male name. The name is infamous due to Dante Alighieri, the Medieval Italian poet and his Divine Comedy. The name actually means Enduring. A steadfast name which may help build a strong mind and character, a determined child unlikely to give up easily.

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14. Enzo:

A shortened version of Vincenzo or Lorenzo, the name has its background in Italy and Spain. In both cultures it means ruler of the household. Winner or conqueror. Traditionally, a fitting name for a man of the house. Now the name for a boy who will be a great influencer winning hearts and a successful achiever.

15. Antonio:

Latin roots, the Spanish and Italian meaning of Antonio is priceless and invaluable. Needless to say, any baby is invaluable to any parent. A baby boy given this name will grow safe in the knowledge that he is priceless to his parents and will be loved and cared for more than any precious gem.

16. Giovanni:

A classic and traditional Italian name, Giovanni means God is gracious or gracious favour from God. With Italians being deeply religious, we can understand that a name like this would hold great reverence and a child with this name would be considered a huge blessing from God.

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17. Marco:

A popular Italian name, Marco is often associated with the famous Italian traveller Marco Polo. The name means Warring or God of Mars. Naming the little cherub Marco wants for a strong and valiant young man who will stand up for his rights and fight for his people.

18. Alessandro:

This name is a variation on Alexandra and can be traced way back in history to Alexandra the Great. The Greek and Italian meaning suggests Defender/helper of mankind. The name slides of the tongue musically and suggests a boy named Alessandro would be kind and inclined to nature and helping people.

19. Adriano:

The meaning of this name is connected to the Adriatic sea. Your bundle of joy may be a water baby and take to the pool immediately. Some children get so much joy splashing around in water and he may be of a calm and harmonious disposition just like the sea.

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20. Nicolo:

Often shortened to Nico, this name is adorable and ideal for a little baby. Even if your child misbehaves, it would be difficult to reprimand him with a name like this. Nicolo means Victory or conqueror of the people. With a name like this, he’s sure to conquer many hearts and be victorious in his endeavours.

The Italian names are derived from Italian, Spanish and Greek roots. The importance of religion which defines Italian culture and heritage is emphasised in their baby names. The names have a melodic quality to them when pronounced in the authentic Italian accent.

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