25 Different Types of Ladies Jeans with Pictures

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Jeans have high durability and workout in all type of weathers as compared to other fabrics therefore they were worn by cattle ranch workers, motorcycle rider and sailors. But today it is the most popular casual wear. It is worn by both genders of any age group due to its comfort and low maintenance.


Jeans is one must garment in every women’s wardrobe that will be very helpful for the day to day rough use. They now come in a range of colours and shades. The biggest plus of having a jean is you don’t have to wash it daily and it goes well with any top. Lucky right?

Latest Trendy Jeans for Women:

We know finding the right jean that fits you just right can be difficult. To add to your confusion, they come in colours too. But first, take a look at some of the bets ladies jeans.

1. Ultra Low Rise Jeans for Ladies:


The ultra-low-rise ladies’ jeans are also known as Brazilian jeans. It is a jeans with sexy looks, this jeans sits 3-5 inches below the belly button. If one have toned body or abs to flaunt in style then go for this jeans. This could be your trendy jean for parties.

2. Simple Plain Low Rise Jeans:


The low rise jeans are very trendy jeans which will let you flaunt your waist with style. It even has a drawback that your butt crack gets visible whenever you bent down so take care of it. It looks cool on young girls who have good bodies and pairing it with short tops will make the look stunning. It can be worn with confidence in parties or leisure time.

3. Mid Rise Jeans Women:


The mid rise women’s jeans are one of the most regularly worn jeans. This jean just sits below your belly button. If you have wide hips then this type of jeans is best for you. It can be worn in official events and even in your parties with super look.

4. High Rise Jeans for Girls:


This ladies fashion jeans is designed to fit your natural waist line. It will look fabulous when you pair it up with tuck in shirt with an additional skinny belt. It is a retro styled jean which might be said by others as out dated but this is back in fashion to flaunt your hourglass body shape.

5. Boyfriend Jeans Ladies:


You must be thinking here jeans for ladies are given but boyfriend jeans? It sounds funny but yes they do exist. These ladies jeans has loose, baggy cut which gives look that you have borrowed them from your boyfriend. This jean is tight fit around your hips and loose at the legs. It will look great on thicker thighs and legs. Try out this newest 2018 fashion jeans.

6. Straight/Cigarette Jeans:

1969 real straight jeans - dark wash

The straight/cigarette jeans go with the name. Like cigarette it is straight and narrow and does not widens at the ankles. If you want comfy jeans which are not skinny and flattering then this will be the best choice. It has a straight cut which balances the hip, thus will look good curvy girls.

7. Ladies Jeans Bootcut Style:


This ladies’ jeans were a fashion mark in old times in 70’s and 80’s, you must have seen them in movies. These jeans looks good on all body shapes as it make the look streamline and make the wearer look long. It is loose at the leg and is wide enough at the leg opening. Though the wide opening makes the look disfigured but looks good. Pairing the boot cut with high hills will clearly distinguish the wide opening.

8. Flare Jeans for Women:


Again this flare jean was very popular during old days and in almost all movies you can see the actors/actress wearing it. The flare ladies jeans have a wide, flared opening from knees to toe. The thighs are tightly fit so that the flare down can be clearly seen. You can wear turtle neck sweater and take a trip back to old days.

9. Wide Leg Jeans Women:

ORIGINAL 1969 wide-leg crop jeans - medium blue river

The wide leg ladies’ jeans are very loose-fitting jeans has wide opening from your thighs to down. It has no fitting anywhere at all. The wearer can pair it with fitted tops to look gorgeous.

10. Black Skinny leg Jeans:


The trendiest jeans nowadays is skinny jeans, it looks good on slim and lean shapes. It is a tight jean which fits your leg snugly. Don’t worry for the movement of your leg, it is super stretchable and can be worn by anyone. If you have a wide hip then think before getting this jeans. You can pair it with any types of top and foot wears, everything will make you look stunning.

11. Capri Jeans for Ladies:


The Capri jeans is the most modern and stylish form of ladies’ jeans. You can wear it with confidence if you have toned and pretty legs to flaunt. In this jean, the length of the jean is just above the calf or on the calf. If you are not comfortable with this length then you can increase the length a little more but not too much otherwise it will look like cropped jeans.

12. Womens Cropped Jeans:


The cropped jeans cover a total three-fourth portion of your leg which makes your leg look longer and leaner. It can be the best jeans for teenagers to wear it during rainy season as don’t have to fold up there jeans to walk in rain apart from that it gives a very cool look. It will look stunning when you will pair it with high heels.

