Is Kale good for Pregnancy?

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So your pregnancy test kit just showed positive? This overwhelming news however comes with lot of responsibility. During this new phase several developmental changes occur in your body to adapt the growing baby inside you. It therefore becomes important to incorporate a nutritious diet during pregnancy to ensure healthy well-being of the mother and child. You must be reading a lot about the best pregnancy foods and in this list kale definitely finds a mention. It is one of those superfood that is packed with all the goodness. Kale has abundance of vitamins, calcium and fibers to ensure that you deliver a healthier baby.

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Facts About Kale:

Kale is a leafy green colored vegetable that is abundantly found during the winter season. however these days it is found in grocery stores all year round. Kale when cooked emits a sulphur-like smell that becomes non-appealing for some expectant mothers. There are different varieties of kale like Greens, Lacinato and Siberian Kale. Choose a variety that you prefer depending on the choice of your recipe.

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Benefits of Kale During Pregnancy:

Although all green leafy vegetables are considered healthier food options, kale tops the chart amongst these. It is rightly termed as nutrient powerhouse and is highly beneficial for expectant mothers and growing baby. According to the health nutritionists a cup of kale can give you surplus dose of Vitamins A and C, which you need in a day. Take a look at these nutritional benefits that very well answers the question that can you eat kale when pregnant?

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1. Calcium:

Kale is known to be a powerhouse of calcium that ensures a stronger teeth and bone development of your baby. Calcium is also required for the development of heart, muscles and nerves in the growing baby. It has been proven that kale provides more calcium than dairy products and is also better absorbed in the body.

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2. Fiber:

Kale has very high content of fibers that adds roughage to the food and aids digestion. The fibers help to relieve several stomach related disorders and also prevent constipation, a severe condition experienced by women during pregnancy.

3. Vitamin A:

Vitamin A is essential for stronger immune system that in turn helps the body to fight against foreign infections. Adding kale in your diet gives you a good dose of Vitamin A and is healthier for you as well as your baby.

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4. Vitamin C:

Kale has high content of Vitamin C that protects and nourishes the foetus, while providing added vitality and energy to the expectant mother. Besides, another functionality of Vitamin C is to guard the pregnant women from infections such as cough and cold.

5. Anti-Inflammatory:

Kale is laden with anti-inflammatory properties. Most of the diseases in the body such as heart disease, arthritis and auto-immuno disorders result due to inflammation. The goodness in kale helps to prevent and even suppress these illnesses.

6. Magnesium:

Magnesium is a very important mineral that regulates more than 300 functions in our body. Its main function is to aid energy production in the our body. So, if you feel tired during pregnancy, eat a bowl of kale to get a good dose of magnesium.

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So by now all your doubts about is kale safe during pregnancy, should have been resolved. Eating kale can do nothing but good to you and your precious little one. Wait no more to add this superfood in your pregnancy diet. Try out different salads and snacks using kale or simply add to your everyday food, if you do not like to eat the greens wholly. This is one right choice you will never have to look back!