8 Wonderful Jain Food Recipes

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Jain food is exclusively vegetarian but this does not stop them from providing a large amount of recipes that will surely add some excessive flavor to your taste buds. Jain food can be mixed with a variety of cuisines and it is normally seen that a few side dishes of Jain heritage are part of a lot of homes as well. Jain food is easy to make at home, even the more difficult recipes are easy to carry off when you have the right instructions and the right ingredients. As mentioned above all Jain food is vegetarian therefore you will not find any non vegetarian recipe and if you do then it is not authentic Jain food. Given below are a few great Jain food recipes for you to make Jain food at home.

Vegetable Pulao:

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In a pan boil rice with saffron and turmeric for it to get a slight color. Now in a separate pan add ghee and some onions, fresh beans, capsicum, grated or diced carrot and then sear it for some time. Add cardamom in the pan too along with basil and then mix in this with the rice as a topping.

Khatta Dhokla:

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In a blender mix in dry rice and lentil until it is reduced to fine powder. A few clumps or lumps are fine to work with. Now mix the powder acquired in sour curd or cream along with green chilies and salt. Now grease a plate and evenly distribute the thick mixture. Add pepper and salt to flavor and then steam it. once done you can cut the dhokla in diamond pieces and enjoy it with a coconut chutni.

Corn Upma:

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To start with the corn upama, grate or blend the corn well and then mix it in milk and put it to boil. Halfway through the boil add chili paste, sugar and salt along with lemon juice and sour cream. In a separate pan add oil and curry leaves and some urad dal and fry it. Now mix the two together and serve hot.

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Paneer Dal Curry:

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Paneer is what we call tofu in English and dal is simply lentil. For this you will need cardamom, garlic, clove, cinnamon, curry and bay leaves, five herb mix and black pepper. Roast the spices, ground them to powder and mix them together. Now boil the lentil and in a pan softly fry the tofu to the slightest. Now add all of it in a pan along with a little water and you are done.

Hydrabadi Biriyani:

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Grind coriander, bay leave, cardamom, cinnamon, curry leave, spinach, clove, black pepper and chili into a mix which forms the base flavor to the biriyani. Now boil rice in a pan and cook it in coconut oil with bay leaves and cumin along with soaked raisins and cashew nuts. Mix the earlier herbs with sour cream and then mix them in the biriyani rice.

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Bhakri is a flat bread used for side dish or snack purposes. This is made from full organic dough where you mix the dough in ghee and fried bay leaves and then roll them up in small balls. Now roll them into flat breads and lightly bake them in a grill or oven and enjoy with a side dish.

Dal Makhani:


Start by soaking Urad dal and Rajma or kidney beans in water the earlier night. Now drain the water the next morning and overcook them so that you can mash them into a powdery form. This would be a slight paste or powder. Now in a pan add oil and bay leaf and cumin. Plop in the dal mixture with sour cream, green chili and salt and cook it till it’s done.

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Banana Chutney:

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Banana chutney is used as a side dish. Start by peeling of the bananas and mashing them together. Now in a pan slightly toss them along with bay leaves and a sprinkle of chili powder and then cumin and then serve hot.

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