10 Pictures of Jessica Simpson without Makeup

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Jessica Simpson is an American singer. She is also a famous television personality and a well-know name in the world of fashion designing. This 35year old woman from Texas is not only about makeup. She is gifted with natural beauty and she flaunts is quite effectively. Being a fashion designer and a popular celebrity, she has to maintain her look and for that she sometimes has to take the assistance of beauty products. But that doesn’t necessarily transform her into a dolled up beauty queen who is all about makeup. There is another side of her, which agrees with showing the natural face and people mostly tend to ignore it and look for Jessica Simpson makeup moments. This article will change their misconception about this woman by providing some without makeup pictures of this woman.

1. The Texas Girl:

Jessica Simpson without makeup 1

Jessica is the ideal Texas girl. She was sporting her cowboy hat and her without makeup face at an event. Without any hint of makeup on her face, she was impressing anyone and every one who ere taking a glance at her face.

2. The Shocking Reveal Picture:


This picture reveals the beautiful face of Jessica Simpson and shows how beautiful she really is. This woman can look beautiful in whatever way she likes, be that without wearing any makeup.

3. The old Snap:

Jessica Simpson without makeup 3

Let the truth be told. Jessica does look different, when she takes off the makeup. But either way, she looks very attractive and people still admire her natural look and she doesn’t lack any kind of quality of impressing people with her natural face.

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4. The Airport Snap:

Jessica Simpson looks great without makeup while out and about in NYC

This picture was taken at an airport, from which Jessica was departing from. She was displaying her makeup-free face and this can be said to be one of the best Jessica Simpson without makeup pictures that you will come through.

5. In Black:

Jessica Simpson without makeup 5

Jessica was seen sporting a black outfit and looked pretty impressive in that. This woman surely knows how to make herself look pretty without sporting any makeup. She is probably one of the best looking ladies of her age and is confident of her natural look.

6. The Best Looking Woman:

Jessica Simpson without makeup 6

Jessica can be said to be one of the best looking personalities in her field of work. She has been gifted with a very attractive natural face that doesn’t need to be beautified with beauty products.

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7. The Vintage Picture:

Jessica Simpson without makeup 7

This is a really old Jessica Simpson no makeup picture, which shows the real beauty of this woman. It shows the beautiful blonde hair along with her alluring face. She does have some flaws but what makes her beautiful from the inside, is her confidence to show her face just the way it is.

8. The Rough Look:

Jessica Simpson without makeup 8

A lot of women also suffer from bad hair days like Jessica. She is nothing special. She is only a human just with a little more proportion of natural face. Her face is probably one of the best things out there that can impress people easily.

9. The with and without Makeup Picture:

Jessica Simpson without makeup 9

Picture like these will be suitable in revealing the real face of celebs. This particular picture is quite alluring and brings out the beauty in Jessica’s face, which is being displayed in the picture to the right.

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10. The Adorable Face:

Jessica Simpson wears a see through top at LAX **USA ONLY**

Along with being really pretty, Jessica is also a really adorable woman. She is one of the best-looking women’s of her time along with a little more opportunity for showing off her real beauty.

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