9 Pictures Of Johnny Depp Without Makeup

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Johnny Depp without makeup is one of the legends of the Hollywood industry and has absolutely revolutionized the way people think about acting. With some of his roles in the pirates of the Caribbean movies, Edward scissor hands and much more Johnny has given the world some of the most loved characters of the Hollywood industry one of which being the infamous Captain Jack Sparrow from the movies Pirates of the Caribbean. Johnny Depp like all actors and actresses needs to use makeup quite often during his movies so as to fit into the role that he is doing but the truth of the matter is that unlike all other celebrities Johnny does not need to use too much makeup and is actually against using makeup as he believes that using makeup only damages a person’s features and skin.

Best Pictures Of Johnny Depp Without Makeup:

Let’s see how cute Johnny deep is without makeup.

1. Different Than Other Times:

Johnny Depp without Makeup 1

Johnny Depp has been known to pull off some of the best looks in the book without using any makeup and this picture like all others is different than other times giving him the look that many men die to achieve.

2. Behind The Camera:

Johnny Depp without makeup 2

Johnny Depp no makeup is known to look good off set and on set without the use of any additional makeup. As you can see this picture taken off set shows the Johnny looks good at all times with a similarity with his looks on set and even off set.

3. Fresh Faced:

Johnny Depp without makeup 3

Johnny has always tried to pull off rugged looks that makes his fans hearts skip a beat whenever he is on camera and even off camera but this picture is unique in its own way as it catches johnny Depp without makeup with a fresh clean shaved face.

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4. Up Close And Personal:

Johnny Depp without makeup 4

This close up picture of Johnny is true proof of the fact that this actor is an absolute heartthrob and as you can see there is no trace of makeup on his face giving evidence of the fact that Johnny does not need additional makeup to look good.

5. Nerd up:

Johnny Depp without Makeup 5

Johnny Depp makeup has tried the nerd look as well where he has sported glasses for quite a few events. Though the look did not grow on people as much as his rugged looks it still managed to steal the show.

6. Day Out:

Johnny Depp without makeup 6

As you can see from this picture Johnny is enjoying a normal day out when this candid picture was taken of him showing how classy this guy really is.

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7. Rugged Look:

Johnny Depp without makeup 7

One of the more well known looks of this Hollywood hunk, the rugged look is one of the most classy looks of this actor with him sporting it for the most part of his life.

8. Suited up:

Johnny Depp without makeup 8

Johnny tries to go as natural as possible and it does not matter whether he is on screen or off for Johnny Depp it is very important to look as natural as possible with a suit and tie.

9. Casuals:

Johnny Depp without makeup 9

Johnny feels that make up only makes you look good for a certain amount of time and ruins your looks overall. This Hollywood hunk is quite the looker and is the heartthrob of many ladies worldwide with his suave and rugged looks.

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Johnny Depp has always been a person that has tried everything and if you look at his body you will see a number of tattoos covering his body but when it comes to makeup Johnny Depp tried to stay away from the issue as much as possible because as per what he has said makeup is harsh on the skin.

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