9 Modern Jean Skirts Designs for Ladies

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A skirt is the lower part of the dress. There are varieties of jean skirts available for women, which add glamour in a feminine factor. From micro to ankle length,  jean skirt remains an all time favorite for women clothing. Women find themselves comfortable in skirts which increases her confidence level.

There are different styles and patterns available in jean skirts which makes them unique from one another. Jean skirts can be worn in any occasions such as festivals, evening outs, office, etc.  Jean skirts are available in different size & different colors. It depends on wearer’s personal taste, which is influenced by fashion. In the western world, skirts are more commonly worn by women.

Top 9 Short and Long Jeans Skirts for Womens:

Skirts of the fashion recently are mostly light to mid weight fabrics. Designers design skirts with their own idea & always try to give them new look. It’s possible to look completely different when wearing different types and styles of skirt. Here we provide 9 best designs of  long and short skirts in jeans.

1. A- Line Denim Skirt:


This variety is defined by the characteristic flare and the fact that this flare has the shape in capital letter. It is a classical kind of skirt jean that would make you classic when you wear it. They fit tightly at the waist, emphasizing hips and thighs but further down they flare, just like the shape of a letter ‘A’.

2. Asymmetrical Jean Skirt:


The hem in the skirt makes it give the asymmetrical look that is longer on the side and the front. The other side is comparatively short. To give a glamorous look to the skirt, the panels are decorated.

3. Full Length Jeans Skirt for Girls:


It’s a long one, following all the way down, hence the name. A jeans skirt is made with such a material made up like the waistband that give emphasis on the legs and hips making it look spectacular.

4. Long Straight Jeans Skirts:


The skirts similar from the waist to the hem, such designed skirts are commonly known as the straight skirts. Best choice for formal and casual occasions, these straight skirts vary in their lengths- ankle/mid calf and knee. The straight jeans skirts look awesome on all body types.

5. Gipsy Skirt Jeans:


Fitted in an A-line style around the waist, and lengthens to the ankle. The famously known as the gipsy skirts come in both elasticized and also have ties. Some of them also are crinkled with the material.

6. Pencil Long Jeans Skirt:


Pencil skirt is fitted from the waist to the knee. The same length is the reason behind its glamorous look. Pencil skirts are among the stylish and the popular ones among casual and outdoor outfits.

7. Mini White Jeans Skirt for Women:


Short skirts of the smallest size are named as the miniskirts; jeans miniskirts have a popular impact on the fashion of skirts. The miniskirts are the size that fit just about mid thigh or even shorter than that. Straight cut and even flared designs are available in such designed jeans skirts. Because of the same the wearer gets a pretty height to their body.

8. Wrap Blue Jeans Skirts:


Specially designed unique in appearance the wrap up skirts have a dynamic look when worn. These skirts are rectangular cut stitched and end up with self ties. The skirt is wrapped around the waist and tied at the end. Such skirts are of different lengths most preferred are the knee length and the ankle length ones. Women who are having a thin body can even opt for short wrap up skirts.

9. Pleated Jean Skirts for Teens:


Pleated jeans are one most favorite jean skirts among ladies who love to wear feel free kind of outfits. Pleated skirts have spacious room in the hem line. The pleats are heat pressed and even stitched. Such skirts are not worn on day to day life.

Jeans skirts can be of many more types and designs in many more colors. The choice varies upon each skirt lovers. A jean skirt looks amazing on outings at beach and also on work. Casual jean skirts with a little twist with different tops give a unique outlook every time you wear it. Long skirts have a different appeal of their own. The mini jeans skirts are a choice of the bold girls who have pretty legs that give a fantastic effect on the viewer’s eye. The wrapper jeans skirt is a fashion in its own. So the choice is upon the wearer and depends on the place you opt to wear.

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