13. Trendy Cuffed Jeans:


A cuff is not always made at the hands but can also make on your legs. This cuffed jean is folded down and has same length as cropped and capris jeans. It will look good on who has lean ankles and not thick ankles otherwise this will make the ankles look thicker. To make the look of your leg slimmer pair it with heels and go classy.

14. Short Ladies Jeans:


Shorts is a modern way to wear jeans, and its length is above the knees. Some short pants are very short and some length to half of your thighs. They are also known as hot pants. It will give a perfect chance to flaunt your leg. They have some fringes down which gives a look that it was cut off from the full length jeans. It makes the wearer look stunning.

15. Light Washed Jeans:


As the name suggest washed, the jeans gives the looks of washed jeans but it is not washed instead during manufacturing process it gives the look of worn out. Theses women’s jeans are more soft and flexible. There are different types of washes which give different look. This jean is acid wash and gives that look. It looks good and is inspired to keep it as a best jean for women.

16. Girls Ripped Jeans:


Jeans get ripped due to over wearing and were prior associated with working class but this working class look became the favourite among many. Now the ripped women’s jeans are manufactured and before they were only ripped near knee parts but with change in fashion the jeans are ripped all over, near thighs at the back. It gives a very smart look to the wearer.

17. Printed Jeans for Womens:


Prints look beautiful whether it is Saree, suit or jeans. Printed women’s jeans are the latest trend. They are printed on all types of jeans which can be worn by all. Printed jeans have beautiful prints like polka dots, flowers, stars or any other prints. They make the look more pretty and the wearer can pair it up with matching coloured tops. Pick this modern fashion jeans.

18. Embroidered Womens Jeans:


On rough and tough jeans embroidery is done which is durable too like jeans. Embroidery beautifies the look of jeans. Pretty designs are made on jeans with different looks like it can be done on only one side and the other side is plane or only limited to the pockets or only till the length of thighs. Different colours and artistic embroidery makes the jeans to stand at higher level.

19. Patched Jeans Outfit:


The patch work in your jean is the newest trend in ladies’ jeans. The patching of rag type cloth is done to give it a cool look. Geometrical shapes are made by patching on jeans. If you want a very girly look then you can go for patch work of flowers, stars, candy and others. They all look pretty and you can even match it with same patch worked design top. It gives a very funky look.

20. Overall Jeans for Womens:


The overall jeans were also worn by workers in old times, even today at some places people wear it. The overall has straps to hold your jeans and a front covering. They look awesome. They are great for kids to hold on their jeans and beside that it is popular among ladies jeans. You can pair it with tops with contrasting colours and can wear it during your leisure time. It is referred to as the jump suit.

21. Coloured Jeans for Teenagers:


Colourful things are liked by all. These are jeans for ladies who love some bright colours. The best thing about coloured jeans is that you can increase your top count in your wardrobe to do matching. Coloured jeans are available in various colours like pink, blue, green etc with many other shades of them. You can steal attention with the new style of jeans.

22. Painted Jeans Designs:


Painted Ladies jeans should not be confused and mixed with printed jeans. They are totally different in their looks. The painted jeans are very trendy jeans; they have metallic painting, modern painting, rustic painting and others. They just look pretty. They are not only done on blue denim jeans but are also available in other colour jeans.

23. Trendy Scratched Jeans:


Most of us know that under ripped jeans the scratched pattern is also available but no scratched jeans are different from ripped jeans. Though they also look like destroyed jeans but ripped ones have cut off and scratched jeans have scratched patterns all over. Scratched ladies jeans look cool when worn and add on sunglasses to look stunning. This jeans pant gives a very bold look.

24. Beautiful Crochet Jeans:


Crochets are beautiful designs of different fabrics. Some them are also stretchable and are used in jeans. They are added to sides or in front or at the lower part of jeans to make the look unique. They latest in fashion and is gaining popularity among ladies. They love to wear in parties to show their beautiful outfits.

25. New Shiny Jeans:


Shiny jeans are the next trendy fashion jeans for women. As jeans were only known for dark or faded look but the shiny jeans are new. They are not made of leather to give shine in fact they are of the same fabric only shines are added. They make the look radiant and are available some dark colour jeans.

Jeans are very popular among both men and women and they are not only to wear as casuals but can also be worn as formal dress. They come in various styles and colours and their look suits some body shapes. The ripped and scratched jeans were before worn by men but they are now even worn by girls to look cool. There is minor difference between men and women jeans which should not be neglected because it will cause fitting problem. Make sure you choose the right one.