15 Best Japanese Hairstyles

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Japanese hairstyles - Main

Japanese hairstyles have a unique style to it that makes them different. Here is our pick of the 9 best hairstyles that suit every face and hair.

1. The Geisha:

Japanese Hairstyles 1

The geisha culture is very authentic and a sheer representative of the rich Japanese heritage. This hairstyle is characterized by the beautiful ornamental accessories and the intricate pin up curls put together with their beautiful long black hair. This hair style is also popular in the weddings where the women pair them with exquisite silk kimonos.

2. Geometric Cut:

The blunt geometric cuts have probably been inspired by the samurai culture and their razor sharp sword cuts. The Geometric cut is simply precise same level cuts which look more accurate with the usual Japanese poker straight hair. These super sleep hairstyles can be further jazzed up with the ombre style to add a bit of color.

3. Side Curl up:

Side curl up

While the Japanese usually have poker straight hair they are quite drawn to curls. This is a pretty side bun like style which adds a new dimension to fine straight hair. Just make a side bun leaving the lower section of the hair away. Now make a braid with the lower section and pin it across the hair. This is a very pretty hairdo with a mix of braid and buns.

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4. Asymmetrical Cut:Japanese Hairstyles 4

The blunt cut gets a different look with the asymmetrical cut. It helps add layers and a different dimension to the face. This can be a longer or shorter uneven cut. The other variation to this hairstyle is shaving off the areas around the ears.  The progressive blunt as some call it is longer around the face and smaller at the back. This helps frame the face better.

5. Layered Wolf Style:

Japanese hairstyles - Layered Wolf Style

By the name of it itself it is a messy layered cut that is very trademark Japanese anime style. The front bangs are at least an inch longer than the rest off the hair. It is low maintenance and only requires a good shampoo. It is perfect for those with fine hair and looking to add volume to the hair.

6. Chiffon Layer:

Japanese Hairstyles 6

This is a finely layered hairstyle but more gathered and polished than the Wolf style. It is a more sophisticated version of the un-kept layered hairstyle. This works best on thicker hair.

7. Classic Straight Fringe:Japanese Hairstyles 7

The fringe is long associated with the Japanese. A thick fringe covering the forehead and the remaining long hair kept nicely groomed and leveled. This was a rage during the seventies and is still very much in vogue. Case in point is actress Jessica Biel. She looks gorgeous in this block thick fringe and long hair. Use a flat iron at medium heat with lots of hair serum to get this sleek straight look irrespective of your hair type.

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