Japanese Diet Secrets

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Do you know that the Japanese have the highest expectancy in the world? The average age of a Japanese man is 78 years while that of a woman is 85 years. Even with a high level of stress, drinking, smoking, and pollution, the Japanese outlive rest of the world. The main magic behind this is the diet they follow. A Japanese diet is still the healthiest one in the world.

Lower cholesterol food in Japanese diet:

A Japanese diet does not constitute any fried item. You are not going to enjoy chicken fry in Japan. Traditionally, the Japanese consume very little amount of red meat. As heart diseases occur due to excessive accumulation of triglyceride and cholesterol, you will not find any Japanese diet consisting of food that contain saturated fats. They also include higher amount of ginger in their diet, which helps to lower down the cholesterol amount.

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Japanese diet contains food that can lower down the cancer rate:

In Japan, there is very few number of deaths that have occurred from cancer. Though the reason is not fully known, but researchers believed that consumption of green tea reduces the risk of cancer. Green tea comes from the same plant as that of black tea (camellia sinsensis), but it is the unfermented form. This unfermented form contain high level of antioxidant known as polyphenols that fight the radicals responsible for abnormal cancerous growth of cells.

Sea weeds in Japanese diet:

Japanese have very scanty food resources. This has given rise to preparing a diet that is rich in seaweed. These seaweeds are rich source of minerals like iodine, protein vitamin C, A, B12, and micro elements.

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Fish in Japanese diet:

Japanese eat fish on a daily basis. Fish are rich sources of omega 3 fatty acid. These are essential for healthy growth and development of your body. They benefit in several ways, like prevention of serious diseases (cancer, arthritis, heart disease), brain functioning, and such others.

Rice as main staple food in Japanese diet:

White rice, the main staple food of Japanese is high in nutritional value. Though rice is very high in calories, Japanese do not put on weight because of the presence of a low-calorie side dish, okazu.

Soy as an integral part of Japanese diet:

In most traditional Japanese mean, you will find abundant usage of soy. It is included as tofu, shoyu (soy sauce), edamame (green soybeans), miso (bean paste), and natto (fermented soybeans). As soy is highly rich in protein and contain lower percentage of fat, it is very healthy. Soy is also believed to be able to lower down blood pressure and cholesterol.

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Japanese people also believe in the proverb, “hara-hachibun-me”, which means keeping the stomach eighty percent full. According to them, if you are hundred percent filled up, you are overdoing. So, if you eat a little bit less than the required quantity, then you will live longer and healthier. You should also eat slowly, which would give your brain time, in order to realize that your body is filled with food.

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