Simple Steps To Practice Jyoti Meditation Techniques

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Jyoti Meditation is meditating with the help of a candle or a burning flame in any form. This is the foremost universal method to gain inner peace and spiritual discipline. Jyoti meditation helps us withdraw from our normal lives and focus through the third eye which is located between our eyebrows. It helps us to connect to the light which God has set within us.

Steps and Directions:

Step 1: You should have a fixed time that you would set aside for meditation. Choose a time which would suit you either in the morning or in the evening, but for the best outcome you should try waking up before dawn and meditating. This might change your regular regime but it would be the best start to you day.

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Step 2: You need to have a candle flame burning in front of you, after which you need to sit on a mattress or an asana which would make you comfortable enough for meditating. You could choose the lotus posture but if you are unable to do it initially then just sit comfortably and keep your back straight.

Step 3: Look at the flame and concentrate at it for some time. After a while close your eyes slowly and feel the candle burning in between your eye brows. It would slide down to your heart bringing in thoughts and emotions. You won’t be seeing darkness even when your eyes are closed. The light would become brighter and would pervade to your limbs. Your limbs wouldn’t have the urge to do wicked activities or be in the dark, it would now be mediators of love and light. The light then reaches your tongue which would remove the bitterness of words. Let it come up to the eyes, ears and destroy all evil desires. Let your minds be freed from the thoughts of sins. You should spread your joy with your people around to maintain happy relationships.

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Positive Outcomes:

As you keep practicing this every day, you would realize that you have had a transformation internally. You can no more do evil or see evil, or be a part of anything which is wrong, harmful. You would start fleeing from unhealthy habits and you would be trying to seek more of God. You would try and visualize God through the light which is shining on you brightly. Try to repeat His name, try to chant ‘Om’ or ‘hum’.

Jyoti Meditation by Sri Sathya Sai Baba:

1. Close your eyes and chant OM thrice. Your mind would be less stressed and focused.

2. Breathe in rhythm to keep calm. Inhaling and exhaling should be done slowly. You are to say ‘SO-HUM’. While inhaling, keep saying SO mentally and while exhaling say HUM.

3. As you look at the jyoti you would see a blaze in the lotus of your heart. You would feel love and compassion. Let the flame flow through different parts of your body and you make yourself understand that you should see no evil, hear no evil, your tongue should spread good words, your hands would feel like doing what is right, legs would walk ahead to do good actions. Take the flame up through the legs for strength, then to the stomach for cleansing, to the eyes to remove darkness and to the mind for purifying.

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4. Open your eyes and look at the Jyoti.

5. Imagine a figure or your choice for worshiping the jyoti.

6. Repeat a mantra, for example, Om Sai Ram. This would make you feel relaxed

7. Close your eyes and meditate for 20 minutes.

8. For the last 2-3 minutes don’t repeat the mantra

9. End meditating slowly.

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