Top 9 Jessica Alba Hairstyles

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Jessica Alba has sported some of the best classic hairstyles among celebrities. Check out this amazing list which contains the best 9 handpicked hairstyles of her so as to portray the changes in hairstyles that she went through in order to keep up her ‘classic hairstyles’ reputation!

1. Braided Mess:

Braided mess

Braided hairdos have always been one of the favorites of many celebrities, but only few can sport them with such beauty and delicacy like Jessica Alba. This hairstyle features a delicate side braid which runs from the front of the head to the back and ends up being a part of a hair accumulation behind. The hair at the posterior side, though looks untamed, but is elegant and beautiful in its own messy way!

2. Medium Classic Waves:

Medium classic waves

This hair length is observed the most on Alba. In this one she has styled her hair by beginning with a side part. The parting in this case defines the pattern of flow for her hair. The hair flows right to her shoulders and possess brilliant medium-strong curls which seems was attained with the help of a curling barrel. The volumizing lotion has added volume to her hair which highlights her beautiful cheekbones.

3. Perfect Messy Bun:

Perfect messy bun

Even if this hairstyle gives off a messy vibe all around, the overall impact of this hairstyle remains unquestionably brilliant. The messiness with which the hair is pulled back to the messy twirls that characterize the posterior of the head, everything about this hair do is just pure elegance; that being said, all the hair finally ends up into a priceless bun which defines the class of this hair do.

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4. Classic Short Hairdo:

Classic short hairdo

Doesn’t this hairstyle look familiar? To those familiar with it, this hairstyle simply gives off an Agent Carter vibe doesn’t it? Though not exactly like the one Carter dons, but this hairdo simply pulls off the classicism like it. The brilliant blonde waves pave the way to exquisiteness which is topped off with the twirling side sweeping bangs.

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